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  1. It's 3:35am and I can't sleep, woke up at 5am saturday after staying up til 1:30. About a month ago doctor said my bloodwork indicates celiacs (2 of the 4 were pretty high) i did a little research and immediately started trying to go gluten free(about 2 weeks of a loose attempt I suppose, no hair product or medicine changes etc...)Last week met with GI doc's Physician Asst. that screened me for setting up the endoscopy which is April 30th. She told me I should not eliminate gluten until after the endoscopy so they will get an accurate read of damage it is doing. Like a kid turned loose in a candy store I have been eating everything I suspect I will never eat again, and although I suspected I might not feel good I did not expect this...I feel as if I am hopped up on mahuang, guarana and ephedra. (I had schlotzkys at lunch, lasagna for dinner and a beer with my bedtime movie) I am having some anxiety, took an advil pm an hour ago and still buzzing. Just reading your posts is helping me some, what do you recommend, try to eliminate it again and alter the endoscopy or just eat normal (I never eat like this I consider these meals indulgences and am only doing so now as if it's my "Last Request" before,,,well, you know. This entire year has been crazy and all my issues I've blamed on Graves Disease, hyperthyroid, radiate thyroid, then hypothyroid. Anyone out there like that? Hypo wasn't getting in order with the dose of synthroid doctor thought should work on me and that's what led up to testing me for celiacs. I remarried last year (middleage woman) and my husband is thinking I'm unstable...ya' think? I don't think he believes me if I say forgetfulness or tearyness/anxiety is from all of this. Now that I've been a gluten-glutton EVERYTHING is extremely wrong with me physically and emotionally and I'm trying not to let him see....I feel so alone. Glad to meet others who in some way may be able to relate. I've rattled on, thanks for letting me vent here. I have my grandson's first birthday today at 3:00, and sleep is nowhere in sight for me.....