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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Need Energy

    Thanks all, I do have hypothryoidism and also I am anemic . I am currently on meds for thyroid and just started back on Iron meds, niforex 150 twice daily hopefully I will start to feel more energetic. I was just wondering if there was any supplement that people with celiac take to help give them more energy since that seems to be the main symptom. I have fought with fatigue problems for a long time. It just comes and goes, some times it is worse that other times.
  2. Hi does anybody have any ideas on good vitamin supplements that will give me more energy? I am so tired I just haven't been to work all week so far sleeping 12 hours. And still feeling tired.
  3. Anyone's Doc Accept Enterolab Results?

    Hello. pretty new here I got my biopsy results and they told me everything was fine but I have had no blood work at all. I want to know what is Enterolab? I really still believe that I have celiac and the Gi doctor thought so also, until the biopsy results I have appointment with him in two weeks.
  4. Hi All pretty new here. I got the results of my biopsy today and everything came back normal, I haven't had any blood testing for celiac but small intestine biopsy came back normal. I feel like I'm getting the run around, I have been sick so much since 1997 to start I was having utering hemmoraging which resulted in an emergency hysterectomy so I would not bleed to death I has lost so much blood and was so anemia, my hemaglobin was 7 but they never gave me blood and after the hysterectomy , it took me a year on iron medicine 3 times daily before my iron was back to normal but my whole body iron count has never returned to normal. They couln't find any reason why I was bleeding, my uterus was healthy looking, no cancer. Then 3 months later I get hepatitis virus of my liver and my liver is inflamed in and out of hospital 3 times off work for 6 weeks, not to mention all the work i missed from the bleeding off and on for over a year , I hemmoraged 4 times over alittle over ayear. Ok irecover from hepatitis virus then 7 months later I get mono (the kissing disease) ha ha I hadn't kissed any body with it. Took me about 6 months to recover from that completely, off work for 6 weeks with that also. Then I am tired all the time and diagnosed with hypothyroidism, ok still tired all the time, get every virus that seems to come around. Have essential thrombytosis, can't find ou the reason why but elevated platelett count between 500 and 700 thousand, not to mention that now I bruise so easily that if my 15 pound dog clims on my lap I get a bruise where every step he takes, I look like somebody beat me up. Ok I just wanted to vent and ask for everybodsy help, my own gp tells me ther is nothing wrong with me and she claims that she can't find what is causing all of these problems, I don't have diarrhea but constipation instead and acid reflux problems for several months plus neausea and sometime vomiting in the morning. I am taking prevacid twice daily but still nautious. Please help somebody I know im not crazy and no body seems to want to get to the bottom of this problem.
  5. Introductions

    Hello All Pretty new here also. Don't have deffinate diagnosis yet but will have endoscopy on July 26th, have had any of the blood work. I have had so many of the health problems that everybody else seems to have had. I am married and have two children. A 16 year old girl who is currently in drivers education and makes me nervous when she drives with me ha ha. I also have an 11 year old son who will be 12 on August 10. I live in central Illinois and employed at Nestle Usa for the last 19 years.I don't think that changing to a different diet will be to much to adjust to in our family, my daughter is Insulin dependent diabetic since she was 8 years old, she has to follow strict diet all the time. I am really glad to have found this web site and look forward to communicating to each and every one this is a great site for support of this disease. Thanks All.
  6. Hi all I just wanted to know if anybody has started a recipe exchange for gluten-free foods.
  7. GF Girlfriend

    Hello All still a newbie here I haven't been diagnosed yet, but schjeduled for endoscopy the end of this month. This is really going to be a big adjustment for our family because my daughter who is a diabetic has to have a certain amount of carbohydrates per meal and most gluten free foods have very few carbs. I know that when I get the results I will have to see dietician, we already see a dietician for my daughter , I know that we will all be eating healthier but she is not happy to know that we will be giving up more foods. Any ideas would be appreciated thanks.
  8. Hi everybody I was just wondering if any body knows if pepsi or diet pepsi contain gluten , also i read an article that alot of foods or beverages that have caramel color in their ingredients probably contain gluten because the color is made from wheat.
  9. I Need To Vent!

    Hello everybody. I am so glad that i have found this site it has been so informative for me and aslo a great support for me too, I used to think that I was going crazy and that it was all in my head that even though I was sick all the time the doctors could never really figure out what was the cause of all of my health problems. I really hope that the endoscope will finially bring out the truth and I will staart to get healthier. I too am overweight and have no luck loosing, it seems when ever I would try to diet I would just seem to get more tired. I look forward to chating with each and every one of you, because I feel we are all in this together and need eachothers support just to get through these tough times. Well thats all for now I just wanted to say thanks.
  10. 34 & Just Awakening

    Hello i am pretty new to this site, I have been told that I might have celiac disease, I have had problems with my health for 7 years now from iron deficiency anemia to elevated platelett count, to thyroid problems constant fitigue, severe bruising, paleness i look like a ghost sometimes and I used to have great color until 7 years ago. I am scheduled to have endoscope the end of this month I have researched celiac disease and couldn't believe what i was reading there were so symptoms that i havew had and i have been to numerous doctors and have been through so many different tests up to cancer biopsys , I reciently went to see a GI for reflux problems and heart burn. And as he was going over my medical records I told him about all the problems I have had over the last 7 years and he wants to do a biopsy to check for celiac. He didn't tell me to start on a gluten free diet but I want to know If I do decide to go ahead without his suggestion will that throw off the biopsy, I am not scheduled to have biopsy until july 26. Any help I would gladly appreciate. Thanks.
  11. Symptoms Need Input

    thanks for the quick reply. I have been to several doctors over the last few years for multiple problems. I see a hemotologists regulary for Essential thrombytosis and low ferritin level, plus severe bruising, I have been going ther since 1997, I was having bleeding problems and had to have emergency hysterectomy because I wouldn;t stop bleeding ever since that I have had problems with my iron count and have been on and off of iron medication since 97 but still bruise alot and always tired, I reciently went to a GI doctor for acid reflux problems and food coming back into my esophagus and he is the one who thought I might have celiac disease after reading all of my medical info. I am scheduled to have endoscopy the end of this moneth but he did not tell me to start a gluten free diet yet?
  12. Symptoms Need Input

    Hi has anybody experience severe bruising and anemia with celiac disease I also get tired alot.
  13. Hello. I was just diagnosed as possibley having celiace disease. I'm not sure what do i do about it and what are some of the problems associated with this disease, what symptoms?