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  1. Linda, Good Morning, ah...if your anything like me you'll be so relieved just to know how you can start feeling better.......all is good and things are alot easier than they used to be. Good luck and let me know how your doing. Bob
  2. Hi, I live in Bucks County....It's getting better around here to get Gluten Free food!! Bob
  3. Lucy-Lou, Good Morning! Yes, it can be very frustrating with this crap........I found as I go on I get better with my choices, although at times I can't figure....I would very much recommend a Gastrologist. My Primary was very frustrating..........because there is no drug to fix it that doesn't mean it doesn't exist!! After my first visit to the Gastro he told me I had Celiac, then I had a endoscopy and colonscopy to confirm. As a matter of fact I just recently went in for another endoscopy and colonscopy to check and he said I was doing "VERY" good.........whatever the count was I don't remember but it was good! Except for the Beer I was doing real good.........I have since quit the Beer and have been feeling even better.........I was sick and tired of being sick and tired! Let me know how you make out.......send me your E-mail and I can forward you some info. Have a great weekend, Bob
  4. LUCY LOU, Hello, my name is Bob and I also had been diagnosed in my late 40's. I couldn't figure what was wrong and I just keep at my Primary Dr.......he tried Med's to help with some of my problems. Finally I went to a Gastrologist and he figured it out right away..........when I quit the Glutens (I love Pasta and Bread) I lost 25lbs........Man! I got it back now and feeling better. Did you go to a specialist? I found a lot of Dr's do "pooh-poohed" the Celiac thing........I do believe it is getting better all the time now, people believe its true! Good Luck, Bob