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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hey, thanks everyone. The problem is i don't even feel sick when i eat gluten, so its hard to figure out if i have another intolerance. Nothing in particular makes me feel sick. Apart from the past 2 months i don't normally have digestive upsets. And as i said im feeling better again and apparently i had no sort of infections. Celiac disease was only investigated for me because of my inability to gain weight, and constant tiredness. Tht was it. I've been seeing a dietician every couple of months for the past 2 years and even she doesn't know what advice to give me anymore. I had even been getting extra calories by taking fortisip (hospital grade drink), but that doesn't give me extra weight either. Even if you eat all these extra calories you can't put weight on if your intestine won't absorb it! This concerns me. Does anyone here have refractory celiac? I want to know what your issues were. I hope i don't have it but i'll have to wait a couple of months for my endoscope
  2. Thanks for your posts, yes i have eliminated all those sources of gluten. For some reason there is a '-1' at the bottom of the post, how do i get rid of it haha
  3. Hi everyone, I haven't been on here in awhile, but i appreciate your opinions on the following. I was diagnosed with celiac disese two years ago by blood tests and biopsy. I was told that i had subtotal villous atrophy. I went fully gluten free, and did improve abit, but it seemed slow. I did have abit more energy, and my constipation went away within a month. Initially, my tissue transglutaminase went down from 164 to 40 within 6 months. However, for the last year and a half, this has stayed at 40 (tested about 3 or 4 times). For the last two months i was incredibly ill. Everytime i ate food i wanted to vomit, i woke up in the night wanting to vomit, constipation returned, and i actually began to vomit. I lost 3kg in two months and im now even more severely underweight-47kg, 5'8, female, 22years, bmi approx 16. I haven't changed my diet at all (except increasing calorie count), i had a lot of blood tests, which were all normal (except celiac ones), and had faecal tests for bacterial infections, but that was normal too. I am currently waiting for another endoscope after seeing the specialist. The specialist wasn't too sure what was wrong from just talking to me but he didn't think it was another intolerance. He said that there is a slight chance that i may have refractory celiac disease. I know that this is bad if that's the case. What do you guys think? Does anyone know anything about refractory celiac, and what are the chances of me having it? It really is impossible for me to gain weight, ive never had a bmi higher than 16.5/17 in all my life! Im starting to feel better again, but was the last two months some sort of flare up?
  4. Hi i am not sure what the problem is.... I have celiac disease and have been gluten free for about 1.5 years. I went out for dinner at someones house and they said the curry we ate didn't have gluten in it. About a day later i started feeling sick...nausea, stomach cramps, passing bowel motions 3 times a day (not normal for me). I don't know if i have been glutened or not as i just usually get a headache when i have been. Maybe its coinceidence and ive picked up a bug. The problem is i have no appetite now and feel like vomiting everytime i eat. I am concerned cos im already extremely underweight. Any ideas? Thanks
  5. Hi everyone. I was wondering if other people may have some insight as to what is wrong with me!! I was diagnosed with celiac disease about 1.5 years ago. My symptoms were extreme tiredness, severely underweight and constipation. My tissue transglutaminase was intitially 164 (normal<20). Then over 6 months later it was 38, and now it is about the same, no change!! However, my IgA was like 0.5 or something. The IgA test came back first and the doctor was really happy as he said that test shows i have been following the diet well. The tissue transglutaminase later came back, showing no change over the 6 month period. Assuming i havnt been eating gluten (i have been careful), is there any other explaination for the 'no-change'? Its just that i have been tired for alot of my life and it seems a little worse lately. Are other auto-immune problems likely, and if so what??? (I have never had deficiency problems except for iron.) I still only have a bmi of 16. I thought this would have changed
  6. Hi, I am having the same problem-im so upset. I got diagnosed around april last year and my levels were 164. Then in december it was 38, and now its 40 again. I can't think of where the gluten could be hiding! I have major issues of being underweight-bmi of 16. The doctor doesnt see me putting on any weight until these levels are normal. Am i allowed to eat food that says 'is produced on a line that produces gluten-containing products'??
