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  1. Hi anna, sorry you let these things bother you. I guess I am more laid back because if I were you, I would have laughed right along with your boyfriends co-worker who said, "That must suck!" because it does suck! I surely wouldn't let anyone elses reactions ruin my weekend. Pfft. Your friends are inviting you along to go to these places because they enjoy your company, they want you along. I doubt they are inviting you to a pizza place or ice cream joint to rub it in your face. So, the next time they invite you to an ice cream cafe why don't you say something like, "Hey let's try this place or that place" somewhere where you know you can eat or drink something, like a coffee cafe or even a starbucks where you could order a tea. Make it about good conversation and fun and not about food. I hope I don't sound too insensitive because I am not really. I just think not every situation has to be a turned into a mountain. Sometimes you have to laugh at yourself and the hand you were dealt. Makes life more tolorable. Good luck!
  2. Hi--Please be careful with those "bowel flushing" or "liver cleansing" pills. Most of them are bunk. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true it usually is. In my opinion, the best bowel cleanser is lots and lots of water daily. Water is a miracle cure, and most people do not drink enough of it. Good luck to you. Tiffany