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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Thanks for the tip. Is the food grade Bentonite easy to find? How much of it would I need to mix with lemon juice?
  3. This morning,my local news station ran a segment about Bio Cleanse Foot Bath therapy.It is suppose to pull toxins from your body just by soaking in this foot bath for a 30 minute session.They use a magnet in the water hooked to the Bio Cleanse machine.Sorry,the technical end escapes at the moment,as to how it works.The average person needs several visits but many feel relief after the first one.The testimonials are great....of course...but you never know about these things. It looked like something I would be very interested in....but I know very little about it.It sounds amazing....almost to good to be true.The sessions are $25 for 30 minutes at her wellness center.I would love to purchase a unit for myself,my husband and the rest of the family.Has anyone has any experience with Bio Cleanse Foot Bath therapy?
  4. I had a negative blood test and a negative endoscopy.I still question the endo because it said I had "villious blunting with atrophy".Inflamation was mentioned also.When the doctor called I was told the atrophy could also because by acid reflux....so he was not 100% sure and called it negative. He told ne to go on the diet,inform my siblings and think about testing my son.I thought that was enough to scare me into the diet.After being gluten free for nearly 3 months...I have had no abdominal pain,bloating,excessive gas,heartburn etc.That's proof enough for me to stay gluten free. I can't give you much more info as I don't have the knowledge that many veterans here do....they will have excellent answers for you....I'm sure. Good Luck
  5. I felt and and at times still do feel as if I need a more positive dx.....although,not very often.Like yours,my GI thinks it's Celiac or gluten/wheat intolerance based on symptoms and blunted villi...which seems positive to me.I tested negative on both blood and endoscopy tests...but had a positive reaction to the diet for over 2 months now.My family, sees such a huge difference in me,as well. I guess it would be nice to know for sure but I won't go back to gluten regardless because I know what it does to me. Good luck and good health.
  6. I saw it too and thought of a couple of people posting here.I am glad the lady finally got the correct dx.It is crazy living with so many problems and not knowing why.....reminds me of myself....just not as long as that poor lady.
  7. I'll be waiting for that post.I am the gumbo maker in my house and I have no clue about what flour to use.I want to go to Whole Foods and ask around.I live very close to Baton Rouge,La. and everyone says that's the best place around here for gluten free products.My parents live with us and my Dad is craving some good old gumbo! I am too....not to mention fried chicken!
  8. I live about 15 mins from Baton Rouge in Walker,La. I use Dr. Moussa at the Ochsner Clinic. I think he's good.I tested negative on both the blood tests and endoscopy....but still had so many symptoms that fit celiac.The scope showed blunted villi with atrophy....which he said is either celiac, a reflux problem or both.He told me that I was at least gluten/wheat intolorant and should start the diet.It is working for me except for that rare glutening that has happened.I am glad that he didn't dismiss me when the tests came back negative....I would still be searching for an answer to my problems. I too think you should be on gluten for some time before being tested...but I will leave that to the great group here.They know much more than I do when it comes to that.I'm still new to all of this.This is my second month of being gluten free. Good luck
  9. One time my knee swelled up about 3 times the normal size I have noticed when I sit in the bathtub at times, my kness feel swollen and tight....but my hands and feet do not.This has puzzeled me lately.They were so tight I thought I had a fluid problem....the rest of my body was normal...ankes,feet etc.
  10. I failed to mention that I have been glunten free now for 2 months...sorry about that. What I was thinking is I might have been glutened lately making all of my old symptoms of bloating,reflux,gas,headaches etc retun. I also am having the bladder spasms with my upper part of my legs aching and going going going.I wondered if bladder problems could be associated with celiac. Looks like it can from the posts. So...maybe I have some hope if I don't get glutened again...I may see some relief because the bladder symptoms left along with the bloating,reflux etc. 2 months ago after I started the diet.I was pumped up thinking it was gone for good.When it came back along with the other digestive symptoms,I wondered could it be gluten related....especially after all the tests (urological)done came out fine with no sign of any real problems.Maybe the problem has been gluten all these years???
