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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. After a year of being diag w/Celiac Disease and Crohns, trying different gluten-free diets(Blood type,SCD......) I've come to the conclusion that ALL GRAINS are not working for me. I can eat rice one time without an apparent reaction but if I eat rice say once a day for 4 days straight I will start to have GI issues. Also potatoes, corn , soy, beans and dairy are out. Meat, veggies and some fruits are what I eat. I'm pretty much back on the SCD other than my meds for Crohns. I've been making muffins and pancakes with almond flour and it's not half bad. I don't handle Honey that well so I use berries or apple sauce for sweetness. Nothing like the Dunkin Donuts muffin I use to eat every morning but does the trick.
  2. Type A. I also did the blood type diet and it didn't work.
  3. I was out like a light during my Colon/Endoscopy(sp?) and can't remember a thing. The prep was a bit painful from the amount of bathroom trips I was a little tender for a few days after but it cleared up after that. I would call my doc if I felt extreme pain afterwards!
  4. Just Curious

    WATERMELON! It's now out of season but I was eating a 2 a week in the summer. I'm also craving salt.
  5. My symptoms progressed in a slow sneaky manor. Early 20s-Food intolerances that would come and go. - Driking beer would stuff me up and make my heart race. - Nothing too bad 25 to 28- Same as above along with constant fatigue and colds/flu every other week. 28-32
  6. I called 2 weeks ago. Trying to avoid another go round with the devil drug but...... I was a little shocked that a company doesn't know EXACTLY what is in there product!!!! No generics yet. I wouldn't recommend generic drug for us Celiacs unless it's clearly stated as gluten-free.
  7. Gillian As you stated Entocort cannot guarantee that there product is gluten-free because sometimes there venders use Corn starch and sometimes WHEAT starch. I was told this by the company and so was my GI. I was told to stay off that drug. pturse, I currently taking a 20 day run at 10 mg of prednisone for Crohns( I also have Celiac)- and it does work. BUT its like making a deal with the devil. I helps a lot of symptoms but replaces them with many side effects. Also my experience is that it doesn't Cure anything-my GI problems have returned soon after tapering off both times I took it. If you do end up on Prednisone make sure the bottle states its gluten-free. Roxane brand is gluten-free. Steve
  8. celiac3270, The first 2 brands I took caused me upset stomach and cramping along with urgent needs to go to the bathrooms within 24 hrs of taking them. The one I'm currently taking has no side effects for me. Do they work? -I would say yes. My BM are down from 3-4 a day to 1-2 and they're not as urgent. Very little cramping and if I do get cramps/pain I take a few more enzymes and that calm things down. I was total grain free for a while and for the past week I've been eating rice again without the GI problems I previously having.
  9. I've tried a few enzymes and they really upset my system(GI)-they were all gluten-free. Maybe you could tolerate a different brand. One company I'm having luck with is Enzymatic Threapy Products-I use Mega Zyme digestive enzymes with no problems at all. I also use there Vitamins and Calcium. And as a side note....Most Doc's have NO idea if there meds have gluten let alone nutritional supps.
  10. I've been following the SCD on and off for 6 months. I do feel better when I eliminate ALL grains and sugars. Occasionally I eat potatoes without any symptoms but I try to stay as close to the diet as I can. The biggest issue for me is a lot of the foods that are recommended give me GI problems-Almond flours, Dairy( SCD Yogurts, Farmers Cheese), Red meats, Honey, Pork and most Fruit-even Bananas bother me. So getting enough calories is an issue.
  11. I have bone, joint and muscular pain along with extreme fatigue. It was worse for 3 months after I went gluten-free. It then went away after 4 months of Prednisone (I have Crohns also) and now its back again. I
  12. Going through the diagnosis process is not fun. It took me around 3 1/2 months of hell before I was confirmed to have Celiac Disease. But I also had a colonoscopy and was told I had some irritation in my colon and that I might have Crohns as well as Celiac. Turns out that I do have a mild case of Crohns. So I guess I'm saying in my case it was worth to get the biopsy. If you choose to go with a biopsy make sure that you get a colonoscopy at the same time. All these intestinal disorders have similar symptoms so the best way is to go in and check them all out.
  13. Dentist In Nh Seacoast?

    Thanks Richard. Good info to know. I may go back to them if I don't get any replies so I will keep this info in mind.
  14. Severe Depression

    I think how your feeling is perfectly normal phase to go through. I was so sick for a while I didn't care about the social impact on my life,I just wanted to get better. But now that I'm venturing out of the house again I'm running into the same issue. I do feel seperate from others in social contexts where food is present but this is still pretty new to me and this is gonna take some time to get use to. I'm going to a support group next week for the first time so I think that may help. I think meeting people that know what your going through could be a very positive thing. Is there a support group in your area? And like the other said seek prof help if you continue to feel down. Good Luck Steve