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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Well i got my results from the colonoscopy and he says everything is fine down there, so he's booked me in for an endoscopy on Wednesday of next week and a whole host of blood work. He said that celiac is a high possibility but the only cases he's ever had of patients that have been diagnosed have all been women . Though i would get sorted today and just start on the diet, now i have to keep to my usual schedule for another week.
  2. Hey guys and gals I've been knee deep in the board for the last few days reading up as much on everyones stories as I could. Would love to share and maybe get some input from anyone on the board. Where to begin? , well for the last 5/6 years I've always had problems with food, I'm from Ireland but have been living in NYC on and off for 7 years, and i just seemed to deal with my problems with food. I would never eat breakfast (haven't done for the longest time, I'm 28) and realised that if I just didn't eat any food during the day I could pass myself till I got home, then I would just pig out on a really big meal anything goes types of food. Part of this was I would get really bad panic attacks that would last for a long time and they would come on anytime anywhere except for home. So i just kept on trying to deal with it, my social life took a hammering and the panic attacks got so bad that i just stopped drinking altogether, my hangovers were also REALLY REALLY BAD, i would be totally zonked for two days and could barely open my eyes really bad diarrhea etc. So i stopped drinking 3 years ago, I had mostly drank beer and the panic attacks seemed to go away but i had developed vertigo and would still have major problems with foodm which had become so bad that i developed a mild case of agoraphobia, I wouldn't go out to restaurants, cinema even friends houses for fear of eating something and having "D" or my heart would race after i ate. Well my wife and I had our first baby in October of last year and my symptoms were "under control" until just after christmas i got a really bad bout of something and lost about 30 pounds in a month, so i finally went to a GI doctor (every doctor before had just brushed me off) and he took blood test and I did a colonoscopy, just waiting to hear the results on wednesday. By making me address it I have been thinking back to when it all started, the first time i ever had a panic attack was when i fell off a roof back in Ireland about 6 years ago, I definitely went into shock but typical Irish didn't go to the doctor, and it was clearly a serious panic attack. Since then my eating habits and problems with food have been pronounced. So I'll just run off a few symptoms and would love some reassurance or similarly afflicted pointers. Symptoms Diarrahea about twice a week in the mornings Never put on weight whatever i ate Panic attacks after food Severe Headaches (bright sunlight would bring on a migraine extremely fast) Heart palpitations after eating Tiredness (even when i have slept for 8 or 9 hours) Extremely bad diarrhea even after a couple of beers Vertigo (which i never had before) Agoraphobia (especially a fear of not being near a bathroom, New York Subways anyone? ) Which would also bring on some stomach upsets the whole combination of effects after eating during the day (very sleepy, heavy head, racing pulse, need for bathroom) Very depressed but not sure thats because of the effect it has had on my life Sometmes get very angry for no reason So these are just a few of the things I've been dealing with, I don't mind the prospect of a gluten free diet, I'll miss bread but I love fresh fruit and veg anyway. With my job a lot has to do with social events and hanging out after work and really long days, to help me get through the day I hope that I'll get it sorted as waiting till 8 or 9 at night before eating has been very hard these last few months. Anyway I've babbled too much, hope for some similar cases and knowing that its not "just all in my head" :D Cheers everyone