  11. I have had bladder problems off and on now for years. I started having constant problems in Jan. '08 when all of my bloating,headaches,depression,brain fog etc .started.It felt like a very intense UTI but every time I would go to the doctor,walk in clinic or hospital...they would always say the urine came back negative. I took antibiotics for 2 months with no relief! I went to every doctor in the book for all of the other symptoms including a urologist. After many painful days of going all day ,leg pain,back aches and more....my doctor ordered diagnostic tests and a scope. He found nothing but minor incontinence. He said I did not have any IC,cancer or any other problem except the going,going,going. He put me on Vesicare which helped a lot.I still would go more than most...but it was much better.I knew nothing of Celiac at that point.Now it has reared it's ugly head again and while it's not as bad as the last round,it's very uncomfortable.Along with the bladder spasms....I noticed bloating,gas,leg pain,irratability,slight burn in my stomach with some reflux and more. My question is...could bladder problems be connected to Celiac/gluten intolorance? Now that I look back on my main symptoms...bladder spasms were in the picture more than not.Have I been glutened and the spasms are just a part of that?
  12. I had negative blood tests and a negative biopsy in April of this year....although "villious blunting and atrophy" were reported.That one still confuses me. My doctor told me to go on the gluten-free diet anyway as he was sure there was a gluten/wheat problem. I was totally confused until I spent hours here reading posts. I got on the diet as soon as I left the doctor's office and I haven't been off since....almost 2 monts now. I feel much better and have decided to stay gluten free,regardless of any tests results. The positive dietary response was the dx this time....not the costly tests I had to pay for earlier. So yes....I would say go gluten free and see what happens. Good Luck and have a great Birthday!
  13. From reading the post....I assume celiacs can have diet soda.My GI printed out info from his office with the food groups that were good and bad.We've all seen these.In the allowed foods...I saw Coke .Last week, when I met with the clinic's Dietican,she said no Coke products because they can blunt or flatten villi.I have given up most of my fav food and eat only what is allowed.I am really eating only what is on the gluten-free diet.I will have a hard time with the diet coke as it is my "wake up call".I don't do coffee and I get tremendous headaches when omitting the coke. I know I can get past the habit,just as I did pasta,pizza,cookies etc.....but I still question Coke or no Coke??
  14. I am one of those people that have had a negative blood test and biopsy (although my biopsy reads"villous blunting and atrophy").....it's being called negative by the lab but perhaps questionable by the GI.He did tell me negative tests were not uncommon because of numerous reasons. I went gluten free when the he called and said to do so around 6 weeks ago.....even after he received the negative biopsy report....partly because of my bloating,stomach distention,gas,depression,heartburn,numerous aches and pains,itchy skin (not defined as DH)etc. I was instructed to do so for about 4 months when he would then do another biopsy to see if the villi were healed.I started feeling better within days and continue to do so.I have had some pain from costochondritis for the last day or so along with some heartburn issues....but I think that is getting better today.I don't know if the costo and celiac are related are not but it would not surprise me.I know what you mean about needing to know what is wrong.It was driving me nuts! I feel like a different person now.I was going down hill fast and was getting very depressed.I really attribute my well being to the diet change even though my dx has not been official.My scope scheduled for August may or may not tell the tale....but I can't see going back to gluten at this point. Good luck
  15. Gail I have not had any coughing with the costochondritis.The heartburn or burning in the chest is what I have along with the definite chest pain on my right side.I haven't had the left side pain as of yet.I have the tender spots in the chest/sternum are as well.I did have stomach discomfort last night with it....as well as very minor stomach pain.I had bloating for months until I stopped the gluten.I very rarely get that anymore unless it's a gluten slip up.I wonder what would make this condition reoccur off and on. I do notice that the pain is worse when I walk on my treadmill.It is by no means strenous walking...just a brisk walk.I read somewhere ,that exercise would help the pain and somewhere else not to exercise when the pain was present....confusing The GI put me on Previcid (omneprazole) about 3 months ago....I take one a day as of now.