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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I just went to see Dr. Sheth today. He is horrible. I am so upset by my visit I can't even write more but please feel free to email me and Ill be happy to share. jadlerlaw@mac.com
  2. Hello - I hope someone can help as I am at wits end. In the past several years I have had the following: 1. Gall bladder removed (pre-gluten free) all sorts of "sludge in there) 2. Total Hysterectomy due to severe endometriosis (Pre-diagnosis) POST GLUTEN FREE 3. Peripheral neoropathy - Nerve pain 4. Extreme fatigue 5. Elevated RH Factor but negative ANA - (few years back) 6. Joint pain 7. Doubled liver enzymes, low anion Gap 8. Liver biopsy shows extra iron and inflammation/irritation - mild 9. Weight loss 10. General overall feeling horrible 11. Horrible constipation - could be due to pain relievers 12. Shingles - gone now Anyone experience all of these things? I made an appointment at Beth Isreal. I am desperate to feel well again. Any insight is greatly appreciated. THank you
  3. Why don't docs trust enterolab? Was the gene testing done with a blood orcheek sample? Thanks, Jessica
  4. My Dr. a gastroentrologist that specializes in Celiac ordered the test through prometheus labs (in CA I think) It was a blood test. I came back positive for DQ2 & DQ8. Why did you go through enterolab and not through youor doc? just curious... Thanks for all of the info. I am mgoing to have my kids tested...I am scared to death I gave it to them
  5. Just wondering if anyone else had had the genetic testing for Celiac? I did and received my results--positive for both markers....so I guess it's official now. Well at least the docs won't think it is all in my head anymore....
  6. Wow...Ambien is not gluten-free...I naively thought my dr. would know not to dx it if it had wheat....what about Hydrocodone...I take that for the pain sometimes and I swear it makes it worse the next day. The first few hours are bliss b/c the pain goes away then bang the pain hits in the AM. I also take Hyoscyamine sublingually when the pain gets really bad--that seems to work after 2 or so pills. I have not have my kids tested yet...although I am sure I should. I would hate to think they have it. They really dont show overt signs...but then again neither did I until I was 36! Eating out is such a nightmare--I think I will just stop altogether...I have lost so much weight and would be losing a lot more if it wasnt for Ben and Jerrys ice cream which I eat every other day or so! I am 5'4" and at a bout 117 right now...which isnt really bad except the weird thing is it is all in my love handles...very disproportionate. Here's something realy wild...I was using Stri-Vectin on my face and it is completely laden with wheat products! Of course I ddint notice it my Step Mom did...I am still not very good at this. well, anyway today my stomach hurts (side), wrists, and kness...I hope it gets better! Thank you everyone for helping--you have no idea how wonderful it is to have people to talk to that understand...well actually--you probably do !
  7. Hi: Thank you for your reply. I tend to be on the analytical side when it come to ...well just about everything Job hazard I suppose -I am a 3rd yr law student. Last semestedr was so difficult. I spent almost 3 months in bed from the fatigue and the pain. I was DX with fibromyalgia and basically sent out the door with the advice that I go see a Psych., take ambien to sleep, exercise more and be prepared to live that way the rest of my life. THEN I found out my Great Uncle is a celiac and started to read about it--I tried gluten-free and after just a few days saw such an improvement--I am so happy because I was truly at my wits end with school , two kids, a foster child and a husband that lived 3 hours away! Since then my Mother moved in with us, my husband transferred down here and things are much better. My Mom is such a blessing--she makes gluten-free bread, dinners...everything! For me the hardest part is now -I accidentally slipped--I ate what I thought were corn tortillas and found out they were flour burritos--I feel like it has set me back 2 months! Fatigue, side pain so bad that I limp, gastro issues--its all back. trying to hide it from my 7 yr old has been tough--he was so scared when I first became sick...and reads every label before I dare put anything in my mouth--I dont want him to know I am sick again--he gets so scared. I literally felt like I was dieing back when I first got sick--in fact I was convinced of it. I go to a specialist here in Maine at the end of the month and am scared he will want me to do the gluten challenge--I wont do it--I cant. Does anyone else have this pain in their side? At first they thought it was my GB and removed it..they said there was "sludge" in it but the pain never went away--sometimes it goes into a remission other times it is there full force. I am sure it is linked to what I eat (hidden gluten). The evacuation of mucous has finally stopped too. Then I ended up with Shingles! The doc said it was becasue I have a compromised autoimmune ssytem...Does this ever end? I thought once I was gluten-free it would all end....do I have to stick to rice and veggies to be certain I am gluten-free? Sorry for venting I am just feeling sorry for myself at the moment and I figured that you all would understand Jessica
  8. Hello: I am new to the board and considering enterolab--I am curious, is there anyone out there that has tested negative through this lab?I am in what feels like he**. Constant pain under my rib cage right side, joint pain, severe pain if I slip and have gluten. I am extremely fearful of having to go back on gluten to be tested. The fatigue is pretty bad...but thank God for finding out about celiac--when I am gluten free I feel great --even normal It is so difficult to remain gluten free--there are so many foods with hdden gluten. Anyone with similar pain on right side I'd love to hear from you--this is all so confusing! Thank you, Jessica