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  1. Hi, I found out a year ago this month, it is a roller coaster ride at first, I also experienced sad shopping days and still do at times. if you make a list of items you need and don't peruze the pasta, cracker cookie isles it will make it alot easier, Follow your list and get in and out as quickly as possible it makes it less depressing. May I suggest making a list of all the things you CAN eat rather than focusing on what you can't you'll be amazed how many things are on that list!!!. Glutensolutions.com has great foods and pastas, the shars crackers, bread sticks, cookies are awesome. When you are cooking the pasta start with cold water and a palmful of kosher salt, cook the pasta as directed and as soon as it is in the collinder draining run under cold water, you and who ever you are serving can't tell the difference, if you are craving egg noodles, which I was, glutano taggetelle, so good, I did gain weight at first, but just remember portion, moderation. Taste a little of everything. Do you have good support system? Hope you are doing well, remember all of this is for your good health! Judith
  2. Could someone please tell me if sprouts are ok? I know that bean sprouts are but I am concerned with alphalpha, Thanks in advance, Judith