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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I am aware that this is not a test for celiac's disease. What I was more specifically asking was if there is a connection between celiac's disease and having the Bilirubin and low blood count levels that she has. That is what I cannot determine online, and while I am awaiting the doctor, I thought I would ask on here as there seems to be quite a few people who know their stuff.
  2. Hello. I have posted on here a few times, and recently I was diagnosed (through biopsy) with celiac disease. I fully believe that my daughter (possibly my son as well) has it. While they don't have a dr appt for that until July 1st, my seven year old daughter just recently had a slew of blood work done for her psych dr (she was just diagnosed as having ADHD) and I am trying to make sense of the results. Basically, her Creatinine levels, Bilirubin, Hematocrit, MPV, Neutrophil, and Lymphocyte %M levels were all low, while her Platelet count and Lymphocyte % levels were high. Does anyone know what this means? Is it celiac? She has plenty of stomach, skin, and head issues to make me believe that is what it is, but these blood results are scaring me. Please, any input would be much appreciated. The dr didn't offer much advice; she said that the celiac could explain these levels.
  3. Thank you for this information! I was trying to get a hold of someone regarding the meeting just yesterday!
  4. I mentioned in another thread that I had the endoscopy and biopsy done last week. I immediately found that I have a gastric ulcer, slow emptying stomach (but no diabetes), GERD, scalloped mucosa, and a small hiatal hernia. I have had many different skin issues for years, and stomach and head problems since I was a small child, along with bipolar disorder and anxiety. The biopsies came in today, and my dr told me that though I came back negative for celiac, duodentis, h. pylori, and only have mild gastritis, she fully believes that I have celiac based on the previously mentioned list and the fact that I was gluten free for two weeks before I found out I was going to have the endoscopy. I had a blood test while gluten free which was negative as well. My only reason for still thinking celiac (aside from the positive reaction while gluten-free) was the scalloped mucosa. Now, I don't know how many samples they took, and while I am entirely grateful for such a wonderful doctor, I still am longing for a more "definitive" answer. As far as my family and friends know, I have celiac. But, for me personally, I was hoping for the "gold standard" to prove to myself. Did or does anyone else feel this way? My dr fully believes that I have celiac's, and I will undoubtedly continue a gluten-free diet. I was just hoping for that positive, you know?
  5. Scared Of Endoscopy

    I just had an EGD yesturday, and I did not see, feel, or hear a single thing. They put me out cold. They told me I would feel drowsy like I was drifting off to sleep, and that is all it was. I woke when it was over and felt fine. Good luck.
  6. Thank you. I am feeling pretty crappy today, with my stomach and muscle aches. I am not sure, but I would imagine it has something to do with the EGD and the biopsies. Thank you for your response.
  7. I forgot to mention that report also stated they suctioned 150cc of biliary fluid and that they biopsied a section with "scalloped mucosa". I thought that the scallpoed mucos was consistant with celiacs, but why would they suction fluid out? I am so overwhelmed right now. And the fact that there is a week wait for the biopsy results really stink. The worst is my stomach right now. I feel absolutely horrible
  8. I talked to my dr after the procedure and recieved a copy of the report itself. While I have to wait a week for the biopsy results, I did find out that I have GERD, a small hiatal herna, a gastric ulcer, and possibly gastritis. The report also says they biopsied for gastritis, duodentus, and to rule out H. pylori as well as celiacs disease. He told me my that my twenty years of taking over the counter pain medicne for headaches probably caused the ulcer, and not to take anymore. He also gave me Prilosec, and told me to go back to a gluten free diet. What realy does all this mean? When I asked if they suspected celiacs, he said they need to wait for the biopsy results. Are this many stomach issues normal? Does anyone have any similar experiences? I just don't know what to think. Celiacs? Or something else altogether? In any case, I am gluten free as of today, my stomach feels awful, and I am more confused than before. Any input would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you so much for reading!
