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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. One of my biggest glutening symptoms is depression. I feel depressed/sad/blue/down in the dumps for 24-48 hours after being glutened. Its terrible but ive learnt the difference between gluten sadness and sadness in general. Aswell as depression I get bloating, stomach aches and cramps, constipation and headaches. Its not fun. :-( Im coping well though, and learning a lot about my body and what it can and can not tolorate. :-)
  2. I dont like drawing attention to my diet issues either. Because I havent been officially diagnosed, some family members think "oh, you're not really celiac, therefore it's all in your head"....I do have some very supportive family memebers aswell though, including my fiance. Anyway, at past dinners/events, I have chosen to eat before the event and just picked/nibbled at the food I could eat when I got there - salad etc. In a few weeks time, we have my fiance's christmas work party. Its Italian themed and I know im not going to be able to eat anything there (all pasta and pizza!). Im going to eat before I get there and take some snacks in my handbag. If anyone questions why im not eating, i'll simply and polietly explain the issue to them, but im not going to make a big song and dance over it. Nor am I going to starve. I think you should eat before you go. Perhaps you can bring a gluten-free dessert with you that you can share with everyone else? Bake a cake or slice or something. Good luck! I hope it goes well!
  3. Thanks for all your suggestions! :-D You're right, I do need to cut out my gluten-free Pizza and gluten-free bread - that's too much carbs during the day. I'll switch to corn thins - I quite like those (rice thins I find really yuck, I always have). Im concious of how much sodium I consume. I thought Tuna and creamed corn on corn thins might be nice but I dont want to swap carbs for sodium. I guess everything is ok in moderation! Im 27 and am now on a mission to lose at least 10 kg! Its my new goal. Ive started exersicing 4-5 times a week (on my new Wii Fit! Yay!) and im going to do what I can to change my eating habits. Its really only lunch thats a problem. I have high fibre gluten-free cereal with low fat soy milk for breakfast or I have low fat lactose free yoghurt. I snack on nuts, fruit, gluten-free mueli and for dinner - mostly we're meat and 3 veg type people. Lost of steak and veg. We really like Tacos and we occasionaly make a spag bol or cabonara with gluten-free pasta. I think my diet is already pretty good so losing the weight might be kinda tough. Changing what I have for lunch would be a big help. Does anyone have any yummy recipes for a cold soup? :-) Thanks everyone!
  4. Please help guys, I need some ideas for healthy gluten free lunches. Healthy but filling....A salad for me is not filling! Im used to having cheese and tomato on gluten-free toast or left over gluten-free pizza but I need to lose weight! Im the heaviest ive ever been and for some wierd reason ive gained 10Kg in the last year!! Ive had lost of tests done and all the only thing the doctors found was a blood clot near my left ovary which was probably a cyst. Ive been gluten free since May 2008. I feel uncomfortable in my skin, I feel self concious and un-sexy. My weight gain is effecting my sexual relationship with my partner....I dont want him to see me naked, I feel so big at the moment - how can he possibly find me sexy?! Please help - suggestions on how to improve my diet would be really appreciated! Thanks so much! Erin (wilem) p.s I dont binge drink, smoke, snack on fatty cakes/biscuits etc. I feel like I eat fairly well already! Also - I should add: Im in Australia and its coming into summer....I live in the desert and its already SUPER hot here! I guess i need lunch ideas that a 'summer friendly' eg. Not hot soup. Also, i dont get a long lunch break so I need meals that are quick and easy to prepare. Thanks! :-)
  5. Im trying to lose a bit of weight...well between 8 and 10kg actually and im just wondering which gluten free foods are low in carbs? I know I need to stay away from potatoes but are there any types of rice that are better than others? eg. I hear Basmati rice is lower in carbs than Jasmine rice.... What about gluten-free pasta? eg. Rice pasta - is that high or low in carbs? and what about gluten-free Flour eg. Rice or Maize Flour? What other foods are safe for me to eat and still low in carbs? Thanks! Wilem
  6. Its really nice to talk to someone who understands whole 'lump in the throat' thing. Its really hard to discribe but iften feels like someone or something is putting pressure on the front of my throat, just below my voice box. Its wierd and relly uncomfortable. It hasnt been as bad the last few days, its one of my symptoms that comes and goes. I have been diagnosed with both before - Hypo and hyper thyroid. Last time I was tested though, they said it was normal. If I get tested again and its abnormal I will talk to the doctor and consider hormone treatment. Thanks for you help! x
  7. I get all those symptoms - perhaps not all at once but I do suffer from them expecially the dry skin, fatigue, constipation, depression, decreased libido and feeling cold all the time. I am always the coldest person in the room!! The only one of those I dont get is the irregular periods as I am on the pill and its controlled. Other symptoms I get though include: Nausea, stomach cramps, Sweet cravings, puffy eyes, sensation of a lump in my throat, headaches and joint pain...especailly in my elbows and writs. Anyway, I think yes - I need to get my thyroid tested again. I hate this so much, I really need to work out whats going on - besides my food allergies! Thanks for your help! xx
  8. I have put on so much weight recently - every week I can feel myself getting bigger. I am now up to 75kg. I know that's not over weight or anything (as I am also 180cm tall) but its the biggest ive ever been - ive always been about 67kg! Anyway, im not sure why this is happening. Before I went gluten free I was really sick and lost quite a bit of weight. Im wondering if that might have been because my body wasnt able to absord the nutrients it needed.... Could it be possible that now (because I have been gluten free for over a year) my body has healed and is able to absord all it needs (and more)? Could that explain the weight gain? Im also exploring possibilites of a thyroid problem (which I have had in the past). Im going to get my thyriod tested again, perhaps its under-active. Anyway...has anyone else found that they've gained weight after going gluten free? Its so frustrating as I eat a healthy diet, I try to exersice as much as I can, I dont eat fast food, I dont smoke and I dont binge drink on alcohol! If I have such a heathly diet - why do I have to be the one who cant stop gaining weight? I want to get this under control before its out of control!!
