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  1. Hi Nora, Thank you for getting back to me. I am in the US. What is the difference between Celiac and gluten sensitivity? Do I need to avoid gluten? Should I follow a gluten free diet?
  2. I was hoping that you could help me understand my test results. I have been to two different doctors and they are not sure if I actually have Celiac or not. The 2nd doctor that I did go to is a Gastroenterologist and he was stumped. Here are the results: Tissue Transglutaminase Antibody, IGA - my result is <3 Explination of the test results <5 is negative 5-8 is Equivocal >8 is positive Immunoglobulin A - my result is 491 The reference range is 81-463 Gliadin Antibody (IGA) - my result is 12 Explination of the test results <11 is Negative 11-17 is Equvocal >17 is Positive If anyone has any thoughts or ideas please do let me know I am very confused and frustrated. The Gastroenterologist wants to do more blood work and also the genetic testing. The only symptoms that I have are I do get rashes on my arms and legs - not bad they just flare up occasionally with certain foods. I have not been able to isolate when they flare up and if wheat/gluten is to blame. I am wondering if it is an allergy or perhaps in fact Celiac. The Gastroenterologist thought possibly I may be in the early stages of Celiac or he said I may not have it. Can Celiacs have different stages? I thought it was an all or noting thing either you have it or you don't? He said based on my test results he doesn't think I have Celiac but he is not 100% sure. Please let me know if you understand my blood work and what your thoughts are or if you think I should get additonal testing and if so which ones? Thank you in advance!