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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hiya not written for a while. Just got some of my result back, I have HIGH levels of elastase in my stools, but am unsure what this means. Anyone know? I have been looking on line but can only find explanations for low levels. cheers
  2. Hi all, couple of questions, sorry if I sound daft/silly/thick etc or if you've already replied to answer these q's but i've been trying to look up the answers and theres SOOO many replies I cant find them! 1. What is a herx? been trying to figure out what u are talking about on here! 2. What are these tests you are discussing at the moment and what are they meant to show? They seem to be getting the thumbs up from people but I cant figure out exactly what they are!!! 3. How many on average things do these Bio test things test for? What do you look for when deciding on getting one? thanks!!!
  3. Thanks I was thinking about getting something like it done again. The potato croquettes are just potatoes and oil, no dairy, and I have had them in the past and been ok with them. The sausages had: Pork Rice Peas sweetcorn turnip onion potato starch salt beef collagen casing sugar onion (twice?!?!) coriander thyme any thoughts on that lot LOL
  4. when i'm feeling ok, pretty much my diet consists of chicken, rice, rice pasta, cucumber, bananas, lettuce, tuna, rice cakes, water, sometimes a little soya in tea, cocacola, I was feeling really good this morning, I just had some sainsburys freefrom gluten free sausages with potato croquettes and eggs (the potato things and eggs seem ok with usually) and now getting cracking headache and feeling really irritable and angry with everything!!!
  5. Hi, thanks for your reply, i have had accupuncture for some things, which helped for a little while, I did have something a few years ago for allergy where they get you to hold a metal stick thing and pots of substances and measure some energy (dont know what it was called) which said I should avoid Aspartame, MSG and dairy. I had a blood test sent away years ago which said to avoid dairy milk, and I was told by a reflexologist/palmist I should avoid chocolate and wheat! (not sure how he knew that tho!) SO apparently I should be off wheat/dairy/chocolate/MSG/aspartame/milk. Phew! But something is still upseting me, when I go back to basics I am ok and start to feel good but then I start to feel ill again when I introduce anything that is not remotely plain. It very annoying, because sometimes I would like to have something a bit different! I had two days off things and yesterday I started to feel a bit better, my head cleared a bit, and I actually felt like doing the hoovering and laundry this morning!!!!! WOW! now thats a total change, but i wish I knew what it was that was actually affecting me so badly!
  6. Hi all just wondering what people think the best place to get tested for allergies etc? I would like to get some tests but not sure which direction to go. Any opinions/experiences? Thanks!
  7. Hi thanks! Its really good to know I am not crazy and that there are other people who dont feel 100% every day! Hopefuly i can figure out what is making me feel so bad!
  8. Hiya I have been reading this thread for a while and i've gotten some really good ideas from it. I feel exactlythe same as you a lot of the time, I am frightened to eat cos I feel awful. I have started not to say anything to people now as i am sure they think i'm making it up, and I just feel so bad and oftern sit and cry, thinking there must be something really wrong with me because people shouldnt feel ill all teh time, and food is meant to fuel you, not make you sick! I think I am going to do the caveman diet, and have been reading the 'Eat right for your blood type' diet book, which seems to have a few good pointers too. I am also going to see someone about alergies, but I am not sure which way to turn for that as yet. It is really depressing feeling like c**P all the time isnt it!
  9. Hi all, i have gone gluten free in the past, just using basic plain foods and felt fantastic, this time i have been eating gluten free cakes/bread and bought some gluten free corn cereal. I feel AWFUL! Any suggestions as to why this may be? Anything in them that might be causing me to feel bad? I have a 'stinging' headache, 'fizzy' head and feel shattered. I dont normally have a problem with CC as I'm not that sensitive - I can tolerate small amounts, its when it builds up I get sick. Any ideas as to whats in them (And I know I have to stop eating them! LOL)
  10. [quote name='Ursa Major' date='May I find that if I put rutabaga in it is a little more satisfying.
  11. Hi I posted another topic on the 'coping with' section, but i thought i'd post it in here too. I am in dire need of tasty food that is free from gluten, dairy, nighshade and soya free. Hard one, but I really hope someone out there has some ideas as to what to eat!!
  12. I am having a real hard time making meals up, that are gluten free, minus the potatoes etc, also I'm wondering if soya and eggs are affecting me. are there any good suggestions for appetising meals that are basic in content, and gluten free? I'm getting so fed up getting ill from foods, or bored with them!!! Any suggestions for tasty safe recipies would be VERY much appreciated!!
  13. Mad Mother?

    LOL thanks! My doctor also actually told me there was no test that could determine a gene for coeliacs... when I told him I had read about it he then said oh well if there was it'll be too expensive to test anyway...!!
  14. Mad Mother?

    No its not the same doctor who referred me, although I have had to fight to get any tests for myself anyway - the docs seem to be too busy and think ''well, IBS can be extremely painful'' is going to solve everything!!! I have another appt for him for thursday and hope to get a blood test done then. It makes you just want to bang your head against a brick wall! why arent they taught this at med school? i dont understand how they can know so little about such a serious problem.
  15. Mad Mother?

    Here's a good one... I am being tested at the moment, my son was taken off wheat as a baby due to vomiting, he now is back on wheat and is showing classic symptoms, black eyes and yellow skin after bread/cakes, stomach aches, vomiting, no attention, cant sit still, etc etc. I took him to the Dr today, who told me he is on the 10th percentile for weight and height, so he is normal, inattention and intability to sit still is nothing to do with coeliacs, nor is bad breath, or irritability, and he doesnt look like a coeliac so he isnt......and even if I am dx as a coeliac it wouldnt affect him anyway as there wold only be a 1:10 chance he might have it. He even told me I had looked too much and should read anything about it as I would get it wrong and confuse myself and that I am just being paranoid!!!!! What do people make of that?