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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Yes Mcdonalds fries are gluten free if they are cooked in a seperate fryer then the gluten stuff. Every Mcdonalds is different so It does not hurt to ask them when you go in. From experience, depending on the location, and how busy they are so I always ask if they are using a seperate fryer for their fries. They are not coated in flour. Enjoy!
  2. Gluten -Free Dedicated Friers

    Personally I won't touch anything that has been cooked in the same fryer as non gluten free stuff. I consider it basically like having a gluten free food with breadcrumbs sprinkled on it. Normally if the fryers are shared its a horrible idea because the stuff is usually breaded. Always check that it is a dedicated fryer and you will be safe. Krista
  3. Joint/muscle/bone Pain

    I have also been in severe pain which has only gotten worse over the past 5 yrs. I am 30 yrs old and have had bone, muscle and joint pain since the age of 19. I have had the following dx: At age 21-loss of cervical lordosis and muscle spasms (by an xray) Continued on through life with the pain until I was 28, I recieved another xray and that dx: Degenerative Disk Disease, cervical Spondylosis, with bone spurs. My doc says that there isn't anything you can do about this condition except take the drugs, do physio and stuff like that. She said they would moniter the condition to make sure it doesn't get worse. They seem to not take me seriously because of my age. I also mentioned osteoperosis, and being that I am in Canada, she said the bone density scan would not be covered for my age group.(that is sooooooo stupid.) I am also 6 mths pregnant now and the pain has gotten worse, due to the pregnanacy, its my first, so I am just taking it day by day. The only thing I can take is tylenol and I have heat on it every day. Its really hard. Once the baby comes I plan on pursuing this further to see if there is anything else that can be done. My question to you is what tests have you had done? Have you had an Xray, MRI or a catscan? I hope you have, if not it may be benifical.. Good luck Krista
  4. Prenatal Vitamin.......gluten Free?

    So you actually reacted to these vitamins too?? I know that I have never been able to handle oats and I am definatly not willing to try while pregnant. I thought I was doing my body and my baby a favor by getting these expensive whole food vitamins which were gluten free but obviously not. I am going to try and return them even thought they are now opened and used. I wish companies were not aloud to label stuff gluten free if they contained oats. Is there a rule on this at all?? Well good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and feeling better hopefully!!!
  5. Appendicitis?

    Hello I was DX with celiac in Mar-08, and came down with appendicitis in May 08. It was first detected there was something wrong on an ultrasound and then they did a cat scan to confirm it. The surgeon said you sure don't have the symptoms of appendicitis but we will go ahead with surgery anyway. Sure enough it was appendicitis and I was lucky it didn't burst. I think that there was a link between this and celiac disease honestly. Good luck!!
  6. Any Celiac(s) From Canada

    Welcome Canadians I am living on Vancouver Island, I am originally from PEI. I have found this website very helpful especially in the beginning. I was diagnosed in Apr 2008, and have been strictly gluten free ever since, couldn't have it any other way. My sister got tested after I was diagnosed and she also has celiac disease and is Type 1 diabetic, she is symptom free as of today and is having a hard time going gluten free because she has no symptoms. I would love to know of anyone who has found some great gluten free products,as I am always on the hunt for better cheaper products. Krista
  7. Hi I just went to this website and did the whole consultation thing. I am so happy they are actually asking for input. Anyone else in Canada should definatly check this out and take the time to put your comments and suggestions in, that is what they are looking for is our feedback. Hopefully that will get these changes into effect really soon. Thanks again
  8. Indigestion

    You could try tums if your simply just having indigestion. But maybe there is some CC that your are not aware of, are you making these foods at home. Or the cheese could be irratating your stomach depending on how sensitive you are to dairy. I would avoid these foods and than reintroduce one at a time to figure it out. To me sounds like CC. Good Luck
  9. Rice Dream?

    I agree that it should not be labeled gluten free, I also bought and had to return it after having a reaction, but I am very sensitive. I believe that even the smallest amount of gluten can harm you. I have been drinking Ryza Rice Milk, which is Gluten Free. Its really good and no Reaction.
  10. Cloudy Urine?

    If you have cloudy urine all the time then I would have a urinalysis done, this can mean infection and/or bacteria. Healthy urine is clear and pale yellow. To have cloudy urine once and a while is normal but not all the time.
  11. I also was wondering if there was anything like this available in Canada, it sounds great!! Hopefully if there isn't there will be soon!
  12. Testing

    I am sorry, not familiar with the term RCD?
  13. Hi there, It sounds like you are having a lot of issues already, you can find great information at the following website. Click on it, or copy and paste into your browser. Good luck http://www.everydayhealth.com/celiac-disea...eding-baby.aspx
  14. Testing

    First of all, eating gluten for 3 days will not cause your tests to come back positive, unfortunately. Depending on how long you have been gluten free will also be a factor in the damage to your villi when the biopsy is done. Your blood work was negative because you are on a gluten free diet. You have to be consuming gluten for at least 3-6 weeks or longer for your blood work and your biopsy to have any accurate results. I would recommend continuing your gluten free diet, and having a genetic test done instead, where it is less invasive and you do not have to be consuming gluten for the results to come back accurate. If you are having good results on the gluten free diet then that to me is a positive result, but the only way to know for sure is to eat gluten for 3-6 weeks, or have the genetics test done. Good Luck..
  15. I took accutane twice, once before I developed celiac, and then after too. I am not sure if I believe that there is a link between the two. It is a possiblity though, my sister also took it and we are the only people in our family that has celiac disease which is a little strange. It did clear up acne though but can you imagine if it was the cause. Scary....