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  1. Hi ... I tried, and miserably failed at, making a French baguette from Cooking for Dummies. I followed the recipe to a t but all I got was a gooey mess which in no way could be formed into a torpedo shaped dough!! Has anyone tried this recipe successfully? Any helpful hints would be much appreciated and/or any other baguette recipes you may have tried. Thanks a
  2. Hi thanks for yours and other helpful tips. The recipe calls for flour and I put in more than it calls for mostly because my husband prefers a "cake-ier" consistency, so I'll try some of the other substitutes suggested. And Yes my cake always cracks too! I just cover up the crack with fresh berries in season! thanks
  3. Hi .... I'm the mother of a newly celiac disease diagnosed 10yr old. I'm in the experimental stage of baking and/or cooking!! Anyone have any tips on replacing the 4 tbsp of flour I put into my cheesecake with 4 tbsps of gluten-free flour? Anne, sf