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  1. Hi I will try and keep this brief, for the last 8 months or so I haven't been very well, I have had Neuroligical symptoms, Neuropathy in my hands and feet, electric shock type feelings in my scalp, down my spine, muscle twitches all of my body, memory loss, hair is falling out, extreme tiredness, some days I can't even get out of bed, the inside of my mouth gets very sore also. I have also had weight loss, ok yes I was calorie counting at the time, but when I stopped that I was still losing weight, which is odd for me. I have been to a Neuro who took blood tests and i'm awaiting nerve conduction studies. In the summer of last year my bloods came back reduced Feiiritin, so I was taking iron tablets for that. I have just got my recent bloodwork results back and its showing decreased Folate levels, of course I didn't know what this meant so googled it and found a connection with Celiac Disease. I don't really have any stomach symptoms as such, I do get bloated at times but I put that down to time of the month. Also does anyone know what the normal range of Folate is? I think mine was 4.2, I haven't spoken with the Dr about my results yet, was given them by the Receptionist. Could celiac disease be a possibility?
  2. Hi This is a longish story, I have cut it short as possible. Last Feb 07 my husband came down with what he thought was a flu virus, it took a few weeks to get over, but he gradually got better and got back to work. After this he noticed he had started getting like a burning pain under his ribs, this progressed onto to what seemed like back pain, right hand side. This got really bad so we went to A & E, they took bloods and X-rays, the X-Rays came back that he had chronic constipation (even though he had been going the loo daily) his bllods came back and showed that his LFT's were quite elevated, GGT was over 300 AST and ALT were also quite high. They admitted him and performed an ultrasound on his liver, which was clear, he also got asked about a billion times was he a heavy drinker, which he isn't. He was in for 7 days, in lots of pain, on morphine for it and was having terrible trouble going the loo. Since then, nothing really has progressed, hes had a range of symptoms, which I will list as it may help you help me, pain in his heel, knee, all his joints ache, his back aches, his hip hurts, he has pain mostly all the time in his upper right abdomen, constipation, very large, hard stools, wind, consstant loud gurgling noises from his stomach (really loud) he feels incredibly tired, he just about manages to go to work and not much else, this is a man that used to cycle 20 miles a day and work a 10 hour shift. The Dr put it down to the effects of the virus and he has head an MRI which was clear and a barium meal which was clear. After he had the barium meal though, he had a horrendous reaction, it actually seemed to compact in his system and left him in terrible pain, and made the costipation much much worse. He's had a few blood test to keep an eye on his LFT's and they were graudally going down, but never actually got to the proper level, he had blood work again a couple of weeks ago and the results have came back and his LFT's have shot back up again. GGT 200, AST and ALT are also up again. We feel that after such a long length of time we would like some kind of diagnosis as to whats causing the elevated LFT's and all his other symptoms. I found this site by basically googling elevated LFT and constipation. Can anyone shed any light on whether these kinds of symptoms could be Celiac related? As my husband is going to ask to be checked for it. Thank you.