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  1. I note the ideas on the previous emails and wonder if anyone has experience of Orkney and Glasgow. We will only 2 nights in Glasgow, but 8 nights in Orkney (Kirkwall). I have been there before and recall that Orkney ice cream was fine! However, wonder if anyone knows if I will be able to purchase cereal and bread/biscuits in Orkney. Thanks. Libby
  2. I been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease (in late 2005) after years of discomfort, and only then as a result of an emergency which required me to be treated by a specialist other than my usual one ... who had not found the problem. However, I am beginning to wonder if I have a lactose problem too - it seems to be most evident after eating cream which seems to run counter to the opinions in this list which mention that the higher the fat content, the less lactose. The symptoms are noticeable and as a devotee of creme brulee, I have been trying to ignore the possible connection. I have been having panna cotta lately too - and have noticed a trend to feeling very uncomfortable after that too - so it is beginning to be a picture. However, yoghurt does not seem to be a problem, neither does aged cheese. I have noted that brie and other soft cheeses often leave me feeling less than well. I have totally eliminated gluten from my diet ( although there some possible breaches when others are cooking - although I try to be 100% free at all times). Does anyone have any ideas on this? I have been avoiding dealing with this - but there does now seem to be a patter, Regards Libby