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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. We have Multiple food allergies as well as celiac in our family. Use Baking powder instead of yeast and make more sweet batter breads like banana or zuchinni. Replace the eggs with applesauce , for binding and moisture, or unflavored gelatin powder, for binding, use 1 tsp per 2 C. flour mix. For my kids teeth we pour a flouride rinse over the brush part instead of using water, they get the flouride and the scrubbing and we floss and rinse good. It has been working well. HTH! Also , trz using spectrum shortening for baking, it is made from palm oil so it is dairy and soy free. It works wonders!
  3. Time to see a GI Doctor, and even though he is 15, I would still see a pediatric GI. My DD results were TTG IgA= 0, Antigliadin IGA =6, Antigliadin IgG = 74. Our doc. was very concerned about this because those results can also be Cystic Fibrosis. I have a niece with CF and have had two cousins with CF. The CF specialist is convinced that Celiac and CF are related somehow because the two are so similar in symptons and test results. My DD showed negative to CF, so we took her off of gluten anyway and her weight dramatically improved. IMO I would have him do a sweat test just to rule out CF. then I would try the diet, just for him, not for the whole family.
  4. Eczema can also be caused by a food allergy. I would find a doc. who would get her tested. Our pediatric GI told us that Antigliadin IGA is more common with Celiac. Antigliadin IGG is more common with an allergy to gliadin ,a sub protein of gluten, or chrohn disease, cystic fibrosis, etc... SO while a positive Antigliadin test may not be conclusive for celiac , it does mean something is going on. Hope you find out soon!
  5. Allergy Blood tests count the number of Ige (allergy) Antibodies in the blood. The more antibodies there are- the more allergic you are. There are many things it will not find such as a non-IGE allergies, intolerances, or celiac. These will be found with other diagonosis methods. Lactose intolerance is caused by the body not making the enzyme lactase to digest the lactose. Many Many people here have both celiac and can't tolerate dairy -but it won't show on an allergy test. For you (testing for specific allergies) you might want to do a scratch positive test. On my DD2's Scratch test they tested for different milk proteins, including lactalbumin. (for if you are actually allergic to the lactose, not just intolerant) She however only showed she was allergic to the casein protein (the primary milk protien). Nothing would have shown on just a "milk" blood test, but she still can't have any dairy. Lactose intolerance could cause vomiting, however it sound more like a Non- Ige Allergy. These are more commenly called systemic, because they don't cause an anaphylctic reaction, but do cause internal symtoms such as vomiting, diarreah, diaper rash, etc... IMO If milk makes him sick dont give it to him! HTH
  6. Poor kiddo! Don't rule out any other food allergies! May people with celiac also cannot hav soy or dairy. My kids all have multiple food allergies and on DD with Celiac as well. It took us a long time to figure it all out. Also be sure you check the ingredients list on EVERYTHING she eats. GLuten may be in the flavorings, spices, food starch, caramel coloring, malt flavoring, etc.... I hope she is feeling better soon!
  7. Don't give up! If one doctor is telling that babies with tummy problems is "normal" and to "not worry about it" I say- fire your doc. and find a new one if you can. Of course it is not OK. Ask him if he would like to live with those same symptoms and not be concerned. If they won't listen -try the gluten-free diet anyway. It couldn't hurt. My kids also have multiple food allergies. Both my DD's are allergic to peanuts, and because peanuts are a legume - it wasn't long before they also started reacting to all legumes including soy. Did you have a SPT or a bood draw to test for allergies? Food allergies can certainly cause those symptoms. One DD is allergic to milk and had celiac and has the same symptoms for both. I hope you find your answers SOon!
  8. Make sure it doesn't say "modified food starch" on the ingredients list. ALmost all brands do. I can't remember what kind I normally buy - but I do know we have never had a problem when we avoid the "not sure" ingredients like "food starch, spices, flavorings.etc..." pretty much anything that is not listed outright. WE have never had a problem with any kind of marshmallow.
