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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Thank you all for you comments. You have all given me so much insight. I especially like the part about "once you make your decision, don't look back." I needed that reminder. I'm one who would lose sleep over this for the next 9 months.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I really appreciate your insight as a school teacher. If I were to hold him back, what would be a good place to put him in the meantime? This is already his second year of preschool. He's been in a pretty non-academic preschool that has served its purpose, but he's definitely ready for something more. There are some pretty scholarly preschools in my city which I've never been a big fan of, but they might be a good option now. Although this would mean that when he finally starts Kindergarten he'll be a year older, AND he will have gone to an accelerated preschool. I hope he won't be too bored. Uh-oh, I think I jut further complicated the situation.
  4. Thanks for the quick reply. I think you make a good point that it can also be hard for kids to be ahead. I have an older child who is in Kindergarten and reading Harry Potter. He's in an accelerated program with other kids like him, but he would have done aweful in a regular classroom. My 4-year-old, the one with celiac, has a different personality though. He's behind his peers in size and physicaly abilities. I thought it would be nice for him to have something he was good at. His life is already pretty stressful from his health problems so I want school to be fun and easy for him. But you're right. I do need to consider that being too smart could make things worse. Keep the comments coming! The more opinions the better
  5. Hi Everyone, I have a son who is supposed to enter Kindergarten next year. He will turn 5 at the end of May, so he's not quite a "summer birthday." A few people have suggested holding him back a year so he won't be so comparitively small. Academically, he is probably just above average. If he started Kindergarten at age six, he would be ahead, but not to the point that it would be a problem. I think it could be great for his confidence to be the smartest kid in class after waiting a year. He is extremely small and his gross motor skills suffered when he was so sick. He has made great progress after being gluten-free for the past year, but he's still physically behind. The research I've done is either extremely in favor of, or extremely against postponing kindergarten. I would love to hear your oppinions on this. Thanks, jesslynn555
  6. Celiac But No Horrible Symptoms

    ShayFL, I am so glad you said that. I really needed the reminder. I was recently diagnosed and have no symptoms. My son, who is the "poster child" for celiac was diagnosed last year and we had everyone in the family tested just to make sure. I was positive it would be from my husband's side, but sure enough, my numbers were sky high (TTG 134). It's hard to stay motivated to such a restrictive diet when you don't notice any immediate relief. Another thing is when I read that if I go completely gluten-free, then I will get sick if I eat it by accident. Great, so I'm making myself more allergic??!! But I think that what ShayFL said reminds us why it is worth it.
  7. Hi Melody, We went through something similar. Our son is 4 years old and 25 lbs (11.36 kg). He was diagnosed with Celiac in October of 2007 (possitive blood test) and after 6 months on a gluten-free diet he still wasn't growing. We did however, see some improvement in his mood and energy level. We took him to a pediatric gastroenterologist who said that she wanted to do a biopsy to see if he had possibly been misdiagnosed or if there were any additional problems. He had to go back on gluten for 4 weeks. It was a tough time. He whined and cried all day long. He couldn't even walk out to the car. He has horrible nightmares. In the end, I'm still glad we did it. Not everyone shares my opinion but in our case it proved necessary. During the biopsy they comfirmed the diagnosis of Celiac. They also found that he had bacterial overgrowth and needed an antibiotic. They ALSO found that he had extremely low pancreatic enzymes and needed a prescription to supplement them. After addressing these additional problems he has shown major improvements in his mood, behavior, energy level, and finally, his growth! We are so excited. Without the biopsy we would not have known what we needed to help him. Please don't let anyone's advice, including my own, take priority over your parental instincts. This website is a great resource and I have received great advice here, but you are the one who knows your child best. Good luck.