  9. Hmm, I havent been officially diagnosed with a lactose problem but I avoid dairy anyway...I do allow myself a little bit of cheese and some sour cream (but I always end up regretting eating it!). I only use Soy milk and have soy or lactose free yoghurt. The reason I avoid these foods is because they make me feel sick. I get terrible stomach cramps and aches and I feel nauseated. I think if you're feeling sick after consuming milk, then you should switch to soy, at least for a little while. You might not need to cut dairy completely but try cutting back...avoid drinking big cups of milk. eg...when I order a latte, its always soy. I know I cant comsume that much cow's milk at once.
  10. Hi, Im just wondering if anyone has or has had any problems with their thyroid? Im december 2007 I was diagnosed with an 'over-active thyroid' - Hyperthyroidism. I was re-tested in Feb 2008 and everything was pretty much normal... But Im wondering if I now have Hypothyroidism - Under-active thyroid? I have so many of the symtpoms: Including: Poor muscle tone Fatigue Cold intolerance, increased sensitivity to cold Depression Muscle cramps and joint pain decreased sweating Dry, itchy skin Weight gain and water retention Constipation Hmm, Im going to make a doctors appoinment to get get this looked at...but my real question is: For those who have had problems with their thyroid....what symptoms did you have? And more specifically, did you have any physical symptoms in your throat? The reason I ask is: For the last few years on and off (and constantly for the last week), I have had problems with my throat... Its not like having a sore throat...I feel pressure at the front of my throat, just above my collar bone (at the base of my neck). It feels like there is a lump stuck in my throat...its hard to describe! Can anyone relate to this?
  11. What Can I Eat For Lunch?

    Ive never used Quinoa - I have seen it in the supermarket though. What kinds of things do you use it for and how do you cook it? I think im just going to have to be more organised...eg. Make a big pot of soup and a loaf of gluten-free bread on sunday and freeze it in portions for the week...I think i'll also start cooking more at dinner, so I can have left overs the next day! Thanks for all your help everyone! :-)
  12. What Can I Eat For Lunch?

    I only eat brown rice. I stopped eating white rice about 6 months ago - Unless im cooking a risotto...white rice is better for that.... Hmm. Im afraid I'll just end up subsituing too much rice with too much of something else - like pasta.
  13. I wasnt sure which section to put this in but I need some ideas for lunch! Im ok for breakfast, healthy snacks and dinner but not for lunch....I eat waaaay too much rice! I have rice everyday and i've been putting on SO much weight. Ive put on 5 kilograms in the last 4 months, which is HEAPS for me! Its starting to effect my self-esteem and my relationship with my boyfriend. (I just dont feel sexy, I feel fat and gross).... Anyway, ive started going to the gym to try and get healthier but I want to change my eating habits aswell. Its coming into winter (I live in Australia) and I always crave somthing warm for lunch - a salad just doesnt cut it! So, I need recipes that are low in carb (NOT rice!) but that will keep me full! What could I make? Im not only gluten free but lactose (I do allow myself some cheese and sour cream from time to time) free aswell. I also avoid apples, pears, grapes and tomatoes. Does anyone have any suggestions? On how to eat gluten free, stay full and lose some weight? Thanks, Wilem
  14. Eating together is what we do - its the routine we're in. He comes round afterwork, we have dinner togehter, we watch a dvd/TV etc and we go to bed. That is our standard weekly routine. Of course its broken up by other things (eg. We have dinner with my parents once a week and once a week we dont have tea together - when I have my art class etc). Like i said before, we bascially live together....technically he still lives with his mum (he's an only child, no father) but he hasnt slept at her house in well over 7 months....why cook two seperate meals all the time? Thats painful and costly...Id rather just find suitable meals that we both enjoy. We live in a really small town, in the middle of Australia....there isnt a lot to do. We have a cinema, a bowling alley, a few restaurants, a few pubs and a casino....thats about it. The nearest city to us is 1500km away. There are not infinite things for us to do as couples! Especially during the week, when we are both tired from working. (we try to vary it up on the weekends by going bike ridin,going camping, seeing friends, going to the cinema, going out for tea etc) Anyway. He has said he will try to make more of a concious effort to not be so picky and to help out more with meal suggestions. We'll be ok - we just need to get more creative in the food department - am hoping these cookbooks will be great! Thanks everyone!
  15. Thanks for all your help guys. My partner and I talked about this yesterday and he was really great last night - he suggested we make tacos, with lamb mince instead of beef. I really appreciated his effort. I know its not much but it means a lot to me to have his support. Ive invested in a few cookbooks - Ive ordered one that sounds really great. All the recipes are Gluten, Lacotse, Yeast and Sugar free...hopefully there will be something yummy that we can cook together! You're right, we need to get more creative but I do like the notion that "if you're not prepared to cook then you dont get to complain about whats for dinner!"....I tell him that, next time he winges about chicken! hehe Am feeling a lot better now. Thanks for all your advice and encouragement. as a note: Im supposed to limit my egg intake. I try to avoid yoghurt. I eat lactose free yogurt or soy...which isnt too bad. Thanks guys!