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  1. hello, i am new to these forums and if i screw up dont yell at me. Im currently 18 but i had severe acid reflux about a year or 2 ago and i took many different kinds of medicines. The medicines would help but wouldn't cure the problem. When it was at the worst point i tilted my bed up just a little bit, about 7 or 8 inches. Noticable and yes, at first it bothered me a lot. This helped the constant burning when i woke up. Now that my acid reflux is gone i still have my bed tilted up even though i dont need it, its wierd but its a habit. lol anyway. Now its wierd and your probably not going to believe me if i told you but, my mom bought this book and its auther is KEVIN Tradou "its something like What they dont want you to know about. sorry i can't remember and my punctuation is very bad. you should be able to find it if u just type in KEVIN TRADOU. anyway this said that if u have acid reflux its because your stomach doesn't have enough acid in your stomach. so at first im like, that doesnt make any since but i thought why not, cause you know its worth a shot. Well i took a spoonfull of this apple vinigar stuff and it nasty, and anyway about a week later i didn't need to take anymore pills, it jump started my system. i wouldn't take anymore than a spoonful of it cause it hurts going down and its not very good. alright hope this helps anyone