  9. Hello! Nope, I have not heard much. Right now I am doing a gluten challenge of sorts, so that I can have my biopsy done on June 5th. I cannot wait to feel better again! Eating out with my family is what is hardest for me, as hardly anything is gluten free However, in case you never heard of it, there is a pizza place in Bethlehem called Manny B's, and they serve gluten free pasta dishes as well as pizza. As soon as my biopsy is done, I am going right back to a gluten-free diet, regardless of the results, and I am going to go to Manny B's for sure. They are located on Freemansburg Ave if you are interested, and they have a web site with their menu www.mannybspizza.com
  10. Upper Gi Results

    Well, the NP called me today and told me that the doctor definitely wants to do a EGD with biopsy for my duodenum. She told me to start eating gluten again, like a serving a day, and to increase it so I am eating a normal (gluten filled) diet two weeks before the procedure (June 5). I hate to start eating gluten again, but I want to know what is going on. In the past two weeks of being gluten free, I have "tested" myself with small amounts of gluten three times, and each time I had side effects ranging from canker sores, to sharp stomach pains, to the mysterious red bumps I get on my arms and thighs. I have two small children, though, and my daughter has had many stomach and behavioral issues for most of her short life (almost 7). So, I am going to go through with it to see if I can get some sort of diagnosis and take it from there with my daughter. As soon as I have the biopsy, I plan on going back to a gluten free diet, without a doubt. I have seen and felt so many improvements in my skin and my stomach in the past two weeks, and I want to stay this way.
  11. Has anyone heard about a group in the valley yet? I am newly gluten free, and really have no support. I live in Lehighton, but am willing to go down into the valley providing gas prices do not increase too much more!
  12. So I finally got to speak with the NP who ordered my bloodwork and upper GI today, and she confirmed that my blood tests for giladin? were normal. She said that my upper GI showed something, however, I was driving in my car when she called. From what I gathered, she mentioned maybe something being inflamed near the opening of my stomach, and it started with a "d". I asked her to repeat it, but, again, I was driving. The only thing I can find is duodenum, which is a small protion of the intestine that connects to the stomach. I am not sure that is what she said it was. In any case, I told her that I have been gluten free and how much improvements I have had in the last two weeks. She told me that the blood tests are not always reliable for celiac or wheat intolerance, and a gluten-free diet is sometimes the only way to tell. She said that I should continue eating gluten-free, and then said she would talk to the doctor and get back to me tomorrow to see if they want to biopsy my stomach. I am not sure why, exactly, and now I am kinda more confused. I am greatful, however, to have a doctor who seems more knowledgeable than others with regards to gluten intolerence. Has anyone had a similar experience?
  13. Well, I just wanted to add that I ended up in a hurry yesturday morning, and had a little bit of a blueberry muffin. Well, I realized a few hours later that I had developed two canker sores in my mouth, was bloated, and the little red bumps I get on my inner forearm (opposite elbows-in the folds of my arm), as well as the red bumps on my thigh, had come back slightly. That is really all I need at this point. My husband is even considering the diet, as he has quite a few symptoms. He also has non stop sinus infections and ear issues, so we thought it would be worth a shot to see how he responds. The response in me over a little less than two weeks gluten free has been so amazing!
  14. Thanks, everyone. I am going to contiue to eat gluten free, and I think I am going to talk to my daughter's doctor about her.
  15. Thanks for the responses. I have not had a biopsy done, though I am sure the GI doc won't do it with a "normal" blood test. As far as the lab goes, I have already read up about it, but, as much as I would love to do that, I cannot afford it. The main reasons I am disappointed are because I can notice so much difference! I can eat a meal and not feel like I am going to throw up or feel bloated beyond belief. My 7 year old daughter has a lot of similar issues, as well. She is TINY (but the docs say "well look at you"), always on the low end of the charts, with the exception of when she was born-she was over eight pounds! Anyway, she has complained of stomach aches for years now, has itchy body rases frequently, frequent nose bleeds, complains of legs hurting or tingling, and has such mood swings that the doctors are thinking it might be eary onset bipolar disorder. We both stated omega 3 supplements, and I have seen slight improvements, but she still is very gasy and probably complains of stomach aches at least 3 times a week. What I am worried about, and why I want a diagnosis of something, is that I am bipolar, and, because of that, my husband, mother, and other family members don't always take me seriously or think I am over reacting. Now, granted, they are aware of the improvements I have had going gluten free, and mother has even reduced her wheat intake and says she is feeling a little better herself. But, if I tell them that the results were negative, they will not take me seriously. I am just frustrated since I have see too many changes. I was gluten free for a few days only before the blood test, by the way.