  7. Hi everyone, Im a 21yr old female and have been gluten free for over a year now. Was diagnosed as celiac by blood and biopsy (subtotal villous atrophy). I am 5'8 and was only 95lb (43kg) when diagnosed. Ive gained some weight, but not enough, im about 107lb (48.5kg). My BMI puts me as being severly underweight, and i think it is this that makes me really tired. My bloodtest results are fairly good now, but i havn't been putting on any weight in the past 6 months, only early on in the diet. I don't think i have other intolerances either. My family doctor said to my mum that he doubts i'll get any bigger I thought that i would be ok once my intestine had healed, but obviously not. Help please
  8. OK, thanks. Anyone got suggestions about the weight issue- i just don't know what to do. Ive seen a dietician a couple of times as well.
  9. Hi, My endoscope showed i had subtotal villous atrophy. What does this actually mean- is it early or late stage celiac disease etc? This was about a year ago, and my tissue transglutaminase was 164 (below 20 is normal). Now it is 36 after the gluten free diet. Should this be below 20 by now? Im still having weight issues, ive only put on about 3kg since going gluten-free. I have a bmi of only about 16 (im 5'8), dispite eating quite well. I am, female, 21 years old. Any ideas?? My family is thin too, but not underweight. I once had a chest x-ray and the doctor was kinda shocked at how super-fine boned i am-they thought i had Marfan syndrome for awhile cos i also have heart problems and the long 'spidery' hands lol. Do you think that having celiac disease would have done this to my bones or is it just genetic?? I think i got my first celiac symptoms at about 8, when i became chronicly constipated. When i went through puberty i went bone-thin rather than putting weight on. My stomach has also been really acidic lately but i think this is due to stress. Sorry for such a rant, I just want answers
  10. What are sublinguals? These were just the ones you swallow
  11. Hi everyone, I took vitamin B12 tablets for about 1.5 to 2 weeks cos i thought it would be good for me, help with tiredness etc. However, every time i took them i got incredible bowel cramps, like ive never had before (and slight D). Anyone know why? They are gluten-free, i checked. It was definantly the pills as i stopped taking them and the symptoms went away, and vise versa! I don't even get that sort of pain from eating gluten
  12. Not much has changed since being gluten free for about 8 months. Im still really tired,and my constipation went away for a while, but now its returning. I have slipped up a couple of times with my diet though, but the rest of time im strictly gluten free. I get gastritis and heartburn alot now, im only 21. Ive put on 2 kg, but im still only about 48.5kg (around 110 pound) and 5'8. What do i do?? Im pretty sure im not lactose intolerant. Now im getting lumps on the back of my neck. Apparently the 1st one was a swollen lymph node, and it went away with antibiotics. Now i have another one! Maybe i just have constant infections that i dont know about. Ideas??
  13. Your weight seems fine to me. I know how you feel, im 20 now but at high school people were always asking my sister if i was anorexic. Once on the bus this boy shouted 'look at that girl,shes anorexic, shes guna die'. Ive had lots of other comments too. I kept going to the doctors but they didnt know why i wasnt putting weight on. In my 1st year of university i went to a dietician who said its probably genetic. A couple of months ago i was diagnosed with celiacs, and went to another dietican. The 1st dietican couldnt figure out what was wrong with me so she wrote on my medical records 'suspected eating disorder'. Im soooo angry!! The celiacs explains it, my tissue transglutaminase was 164! so my bowel must be quite damaged, and my body in starvation. biopsy was positive too. Im slowly putting the weight on now but have alot of work to go as im 5'8 and 103pounds. Goodluck sarah
  14. I was wondering if celiacc disease somehow makes you more sensitive to antibiotics? Ive only been on them like 3 times in my life, but im on them again cos i have an infection around my wisdom tooth. Everytime ive been on them, they burn my stomach real bad, and i get so tired, but i cant sleep. This happens to me even on a small dose.