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  1. ive seen a lot of "gluten-free" things that had brown rice syrup in them and they all made me sick so i wouldnt take the chance.
  2. lol! when i first told my friends @ school that i couldnt have wheat they said "so what do you do? just eat white bread?" and today on the bus my friend said "oh when i make bread i dont put gluten in it." and then "well you can have graham crackers, right?" i thought it was a given that anything made of bread had gluten in it. oh well! some people OBVIOUSLY dont have celiac!!! lol!
  3. trader joes gluten free brownie mix is THE BEST!!!!! its better than regular brownies & its great 4 chocolate cravings! or you can use a gluten recipe & modify it: peanut, rice, or potato flour replaces wheat flour. ive heard that cornmeal is good for chicken nuggets
  4. i tried some home-made halva (made of: tahini, honey, and pistachios) the other day from farmer's market and i reacted to it. does anybody react to tahini? or was it just cross-contamination?
  5. I just had a meal cooked in a teflon pan (yikes!) and it had some seasoning on it. im reacting very poorly to it...do you think it could have been more than just cross-contamination? are seasonings bad?