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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. All the recipes for bread that I can find and the ones on the side of the packages all indicate that they are to be made with a bread maker. I don't have one nor do I have a big standard mixer. I have my hands and a regular old hand mixer. Can I still make bread?
  2. My 16 year old son has an extremely bloodshot eye. This has been going on for about a month. At first I thought it was pink eye but there are no other symptoms and the doctor has ruled that out. The eye doctor said it is episcleritis. I have been reading up and it is linked to many types of autoimmune disorders. It goes back and forth between eyes. It is very weird - no pain just really red. His sibings and I all have the genes for celiac and various symtoms but all negative blood tests. I have not had this son tested. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem.
  3. Has anyone used this before? My son's pediatrican is suggesting that we start this because he is soooo constipated. But I went on line and it seems like there is some concerns about whether it really works or not. Thanks
  4. I have the exact symptoms. I had a blood test through the "gold" standard lab (lots of money later) and it came back showing the genes but negative on tests. My doctor discounted my symptoms and said there was nothing wrong. I went on gluten free diet and felt better pretty quickly. Now I am having problems staying on it but I as soon as I eat gluten my diaherra comes back. So, I am going to redouble my efforts. Good luck
  5. I need some advice because my 13 year old son's pediatrican seems to think that elevated total cholesterol and high phosphorus is ok. So maybe I am missing something so I would appreciate any comments. His cholesterol test is: Total cholesterol = 175 (<170) Triglyceride = 83 (<150) HDL = 45 (>40) LD = 106 (<160) Cholesterol/HDL ratio = 3.9 (<5) Non HDL Cholesterol/calc = 130 (<160) Everything seems normal so why is the total cholesterol high??? Also, his phosphorus = 5 and normal is (2.5-4.5) Does any of this have to do with gluten problems. I had him tested through Entrolab and his values on everything but malabsorption came back high. His pediatrican doesn't believe in the lab. Thanks for any thoughts.
  6. We are traveling to Europe and was hoping that someone might have some ideas for snacks that we can take along.
  7. My 12 year old son has the following results from Enterolab - Antigliadin IgA of 128 units (normal is <10 Antitissue Transglutaminase of 70 (normal is <10 Fecal Fat score of <300 (normal is <300) They recommend that he go on a gluten free diet which I agree. But I am confused. He is very underweight (5%) but it shows no malabsorb issues. Is that conflicting? I would think that he isn't absorbing nutrients if he is under weight and has those high value results. Any thoughts???
  8. My 12 year old son got his test results back as follows: Antigliadin IGA = 128 - <10 is normal Antitissue IgA = 70 - <10 is normal Fecal Fat score = <300 - <300 is normal. So, they recommended a gluten free diet which I can understand. But what I don't get is why his fecal fat score is normal. He is in the 5% in weight. I would think that he would have some type of malabsorbion problem. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Thanks
  9. I have my 12 year old scheduled for a blood test later today but now I am rethinking it. It is a big deal for him to get blood tests done (autistic) and I am mad about how my own test from Promethus came back. My blood tests came back negative except for genes. I know that it isn't the labs fault but after all of your wonderful advice I went gluten-free and feel much better. So, I am concerned because it is soo expensive and he doesn't like it. And I am afraid it might not show anything anyway.The one reason I would get the blood test is that none of my doctors believe the Entrolab results. Any thoughts on this?? Thanks
  10. I am interested in your child that is Aspbergers (sp?). I also have a son that has been dx with high functioning autism. He is a twin and both of them have had blood tests. All negative but positive genes and lot of symptoms. Can you tell me about your child?
  11. Sorry about that last post. New to posting. I am not on a gluten-free diet because the doctors keep telling me that it isn't related and that just because I have the gene doesn't mean I have it. Especially since my blood test came back negative. Although, I still have all sorts of symptoms. Soo frustrating.
  12. I have recently had a blood test done and it came back with one of the main celiac genes but everything else was negative. I have always had severe intestinal problems which all the doctors tell me are IBS. I have been living with this since I was 12. But what is more of a problem is that I have severe migraines a lot. (6 times or so a month). No medicine seems to work. I still have a nagging feeling that it is all related even though the doctors tell me no way. Any thoughts. Anyone else have severe migraines?
  13. I forgot to add that I have multiple white matter brain lesions that no one can explain. I have been reading that may also be correlated with celiac.
  14. I need a reality check from all of you. I have been going round and round with this issue for years. Here is the bottom line: Three children and husband - one child is short for age but no digestive issues. Nothing with husband either. Other 2 children (twins) test results: BOth have DQ2 (one has an additional HLA-DQB1 *0201, 0602) One tested through Promethius Lab - all negative blood work One tested through Enterolab - positive on Gluten sensitivity Stool test (13 units) One is labeled as Autistic, mood disorder, learning disability, severely constipated, underweight and skin ecemia (sp) The other is dsylexic and has always had digestive issues (gas). When they were little both had big tummies and very brightly colored poop My tests (Promethius Labs) - Positive for DQ2 but negative for all other blood work - Been dx with IBS since I was 12 and for the last month and 1/2 - severe morning diaherra I have my doctor's appt tomorrow and I have this feeling he is going to say the same thing every other doctor has said - no problem. Do you think that I should just ignore them all and go on a gluten free diet or are they right? It will be extremely difficult with my autistic child to go on diet - all he eats is pasta and bread. Maybe I am just looking for something to correct problems that aren't related. HELP