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  1. Thanks everyone. I had gone to a gluten free site which corn pops was the big cereal they recommended.. but everytime i ate it i got sooo sick and im getting so confused as to what to eat any more Does everyone here hurt in the belly button region?? I am also hypothyoroid.. and im terrified of everything I have SEVERE panick attacks thats how i KNOW that procedure wont be as easy for as most nad that my adrenaline will be pumping so hard i doubt the meds will work.. I dont even leave my hosue due to the anxiety. My aunt was also telling me how anesthia makes you forever dumb and watching my grandma go downhill from being smater than me to the weirdest things after her operation it has me freaked out.. ive had too many p[rocedures and operations already and im only 28 i know i get violently ill (is anyone here drop dead nauseas?) after anesthia.. I cant even take vitimins without being wiped out for DAYS as i am just not strong enough to work them into my system or something .. i know i should do the endo.. but i also know it will be literally hell on earth for me :/ whats weird is im finding tons of ppl like ppl i play online games with have the same horrible belly button pain and they dont know what it is either... whya re dr's soooo stupid?
  2. Hi, I am new here. I am 28 years old nad have suffered with severe abdominal cramps with diareah/bloating/gas/nausea since I was around 13 years old. At 15 they found 8 large gallstones in my gall bladder nad it was removed. I thought that was the end of my problems but the pain continued. I tried for years to get help and before the gallstone operation tried every ant -acid (dirnking 2 bottles of mallox a day with tagament and zantac then at the time THE new drug) and nothing has helped. Usually it would go like this.. nauseas when i wake to the day i go to sleep regardless if I ate or not. I would make sure not to eat at school or at friends or on dates. I would only eat at home have my sweating brain numbing stomach spasms and release the food from my body immediately. I am also overweight with hashimoto's disease (hypothyroidism) so I guess they dont think of soemone if they are fat as not digesting anything they eat. :/ This summer it got so bad .. The pain moved higher to my stomach where it feels like i have a whole burning through my chest and my heart muscle was even inflamed (i went tot he er with severe Fibro and heart pain but I was blown off). My stomach started cramping 24/7 i couldnt sit of stand i couldn't move. It was pure hell i was in chronic spasms all day running to the bathroom 20-40 times a day. I don't see how a human could GO that much when I was too scared to hardly eat! I also have a bladder disease called IC (intersticial Cystitis). It seems every part of me in inflamed from internal organs to joints to thyroid I finally said forget my MD nad called a gastro who game me citrucell pills and prevacid. The citrucell did NOT make me regular and despite its no extra gas! made me bloated and made my bladder more inflamed (i cant eat ciitrus). You see if i wasn't having diareah .. which was rare I was constipated which was even more painful as my intetines were trying desperately to get out the offending matter of food Prevacid did nothing for my pain but had no side effects (im very senstive so its pretty ncie to find something without side effects) and was helping my bladder. My insurance wouldnt cover it and now i am curently on prilosec which i feel is crap. During these times i would try one thing like enzymes and that worked for a few weeks and then completely stopped helping. Then i tried peppermint and that helped then stopped. My dr suggested he stick a tube harmlessly down my throat and looka round. I asked if he could do any alergy tests first and he said no they didn't dot hat kind of stuff.. which sounded like bs. So i put off the "procedure" as i am sick of surgeries and procedures from my bladder and do NOT do well with anesthia and sure as heck dont want any stupid twilight drugs! my whole fmaily has had that done and every one of them remembers the horrendousness of it so dont tell me any differently. So I saw endolab.com and maxed out my credit card doing tests on my own dispite my VERY VERY time paycheck from disability (I am inable to work from all that i suffer). They results came back as gluten milk intollerant and dna to celiac and malnutrition. I have been gluten and milk free (and acidic and chocolate free and limit my sugar or try to as it hurts my bladder). I havent told my dr yet.. i keep pushing back the procedure/surgery date. (along with a nother test showing positive for hypothyroidism and hashimotos) I admit i felt a lot better... i found canola oil and ALL oil affects me with painful diareah and spasms too.. is that normal (I had switched to olive oil thinking it was better than the laxative affect of canola oil) BUT i am starting to hurt again.. that burning hole like in the middle near where my ribs end i guess.... and the HORRIBLE stomach spasms near my belly button that make me pray to god for my life to end. The pain is so horrendous.. ive tried the drug.. i forget the name but its for IBS to stop stomach spasms but a half made me dizzy and super sick and i couldnt get up to go to the bathroom if my life depended on it. I am also back to being nauseas. Im sick of having to hide in my house and ppl thinking I am pregnant .. i dont eat that much prob normal now and i dont lose weight. It's also possible I ahve pcos. Today I am having mashed potatoes (not from a box) and a gravey i made with hamburger and onions and rice milk and corn starch. usually i have a mscdonalds salad (with grilled chicken and bacon) made without cheese and use salad dressing from home (kraft catalina) so theres no milk. I hurt so bad.... is there anything i am doing wrong? Do I have cancer? I am so scared I ahve to live like this.. shouldnt the prilosec be helping my stomach not have that burning hole feeling. I dont have like acid reflux or anything or if i do it doesnt bother me. I am terrified to stick ANYTHING in my mouth. I tried cornpops as i read it was the best cereal for gluten free and MAN it made me cramp up why??? please anyone can you help me.. i do NOT want to do this procedure its just gonna look for celiac anyway which i most assuredly have.. im so poor yet ive been buying rice pasta gluten free everything and they dont even take food stamps at the health food store. I need insight BADLY.. do i have cancer??? something else????? please help me i cannot take this pain any longer!!!!!!! looking for real advice not go see your dr bs ive been there done that... i dontcare if your not a dr and dont want to be legally responsible i want real ideas im desperate here i dontwanna die but ...