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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I know that this is an old post but, wanted to include the information that I just received for anyone interested. I just spoke with a representative from Glaxo and they gave the generic answer for medications: that although none of the ingredients (active or inactive) contain gluten, they cannot confirm that they did not come into contact with gluten in the manufacturing process.
  2. I have a question about cross contamination while cooking regular gluten containing pasta. If I cook gluten free pasta in a pot that is right next to a pot cooking regular gluten pasta, is it possible that my gluten free pasta will be glutened by the gluten pasta? That is, does the steam and air coming off of the regular pasta contain gluten and could it travel to make me sick? Thank you!
  3. I share a bathroom with my sister who just bought some shampoo and conditioner that contain wheat (Nexus). I do not plan to use it but am wondering if I can get cross contamination from it somehow. She refuses to switch brands and we have to both use the shower. Should I be worried in the shower? What is some advice on avoiding accidental cross contamination from it? Thank you!
  4. Could you please send me a copy as well? nina.e.griffin@gmail.com Thank you!
  5. could it be a gliadin intolerance/allergy? A while back it was suggested to me by my GI that it may be gliadin rather than gluten that I react to...but the reactions to the other grains have not occurred until the past few weeks. Ah, help!!
  6. I'm reacting to many different foods that I never had a problem with before. It started this summer with many fruits and carrots inducing OAS symptoms (which were confirmed by an allergist later) and lately more like eggplant (really bad reaction to this) and possibly potato. When allergy tested I did not test positive for any of the foods but did react very strongly to tree pollen (specifically BIRCH), weeds, and ragweed, hence my OAS symptoms to almost all fruits and vegetables. Cooking the food helps sometimes. It's been very frustrating and has made my diet plain and filled with mostly rice and lettuce. So, I started to explore with other grains (wheat is out, I react very badly to this...diagnosed with gluten intolerance) like quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth, and sorghum. However, I seem to be showing OAS symptoms to these too! They never used to bother me but in the passt week quinoa caused me to have severe swelling and tingling in my mouth and throat and intense nausea. Buckwheat, amaranth, and sorghum produce an uncomfortable tingling in my mouth (lips, tongue, cheeks, gums). So I am at quite a loss as of what to eat besides rice and corn and am afraid of developing allergies to these too! Does anyone else have this problem or have any suggestions? I googled amaranth and sorghum and found that they are both types of weeds. Is it possible that my body is recognizing their proteins as similar to the weeds and ragweed that I am already very allergic to and that hopefully once weed season is over I will be able to eat them? I'm starting to see an allergist and hopefully a dietitian soon to get some help with this, however it takes a while to get an appointment, so if anyone has experienced this or has any ideas/suggestions/tips, I would be so incredibly grateful! Oh yes, I also appear to be allergic to latex too...:/ Thank you!!
  7. This SAME exact thing is happening to me! I started to get really sick last fall/winter and after eliminating gluten felt much better. However, over the summer and within the past two weeks I have started to develop a slew of new allergies to fruits, vegetables, and grains (ex-apples, peaches, potato,quinoa). After a few uncomfortable situations I realized that I have an allergy to latex. I am going to the allergist tomorrow to get tested officially. My question to you, or anyone who has experienced something like this is, will the food allergies get better once the latex is eliminated? I work in a biological laboratory and so am trying to limit my exposure to latex (but is proving difficult) and already feel better mentally however, am wondering how long and if it will take to clear up the food allergies? I am getting so frustrated and discouraged because my mouth, tongue, and lips swell to so many different types of food. And I am getting tired of eating just rice and plain meat. One or two benadryl has been alleviating the swelling. Any tips/advice/suggestions? Thank you!
  8. What is the story with milk protein concentrate? I have found it in many products that are labeled "lactose free" but if it contains milk then how can it be lactose free? I have a lactose intolerance and gluten intolerance. I recently purchased some "chocolate milk" ensure drinks that are "lactose free" (along with gluten free) but am wondering how this can be since milk protein is a product. Anyone know? Thanks!
  9. What about the Ensure Chocolate Milk Shake flavor? It doesn't say "chocolate malt" anywhere...but when I was looking at them in the store I didn't even see the chocolate malt one, so I wasn't sure if the chocolate milk shake one was malt or not. Thanks!
  10. I just spoke with a customer representative and he assured me that the only two Kashi products that are gluten free are the chocolate and vanilla powdered shakes. He said the natural flavors are derived from non-gluten products.
  11. I just spoke with a Hershey's representative and they said that none of their artificial or natural flavors are derived from a gluten source. So I guess that means it's safe!
  12. does anyone know if hershey's strawberry syrup is gluten free as well? I'm hesitant about the "artificial and natural flavors" listed and had a small reaction after having some today. I know the chocolate syrup is Gluten-free but are the other flavors Gluten-free as well? Thanks!!
  13. Hot Dogs

    What about the "natural flavors" in Oscar Meyer? I bought the Turkey Franks and regular Pepperonni and want to assure that they are gluten free before I eat them. Are all Oscar products safe unless the label specifies wheat? Thank you!!
  14. I just took Equate's generic brand of Airborne (called AirHealth) and although it looks gluten free, contains sorbitol, which can cause IBS symptoms. After taking it I feel really sick too so I'm assuming it's because of the sorbitol. Does regular Airborne contain sorbitol as well? I definitely won't be doing the generic brand again...
  15. Lactaid pills (brand name) are gluten free! I take them often because I am lactose-intolerant and have never had a problem. They are also listed as a "safe" drug on www.glutenfreedrugs.com