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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Sunscreen

  2. I just got an email from Hawwian Tropic, they can not safely say that any of their products are gluten-free. Banana Boats website does not give a phone number or a way to contact them, UGH! My daughter is 3.5 and would eat lotion if I let her, so she loves to lick her arms after I put it on. I need to find a safe sunscreen!
  3. Because my of my daughters special needs, she has always havd a hard time telling us when/where something hurts. So my question is how soon after you eat something with gluten do you have symptoms? She started eating a new food 12/22 (she has a very limited diet) and on 1/7 the stomache pains began. Her "sick time' was almost two weeks. We took her to the GI to rule out anything else, he ran tests and sure enough, she had some contamination somewhere. We are trying to figure out where.
  4. Just because something is labeld as gluten-free doesn't mean that it can't be cross contaiminated, right?
  5. Cows Milk

    Thanks for all the info. I knew that I read that cow's milk was safe (in terms of gluten) but just didn't understand why. Still having issues today. Not eating. lethargic and not drinking. I pray she sleeps soundly tonight. He doctor is in on Wendesday. We are thinking that she is eating too much dairy. She is not allergic, but her diet consists of yougurt, rice cereal and pudding (with pureed prunes hidden there) and cheddar cheese. The cheese is soemthing new, so maybe that is it?
  6. Cows Milk

    Sorry for the confusion. Let me back up..... Gabby is three. I BF from 0-18 months, she stopped when I got PG, When we found out she was anemic at age 2 1/2, I started to pump for her since I was nursing my new baby. Then we found out about the celiac disease, and I eliminated all gluten from my diet too. So now she has Breast milk or cows milk if I am running low. The only thing we did differently yesterday was go to McDonalds so the kids could play. Maybe crumbs on the play structure???
  7. If gluten can pass through Breast milk, it could pass through cows milk too right? Cows eat wheat? Gabby had a horrbile tummy ache last night and ate nothing that has glutern in it, we are 100% sure as she has a very limited diet anyways. We can't figure it out. I usually pump breatmilk and give it to her to drink and about every other say she has some cows milk. Yesterday she did. we just can't figure it out.
  8. Tests

    She's not improving. We are treating her anemia now with IV's if iron.
  9. We are doing follow up blood work for my daughter who was DX in July of this year. We have a routine physical next week and I want to discuss what tests my DR is going to run on her. I saw that someone mention 5 blood tests. Anyone know for sure? And what are their names? Thank You
  10. Cookies!

    I just usd my old recipe and switched out the flours! They are YUMMY!!! Not as fluffy, but still yummy!
  11. Bread Crumbs

    AH HA! I never would have thought about freezing them!! THANKS!
  12. I really like the My Favorite Sandwhich Bread from gluten-free Pantry. Could i make my own bread crumbs using this? Silly question, but would they go bad/moldy if I wanted to store them? Anyone every do this?
  13. Natural And Atrifical Flavors

    I know for a fact that Campbells will not list wheat in it's MFS...thye use either corn, wheat or potatoe...whatever they have on hand
  14. Dough

    Great, now I can make lots of pizza dough ahead of time. Friday night is alywas pizza night (and my night off of cooking) Least this makes it a litte easier
  15. Thank you so much for all your replies. I really appreciate them. We have been dealing with this (the eating) for over a year now. We truely have tried everything. We give her options, let her play with it, have her help bake, keep offereing and offering, let her feed Lucy etc......everything. She just will not try anything. And it's not a matter of being stubbon. You can tell, she is very afraid to try it. Even when she had her endoscopy and colonoscopy, she went 48 hours without eating. We offered jello and juice the whole time and still refused. She was starving and still refused. So, when she was diagnosed, my doctor and I agreed that it made perfect sense.....sometimes your body will tell you not to eat something that will make you sick. The doctor thought that once we got her feeling better, she'd be more open to eating. Tonight I tried the baked beans, and her regular beans. Would not eat anything. She was alsmost crying. You could tell she wanted to eat, but just couldn;t make herself. It was very sad. I am calling the ped and nutritionist in the moring. She does take a multi vitamin. (grrr...gotta check to see if they are gluten-free) and I wll look into the nutrional supplement. She does great with non food items in her mouth in regards to oral motor....... I'm at a loss......... On top of my emotional state, the cashier at the store went on and on about how cute Lucy was and Gabby was, in his words, "well, you know" Some people are beyond ignorant.