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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. thanks, all! I'll try some humidifying and cut down on dairy. from there I guess we'll change one or the other back and see which it is or if it's actually both. But I'm just tired of this losing his food! I don't think his diet has changed significantly since we got here, though I do notice there are different oils in things. and he is eating more dairy:). has anybody else had this problem? thanks, cynth
  2. Hi! I haven't been here for a while, though this is my favorite place to read. Hubby is gluten and soy intolerant. We just moved to manitoba, Canada from the Philippines and now he is having major problems again. his gut seems to be feeling "OK", but he isn't sleeping many nights andis having terrible postnasal drainage and coughing. He has also started throwing up again after several months of being free from this. at first we thought it was the wool comforter, but we changed that almost 2 weeks ago and he is still bad. he's been gluten-free for just over a year, soy-free for 10 months. any thoughts or ideas of threads that might be helpful? thanks-- you guys are the best! cynthia
  3. Thanks so all of you! I'm in the Philippines, so I don't get back to the boards til your night! Anyway, I think we'll try it all. Ginger ale sounds good... you don't have trouble with carbonated drinks? He hasn't really had any, thinking it might add to intestinal gassiness? My hubby also has severe allergy to soy... just wondering if the pancreatin he usually takes might have soy in it! going for some hot tea now. That's the same as what you're talking about, right, Bea? digestive enzymes? Got some exercise. Going to take it easy. Drinking lots... pretty good at that already:)! One up side is that here in the Philippines fresh papaya is easy to come by and cheap! So is pineapple. 1965 kid-- how long does it usually take for the symptoms to pass when you fast? What about fresh juice fasting? Blood sugar issues, so just water isn't going to happen at our house:) He does acidophilus, but not mega doses. You take extra when you get gluten, or just always take it and it reduces your issues? Thanks for your help and if anybody else has something to add, love to hear it still! Cynth
  4. Hi! I'm wondering if anybody who has soy issues uses Gatorade? We buy it in the plastic containers and the powder mix. The powder we use most often is lemon-lime. Is it safe? Thanks! cynth
  5. Hi! My hubby is pretty allergic to soy and is reacting to something. I haven't been able to figure out what. He's been gluten-free since Dec and soy-free since Feb-- so we're newbies! Anyway, he's been taking a supplement that has glycerine in it-- does that contain soy? Gluten? Or can it? this is made in the USA. Thanks! Cynth
  6. Hi, it's my hubby that's celiac, not me, but since I do the cooking and doctoring and posting... when he accidentally gets gluten (he never does intentionally as it just isn't worth it!) it seems it takes him about 4-7 days to get rid of the gassiness, mental fog, and stomach pain. I keep thinking there must be a way to shorten the days or lessen the symptoms. Anybody do anything that helps you get through those days besides grinning and bearing it?! Thanks! Cynth hubby gluten-free since dec 3.07 soy--free since feb 08
  7. Thanks, everyone. My hubby has a terrible time with digestion, so maybe bean flours just aren't for him:). I haven't found any locally, though I get rice, tapioca, and potato starch for incredibly low prices! So, I think maybe I'll just stay away from the beans for a while. Sure appreciate the expertise here! Cynth
  8. Hi! I've been using some great recipes that call for garbanzo flour. Since it isn't available locally and garbanzos are, I've been trying my hand at making flour. Not much success . I've tried a food processor and a blender, and both seem to take forever to grind. Plus, I wore out my food processor! The local mill says they'll grind it if I dry them in the oven for a few hours. I looked on line for a mill that can do it, but most specify not to grind things like beans with soft centers. Ideas, anyone? Thanks!
  9. Thanks, everyone! I'm in the Philippines and my internet has been down for days so I haven't gotten on until now. I think once he's doing a bit better we'll give soya lecithin a try. And thanks for the hints on the chocolate! I'll google them. One other thing.. I've been baking my own bread and seem to be causing some kind of reaction. I threw out my box for egg replacer. Anybody know if they often contain soy? Thanks! Cynth
  10. So, are there many people that do OK with soya lechithin but can't handle soy? Hubby seems to have a problem, but I am wonderign what the difference is? Thanks!
  11. Hi! My hubby has been gluten free for just 4 months. We realized in January that he also has issues with soy. My question is whether soya lechithin is part of soy or not... I mean, obviously it's made from soy at some level, but would being allergic to soy mean you'd be allergic to it in lechithin form? Also, anyone else have allergies to soy? If so, do you have other allergies as well, or just those 2? And one more, has anybody found a chocolate that is soy-free? He doesn't have the chocolate cravings I do (good thing, too!) but it would be nice to find one we could all eat. Thanks! Cynth