  8. Thanks so much for all your comments. They were all so helpful. It's interesting that although our basic food items (flour, bread) are so much more expensive, we do save money by not eating out and not buying pre-packaged foods. It takes a lot more time and preparation to do this and we have realized how lazy we were about preparing meals before going gluten-free. We are really busy, my husband and I are both college students and we have 3 boys, none of which are in school yet. We thought that spending so much time cooking was not fair to our kids sinse we're already so busy, but we've made it a "family job" and now it's something we enjoy doing together. My 4 and 5 year old boys help me pick out meals out of cookbooks, buy the ingredients at the store, help prepare the meals, and if we're lucky, they'll help clean up. We've also found that if they have helped prepare something, they eat it much better. I'm sure this won't work as well when they're older but we might as well enjoy it while we can. After reading your posts, we have set a goal of buying all of our groceries, food and diapers and cleaning supplies for $150 a week. This is much more than we've ever spent, but in the long run it's much better for our health. I loved the posts about how food should be one of our biggest expenses. I guess most of the world spends the greater portion of their income on food and on sustaining the lives our their families. My husband and I are from the spoiled generation that thinks our food should be almost free and that our paycheck should go toward itunes and shopping at the Gap. JK. Thanks for the reality check! And thanks for all your support.
  9. I wanted to ask people how much money they spend on groceries. One year ago, our family of 2 adults and 3 small children, ate for $200 a month. Over the last year, between the cost of food in general greatly increasing, and switching to a gluten-free diet, our budget has gone out the window. My husband and I would like to get back to following a budget, but we don't know what a realistic amount is. Obviously, it will be much more than $200 a month. Let me know how much you guys spend. Maybe it will help us pick a realistic number that we can actually stick with. THANKS!
  10. I have a few thoughts on this. My son was dx with celiac from a positive blood test. He was on a gluten-free diet for 6 months but still wasn't as healthly as he should have been. We were told that a biopsy was a good idea in his case sinse he wasn't responding as well to the diet as we had hoped. I have heard that a positive blood test and a positive response to a gluten-free diet is a sufficient diagnoses, but in our case that didn't happen. He had a biopsy today after 4 weeks of being back on gluten. The procedure went really smooth and when we get the results back, we will know 100% that we are treating the right problem. The biospsy was much more thorough than a blood test because they were able to take pictures of his esophagus, stomach, and intestine. They checked his pancreatic enzymes. They tested him for lactose intollerance. They checked all his vitamin levels. They check for any infections. They did a RAST test for allergies. They checked for damage from HCl. Even more things that I can't recall at the moment. Also, you may know for yourself that you do better off gluten. An EnteroLab test may be enough for you but it may not be enough for your insurance company. It may not be enough to write off your gluten-free food as a medical expense. If you are doing great off gluten and you have no other concerns about your health, then it may not be worth the trouble. Good luck with your decision.
  11. These comments have been great. Thanks so much for all the support. I agree with everything posted, I just don't know what to do next. I agree that he is improving and that I may need to be more patient in seeing results, but if he does have another food allergy, I want to start working on it. With gluten, it was easy, you can't argue with a blood test. As for caesin, lactose, soy, or anything else, they are more difficult to pinpoint. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I go about assessing for these allergies? I would assume I need to do them one at a time. Which one should I do first? He has been mostly off dairy for 5 months, ie, no milk, yogurt, or ice cream. But I still butter his gluten-free toast and he eats some cheese. I have replaced the missing dairy with soy, which he could also be allergic to. I don't want to take him off dairy and soy at the same time because I feel he needs the calcium, and I can't imagine his diet being anymore restrictive than it already is. I appreciate any thoughts on this. Thanks so much, jesslynn555
  12. Thanks for the comments. I agree that he may need further testing for an additional food allergy, it just seems really overwhelming right now. Can anyone tell me how long it took them to see results? We are seeing improvement with him, the progress is steady, it's just slower than I had hoped for. Please keep the comments coming. THey are so helpful and I'm feeling pretty desperate. jesslynn555
  13. After a positive blood test (no biopsy) my 3 year-old son was diagnosed with celiac. He has been on a strict gluten-free diet for 5 months. I have seen a noticeable improvement in his mood and energy level, but they are still not comparable to other kids his age (ie, he can walk out to the car now, but can't run or play outside.) I was also hoping for more physical growth. He has gained one pound and grown 1/2 inch. He is almost 4 and wearing 18 month clothing. People comment to us that he looks healthier than he did before, but I know that he is nowhere near feeling 100%. Are my expectations too high, or should I be seeing more improvement by now? I don't want to over-react, but I don't want to under react and not get him the help he needs. I appreciate any comments. Thanks, jesslynn555