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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hello, I am still eating dairy. I will eliminate for a few days and see what happens. I think it may have been the shampoo because I stopped using it on Friday and the issue has somewhat subsided but I will try the non dairy for a few days about the the sinuses. If dairy has to go I will be a bit crazy then because I do not like the soy alternatives, yuk. Thanks, Bill
  2. Hello All, Thanks for all of your suggestions and I think the last one from Bergee sounds like what's been happening. I also have massive post nasal drip and dry mucous in my sinuses, i just went to ear, nose, throat doc because I always feel that I am gongested in my sinuses but nothing ever comes out, etc. He said it was dry mucous. I am sure that is what's happening below and maybe I have been ingesting gluten by mistake, I must confess I still was using a shampoo from Kiels that had wheat protein in it but I guess I was being ignorant thinking that I wasn't and didn't ingest it so i will stop using that too, any idea's for a shampoo? Again, thank you all for your responses and I really am thankful for being able to share about the crazy things going on with my body. I am 36 and some days I feel much older but now I am a little bit wiser, thanks, Bill
  3. hello, It seems to be a light yellowish color, sticky and that foul smell so maybe mucous but this is something that started after I have been on the diet but seems to be getting worse. I can't think of anything out of the ordinary I have been eating and I only use equal for sugar sub and no olesta or anything like that. I seem to be going through a bad phase here, I have been gluten-free since march and in the beginning felt much better but now seem to be on that constipated and then the runs cycle again so somethings acting up. I don't think I have ingested any gluten as of late. Guess I'll call the doc soon. Thank you for reply, Ezrab12
  4. Hi All, I have been having an oily discharge even when I'm not going to the bathroom. It seems to be more when I'm sleeping and it is gross, yuk. Is this or has it happened to anyone. Should I call the Gastro doc again and make an appointment. I am diagnosed celiac as of March 2004 and gluten-free since then. Thanks, Ezrab12
  5. Hi All, My story is strange. When I was 19 , my first signs of a Gastro problem in college I went from 215 pounds to 170 pounds. Over the years I have always been feeling like I was hungry even when I had eaten and i thought it was because of having to go to the bathroom almost immediatly after I ate something. Now that I am diagnosed celiac I cannot lose weight. I thought I would lose weight after the gluten-free diet started but I actually went from 208-216. It stinks, I was expecting the opposite to happen with all the breads and pasta's etc gone. I think I am going to cut way back on sugar as well and see if that helps. As always thanks for listening Bill Celiac diagnosed since march 2004 and feeling better, not 100% but I would say 50-75%. Will it ever end
  6. Hi Lisa, I am a bit confused, I saw this brand of Kefir by lifeway that says you can put it in milk. The way it is explained here is more like a tea or something? Thanks, Bill
  7. Hi Lisa, Thank you for the candida info. I hope I did not sound ignorant about calling it an infection prone to women. I will check all this out. Thank you, hopefully this is a what is causing these lingering symptoms. Best, ezrab12
  8. Hi All, I also was having memory loss and almost foggyness in the brain and would actually hear people talking but sometimes just not process what they were saying for a few moments almost like a vertigo feeling. It has gotten better and I am diagnosed Celiac and gluten-free since March 04 after suffering from gastro problems since 1987. Also is it possible for men to have Candida, it's a yeast infection, correct? The reason why I ask is because I have tingling in my arms legs, etc. and i have heard that candida can cause these symptoms as well. Hang in there Jill, it will come araound
  9. Hi All, Wanted everyone to know in the NY area that the www.ramapovalleybrewery.com beer is available at Wholefoods Market on 24th and 7th. It is 11.99 a six pack. The have quite a few gluten-free breads, pizza dough, desserts etc. The beer is good though I find that the taste is not consistent but hey why complain,lol. It's not too bad. Thank you, Bill
  10. Hi All, Can you please let me know what the enterolab test is. I have had the blood tests gor Gluten levels but is that what it is called? or is this something different. I have been on a gluten-free diet since April. My doc took blood tests at the ensd of July and he said everything had dropped by half and positives were negative now but i still feel like crap with numbness and tingling in my arms , hands, legs, feet and sometimes the glands under my ears swell and are painful. If there is another blood test I can take let me know and what is Casein. Thannks, Ezrab12
  11. Hi Stacie, Thank you for the advice. It has been bothersome but I will hold off until the appointment. I had these symptoms before I got diagnosed but it has not stopped so we'll see what they say. Thanks, Ezrab12
  12. Hi All, I was diagnosed with celiac in March 2004 after suffering with gastro ailments for 13 years. I was told i have everything from gastritis to IBS and everything in between. Anyway I had a blood test at the end of June to see what my levels were after starting the gluten-free diet and they dropped by half so i am on the right track but I still have fatigue and hot tingling on my arms , hands, legs and feet on and off and the glands under my ears get swollen on and off but mostly more than less. I have a follow up with my regular doctor at the end of the month to talk about these lingering symptoms. I was wondering if any of my fellow celiacs have these symptoms, etc. after the diet has started. Oh yes and I had regular blood work done as well and everything was normal. Anyone having these symptoms. ezrab12