  9. My DD and I have Celiac, but I also have a niece with Cystic Fibrosis. The two diseases are so closely related that we also had to do a lot of testing to make sure we were being diagnosed correctly (and still sometimes I wonder). If it is Cystic Fibrosis your childs skin should taste salty (more than a normal person would). One of the issues with Cystic Fibrosis is that their body doesn't have the ability to hold salt, therefore they eat a lot of salty foods and drinks and they also sweat enormous amounts of salt. That is why they do a sweat test - to see the amount of salt per amount of sweat collected. be sure the test is done correctly - some places just test how much sweat they get (the wrong way) they should test the amount of salt IN the sweat. At our childrens hospital here they will only accept labs done themselves, because so many are done the wrong way. ALso the fatty poops are a big sign. For CF they should also look greasy and float on the top of the water. Whatever happens just know that you are on your way to making your child healthier and happier. And I would Fire your DOc. for treating you that way - YOu know your kids BETTER than ANY doctor or Lab ever could.
  10. DH Niece has both Type 1 Diabetes (uses a pump) and has Celiac. I will ask my SIL but I realy don't think there was too much to change from her diet already. Most of her carbs were from GLuten containing foods. It was an amazing difference for her to go gluten-free though. Before, she ws always having problems keeping her blood sugar levels where they should be and was always complaining of stomach pain. Now her tummy feels better and it is easy to keep her levels in tact.
  11. DD is the same with veggies - She will NOT eat them. She also does not touch dips, ketchup or sauces. I usually make zuchiini bread, carrot cake, etc. Puree the veggies and add them to the foods they will eat. DD's favorite biscuit she calls "little einsteins biscuits" consisting of a regular biscuit with Pureed Carrots added to the dough. It makes them orange and she thinks they are yummy! For noodles we usually add just the Broccoli tree "Leaves" and then she thinks it is fun. they are small but still good for you!
  12. My kids also have allergies to Peanut, Egg, Dairy and soy in addition to Myself and DD being gluten-free. I made a pancake recipe that seems to work well, My trick is to use an ungreased non stick griddle to help the pancakes spread and still hold their shape as well as making the batter a little thick so the pancakes are thicker too. I make a big batch of a gluten-free flour mix using 3 C. Brown Rice FLour, 2 C. Sorghum Flour, 1 C. Millet FLour, 2 C. Potato Starch, and 1 C. Tapioca Starch. (mix all these together and store them in an airtight container in a cool place) or buy a gluten-free flour mix. Pancakes everyone enjoyes -dry ingredients- 2 C. gluten-free flour mix (see above) 1 Tb. Baking Powder 1/2 tsp. Baking Soda 1 tsp. Salt 3/4 C. Sugar 1 tsp. Unflavored Gelatin -Wet ingredients- 1 Tsp. Lemon juice 1/4 C. Oil 1/4 C. Applesauce Warm Water -Directions- Warm your griddle to 350 Degrees or on Med. Mix all of the dry ingredients in a bowl. Then stir in the wet ingredients. Use just enough wam water to make the batter just spread out (not to thick or it won't spread or cook, but too thin will result in rubbery pancakes.) Drop by 2 Tb fulls onto the HOT griddle and when it start to get golden then flip them over and cook them on the other side until they are golden.) I have a nephew who has autism, so I can relate to the challenges. I hope this help him!
  13. You can buy the Cheese seperate from the mac n' cheese noodles? Hurray!!! It is such a pain to buy a box of macaroni and throw away the noodles just to get the packet (which tastes better than any other kind of powdered cheese!) Thank you!
  14. So Sorry! I say this a lot, But have you had her tested for Cystic Fibrosis? I have a niece with CF and have had two COusins die from it. I have seen first hand just how similar CF and celiac really are. WE did a LOT of testing with my DD to be sure of her Diagnosis, and we sometimes still wonder. Here are a few of the similarities, THick Mucus, Malabsorbtion, pale skin, growth failure. Does she taste salty? The amount of salt her body is making is a good clue - If she has cF she will taste salty. Our Ped. GI wouldn't see her for celiac until we had her tested for CF first, just to rule it out. HTH.
  15. I don't have much advice as I am still new to this too. My DD kept having bloating issues after she was gluten-free. WE finalyl got her allergy tested adn she showed positive for Casein (milk protein). WE took her off of milk and she is looking better and behaving so much better also. HTH!