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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I dont do meat or dairy. About 8 years ago I was told I have lupus, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue..... I heard it may be a reaction to animals. I couldnt even walk at the time. I stopped all meat and dairy and within two weeks I was off of 12 different meds a day. I also cant do nuts due to diverticulitis( though some think thats a myth that nuts dont bother it)
  2. Silly "gluten" Joke

    Awwwwwwwwwwwww I will truely miss the dough boys cute little laugh. What a sad day.Almost as sad as the day they told me I had celiac and could no longer nibble on that cute little dough boy. Cute joke Thanks
  3. At What Age Were You Diagnosed?

    I was 45 when dxed. Had it my whole life though Im sure. I spent my life being told I was bulemic, or anerexic, in and out of doctor offices and hospitals. I vomited after every meal practically for 30 years-- Still amazed no one ever tested me for this before. My mom also has it-- dxed at 65..... one daughter has been dxed with it at age 18..
  4. Double Trouble

    You may not as you say be a good cook, but you surely sound like such a loving father and husband. I have celiac and lupus, and a million other related diseases. I found since on the diet all my other stuff is so much more under control. I dont eat meat, so I cant help you there, but because of exhaustion, I cook up once a week, a pot of rice and a pot of some kind of beans. Seems with those two items around I can quickly when too tired through something healthy together.If I dont eat them after a few daysm I dump them in a pot, add veggies, and gluten free bouillon cubes and ,make some soup. Good luck to the three of you.
  5. Cd & Itching

    I personally would blame the cipro. I hate that drug. Too many I know have reacted bad from it. From what I understand it is way too strong for most and shouldnt be given so easily. I wound up in hosp from it for days, it wiped out all the good bacteria in me. My boss almost was given a trach from it-- breathing problems. my daughters boyfriends grand dad died after taking it and it wiped out all his good bacteria, he was unable to fight it.
  6. How Do You Do It?

    I do the same as some have said, when going out with friends, I will usually eat ahead of time, then have a drink when I get there. If Im starving and cant eat before I will suggest going to one of the two restaurants I know are safe with me... I figure it this way, going out is for socializing , no one says you have to eat lots to do that. plus, my friends love it since i was dxed with this. Now when we go out I dont puke right after we eat. That tends to make people sick after just having a meal.
  7. Insomnia & Severe Night Sweats - Please Help!

    Hi If your getting these hot flashes during your period- I would go to doctor and have them check your hormone levels.
  8. Adventures In Celiac World

    Well I am different than yall. Meaning I used to be always contipated and vomit....And to the fact Im not sure I want to talk about this on the internet Anyway I used to be the constipation queen..... And had to go to the dr quite often to be cleaned out. Well, one time a few years ago I had been contstipated for a dangerously long time, from celiac and a surgery.....So I went to the dr-- he did his thing. I went.........ON the way home though the urge hit to go more......So hubby stopped at a wendys......Well lets say just the motion of sitting down made me explode..........All over the place lol the walls, etc........I had no idea what to do ........But wekks later my hubby said they closed down that wendys lol
  9. I use a machine called- breadman ultimate-- it does great with all breads. I find though the only one I like is bob red mills-- its easy to make too- I make a loaf- slice it and freeze slices in baggies.
  10. Poll For Newbies.....

    Id say Im at 4 most days. Ive been gluten free for 11 months now. Im also vegan, so I think that helps in not getting gluten slipped in my food a lot. I mainly eat fruit and veggies.Only time I go down to a 1 is if we go out to eat. Somehow even veggies at a restaurant must get contaminated
  11. I get terrible pain. Ive been taken to the hospital over the years probably a hundred times. Everyone convinced some body part must of gone bad. I remember laying on the sofa a lot, for days, with horrible pain. Funny all they had to do was a simple blood test, and many years of suffering wouldnt have been neccesary. My doctor admitted he didnt know much about celiac. I was the first patient he had dxed with it...But, as he said, it is easer now for them to dx it, and the word is getting out how so many of us have it, so the doctors will learn along with the rest of us about this.
  12. Ratzinger--not Good For Celiacs

    Funny how you read from many, Im a former catholic, I am also.This to me is just wacky. Yeah I know they believe the host has to have some wheat in it. But celiac is a disease.I mean they changed and have mass on saturday nights in a lot of catholic churches, out of convience, but wont allow celiac a no wheat host.I would be one ticked off person if I still was catholic.
  13. Just me thinking here. If celiac is recognized with the american disabilties act? I think that is what it is called. And a assisted living place gets any federal funding. Wouldnt they have to provide him the food he needs for his health???? I could be way off, not sure if they recieve any fed. funding like schools and hospitals, but I would think some do. Plus I know my dad was in a place here in texas, he had small fridge and micro in his room cause well he just flat out refused their made food.So I would make it refridgerate it and he would microwave it.
  14. I was the contipation queen before being dxed with celiac.Many trips to the dr to be cleaned out here it was so bad. It took about 3 month for my body to become normal after going on the gluten free diet. Now i go to the bathroom like a normal person should.So I think it said you just started the diet-- so hold on hopefully your body will respond soon.laxatives never worked for me.One thing I did have luck with occasionally was a tea called morning thunder- bought at the grocery store.And some if you like it tell me popcorn is good?i dont personally knwo about that cause i dont like popcorn. but it is worth the try.Good Luck
  15. Chronic Fatigue Disease+cd

    Chronic- I have both plus others I find forcing myself to exercise helps..... And I take lots of cat naps.