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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Red Lobster

    I've been to Red Lobster a few times... I've never had a problem. I've had the blackened catfish or just a broiled filet of whatever... baked potato... coleslaw instead of a tossed salad. They couldn't tell me what kind of vinegar they served so I didn't trust any salad dressings.
  2. Weird Snsations And Body Aches.....

    I can sympathize with you... I was diagnosed officially on May 1 and went gluten-free that day. I started feeling much better within a couple of days... but still get belly pain/issues and weird pains as well... headaches, fatigue... I am thinking that it's time to get really REALLY careful with my food and try to stick to whole foods... I've not been so good that way
  3. Does Anyone Use Asmanex?

    I have cereal with milk and ice cream as well... no problems with those things that I'm aware of... it might be time for a strict food diary
  4. Does Anyone Use Asmanex?

    Thank you for the info! I am thinking that lactose/casein is not an issue since I have yogurt and cheese each day (if you take THAT away from me I'll really be sunk!)... but who knows! In any case I am going to see what happens and make a visit to the dr... the Asmanex is like a daily maintainence med.
  5. I posted this in the "medicines" section but didn't get a response... I thought I'd try here... does anyone take Asmanex? It is an inhaler, I take it daily for mild asthma. The pharmacist told me it was gluten-free months ago when I was diagnosed Celiac. Last wekk I needed to refill and just didn't have time to pick it up... before I knew it, I had gone for 3 days without taking Asmanex, and I realized my belly felt SO much better! In several ways Anyway, I was wondering if anyone here as had any experiences with it? I have since gone to www.glutenfreedrugs.com and it was NOT listed... but how reliable is that? My dr. and pharmacist both told me it was safe but I'm thinking it's a problem.... thanks for any input you can give me!
  6. This is an old thread... I just did a search and came up with it. I have mild asthma and use Asmanex. When I was dx celiac in May, I asked the pharmacist, and he told me it was gluten-free. I felt better going gluten-free but not completely... still some symptoms. I haven't taken my Asmanex in 4 days (just haven't had time to pick up my refill) and my belly feels much better! Is there anyone else that has taken Asmanex???
  7. Do You Cheat?

    Seems like everybody had the same thought I had, as soon as I read the title to this thread! It's the same thing I tell all the people that ask me about it... "can you cheat every once in a while?" I say "it's been so horrible when I've been accidentally glutened... that serves as all the motivation I need not to cheat." As tempting as all those foods are... it's not worth the pain, the discomfort, and the loss of a whole day!
  8. How Do You Handle Vacations?

    I am going to Disney too, and I haven't been in years so I don't know what to expect... someone mentioned plenty of options... can anyone elaborate? We are staying in a condo with a kitchen so I am planning to have my gluten-free cereal for breakfast and maybe even pack my own lunch but dinners will be an issue... sometimes I think that if I go to one more restaurant and eat plain grilled chicken/fish and a baked potato while everyone else indulges, I'll lose it!
  9. This Long Islander thanks you for the info!
  10. Needing To Find Someone To Talk To.

    All I can tell you is... you are in the right place! I wish you luck dealing with all this...
  11. I can only speak for myself... but my mom has it, I have it, and I'm pretty sure my daughter has it too (I have 2 kids, my son tested negative with the blood and doesn't present any symptoms). My daughter's blood test was "inconclusive" and her upper endoscopy was negative... however, she has a whole list of symptoms. She's having the capsule endoscopy in a few days but I am pretty sure I'll have her go basically gluten-free no matter what the results. Then if she "cheats" and has something at a birthday party (she's only 9), that will be the "diagnosis" I need and then we'll be stricter. Good luck to you...
  12. Achy Hands And Joints

    Sorry you are hurting... I have only been diagnosed officially for a month but have been well aware of celiac for quite a while, it's in the genes! I think sometimes that one of the things that makes this so hard to deal with (and made me put off being tested) is that all the symptoms can be attributed to something else. For myself, I have found that every time I get an ache or a twinge or a feeling ANYWHERE, I start over-analyzing and wondering if it's celiac related. I know exactly the feelings you are talking about because I dealt with that for the last few years and it was much better after I went gluten-free. However, I think I got glutened in the last couple of days because the painful ankles and hands are back, not to mention the stomach issues But what I am trying to say is... if you're pretty sure you haven't been consuming gluten, isn't it possible that this isn't even celiac related?? Lots of people start feeling arthritis symptoms at this age, and it isn't related to anything except getting older! In any case, I hope you feel better soon...
  13. I'm New, Have A Few Questions

    Whoops, sorry, I see someone else already mentioned the brownie mix at TJ! Sorry for not reading ahead!
  14. I'm New, Have A Few Questions

    Just an FYI... Trader Joe's has a gluten-free brownie mix that is so good... mu husband agreed you can't even tell the difference! And yes, reading is key... I printed out the "safe" and "not safe" ingredient lists from this site and won't shop without them (it's only been a few weeks for me as well). Good luck to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. I Need Help!

    I agree that the bread is kind of nasty if you eat it cold... but it's OK if you toast it and eat it while it's still warm... not great for sandwiches though!