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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. hmmmm is gallbladder ultrasound part of diagnosis cause when I went he said my gall bladder was collapsed (I had eaten and hadn't been told I wasn't allowed to) ps:- I am in agony at the moment and could really do with a diagnosis
  2. Thanks very much for your lengthy reply. I haven't had any back pain for about 6 months. But the pain on side and front is back with a vengence. I gave up dairy a long time ago. I have however substituted it with soya milk and yoghurt. But I don't have that much of either. a tiny bit in tea and I now have my coffee black. I only eat goats or sheeps cheese. etc. I may well be suffering from the two weeks of gluten for the blood test. The soya is a slight worry.
  3. Guys just wanted to update you cause I feel like I am sitting here losing my mind. I had another blood test recently for gliadin reaction etc. For this test (as I am sure you all know) I had to go back on gluten for 2 weeks. They were sposed to test for 5 different things but apparantly if the first is sooo low then they don't bother with the rest. So basically it came back as no reaction to gluten/wheat. Thats why I can't work out why I am in so much pain now. I can pinch the skin where the pain is. It is near the surface. It feels like a tube. If I put my index finger in my belly button and pinch with my thumb that is where it is and then it goes in a straight horizontal line towards my right side Which is what makes me think its intestines. It's driving me mad. So far have had ultra sound, ct scan and have an impending appointment with gastro endrologist
  4. Last Night...

    magnesium? Is that a suppliment that is easy to get hold of?
  5. it doesn't seem to return. Its just when the first or first couple of mouthfuls go down. it doesn't seem to make a difference what the food is. But before I gave up normal bread that could be really bad but nowadays any hot food can do it
  6. sometimes the first mouthful of a meal burns my throat on the way down and it is an intense nasty feeling that lasts about 3-5 seconds. It can be doused by drinking liquid which quickly gets rid of it and then for the rest of the meal I am usually ok. Anyone else know what I am talking about?
  7. hmmm can anyone spot anything wrong with the following wheat/gluten wise. Had the following last night and the pain that I have recurring (better since trying to be gluten free) that starts near to my belly button came back today... chicken covered in yoghurt and coated in gluten free breadcrumbs, sweet potato covered in balsamic vinegar and brown sugar... a dressing made of dijon mustard, ketchup, lemon juice and yoghurt. Thanks I'm close to cracking this as these pains are only coming back around once a week whereas they used to be far more frequent. Have a c.t scan tommorrow to see if it is anything else but I'm pretty sure its all allergy related
  8. I had that recurring flu-like symptoms on and off for ages and I am pretty sure that it is a food allergy. I feel like you;re coming down with something that never quite seems to materialise. Does this sound like you? lots of half day colds etc
  9. day three of my wheat and gluten free diet and my pain seems to subside immediately after eating and comes back when my stomach is more empty. Does that make any sense to anyone. I am typing this at 7pm uk time and have bad pain in my right side (inbetween hip and ribs) I ate around 6 hours ago. When I go to bed I am usually having a bit of pain that is gone by morning. I have breakfast and the pain returns after a couple of hours. How long is there between eating and digestion?
  10. interestingly enough I have glucoma and some of the side effects of the drops can be kidney stones etc
  11. hmm I guess gallstones could still be a possibility as when I had my ultrasound they hadn't told me not to eat (I'd had a tiny bit of chocolate about 3 or 4 hours before. So my gallbladder was collapsed when I had my ultrasound and they couldn't check for stones. well he said I had no large stones.... hmmm lets hope this diet makes all the pain go away!
  12. i was kind of thinking more of over the counter type help or herbal remedies if anybody has any ideas
  13. thats so bizarre. Gp's probably follow the same route when faced with wheat/gluten intolerance cause I ended up with a urologist as well. It's a lot worse for you poor guys over the river as you don't have a public health care system. If its any consolation I rarely trust mine.