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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Going To South Korea

    Hi - I'm so glad to find this page on a complete lark. I have also been living in South Korea for the past 2 years, and I still struggle not to get glutened. Clare is right everything she says - you essentially cannot trust any food here, so I have been cooking for myself. I hope Clare is still reading, because it would be great to find another Celiac here. I have recently been glutened, and I am trying to figure out why. Do you think the cheaper honey and citrus tea marmalades would have gluten in it? Either that, or some rice and almond cookies that I bought at Shinsegae, although I was assured by Korean friends and the people selling it that there was no wheat. But, I am sick. I am going to have to do an elimination of the few, but it sure sucks to be limited to so little and then being aware if you can eat whatever is already on a limited list. Anyway, if Clare is still here it would be good to hear from her.
  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. Females....only.

    Hey Celiac Alli: I started mine at 14 too. I've also heard that the later you start, the later you start menopause as well later on in life. So, consider it a blessing all around and don't worry.
  4. Throat Problems & Celiac?

    Yes, I've been having this issue as well. It was hard to notice at first, because I had a slew of other symptom, but the hard-to-swallow symptom has definitely been there over the last few months. I also have a chronic sinus drip which never went away after I got a bad bout of bronchitis this past winter. This past Thursday, I saw a doctor for the first time in a while, and I was so caught up with describing the other and past symptoms (gastro, itching and autoimmune symptoms, neurological) that I didn't mention this relatively newer symptom right away. She asked me about it, and at first I said no, until I thought about it. The symptoms are not as debilitating as the others, but they are definitely there, in very much the same way that the OP described. I'm sure the doctor will test me for Hypothyroid, and I mentioned the celiac disease suspicion. I wouldn't know which triggered the other, though. Hypothyroidism definitely runs in my blood line, but I would be the first to test for celiac disease.
  5. Yeah, I hear you on that one. I am also job hunting, and there seem to be hordes of people that line up for one job. Either that, or the fact that in my field (non-profits) there just aren't as many jobs. I have to go and do cover letters, so I'll check in again tomorrow. I am also going to buy some Oil of Oregano and Virgin Coconut Oil for the Candida. A few people told me it should help along with the diet. Talk soon.
  6. I'm fairly weird, so I guess I belong here, lol. I was raised as a catholic, though, and I find that I do like beer a lot better - sorry guys. However, I just finished my last Belgian Bavik light beer this evening, so I should be starting my Candida diet this weekend. I find the whole enzyme issue intriguing. In my short time researching celiac disease and related issues, I have run across information on how enzymes and the lack thereof interact, and it has always been suspect in my own health and ethnicity (genetic factors in metabolizing alcohol and such, before this chronic illness). Anyway, I agree with the future IBS and enzyme pill industry. Just wait until someone figures out a pill specifically for celiac disease/GI - EVERYONE is going to be diagnosed with celiac disease. Yeah, I just saw a doctor today to discuss my symptoms, and all of these earlier memories of sensitivities supposedly before I was sick are coming to the fore. As a teenager I loved perfume, but even then I couldn't wear a lot of it because it would give me migraine headaches. But the cleaning stuff is a new one, and unbearable. I have to convince my roommates that this directly affects my well-being, and the chemicals seem to enter my bloodstream from the air! I saw a doctor today, and while not perfect (she sneered at the idea of Candida A.), she was supportive of my theory that Giardia may have triggered celiac disease/GI and is going to send me to an allergist and order colonoscopy/endoscopy. She also wasn't opposed to testing me for celiac disease. I can tell by her questions that she is also considering hypothyroidism as a possibility, and I looked at the symptom list and could check almost every single one. I know this is not much to be hopeful about, but compared to my last doctor who told me I was lactose intolerant when I had a milk allergy, and diagnosed me for IBS and sent me to a CVS drugstore for over-the-counter medication, this is a start.
  7. Top Five Reasons To Get A New Doctor

    I love this post! I feel the same way. However, today I am somewhat hopeful. I had an appointment with a new doctor - a young woman - who not only listened but seemed to click socially with me as we had a lot of shared interests. When I told her my theory on how I think celiac disease may have been dormant and then triggered by Giardia which some studies have said shares the same protein, she finished my thoughts and confirmed it. That's a great sign! She is going to test me for hypothyroidism, and she said she would test for celiac disease also. She asked me if I had ever seen an allergist, and if I had ever had a colonoscopy.. I told her no one had ever referred me. My next appointment is August 22nd. I feel hopeful about her. Of course, in keeping on topic with this thread, she did sneer at my other theory about Candida A. in my gut. Well, no big surprise with allopathic doctors. But, I'm hopeful.
  8. Yes, thank you. This thread has got me thinking, but I am still struggling to maintain a diet and change a lifestyle, so it is slowly coming along. In addition to the emerging food and gut issues, I also noticed this year that I have chemical sensitivities to household cleaning solutions that I didn't have before. They make my eyes and lips swell, and give me a weird chemical burning feeling inside of my body. Sometimes I can't breathe after the use of bleach. So, I still have a long way to go to figuring everything out.
  9. Ummm, Oral Sex Question?

    I think the consistency of semen is influenced by diet. Is your husband gluten-free? If not, he may want to consider it. Or, you may want to consider removing your mouth before ejaculation, not that its completely foolproof or gluten-free, I know.
  10. Brain Fog?

    Yeah, this is an important one for me, because I am still struggling. That was the first, most overwhelming symptom that I needed to address in April, when I started. My intestines were in a terrible state, and I had what seemed like overt Alzheimer-like symptoms. My short term memory was shot, and I was stumbling and mixing up words, or forgetting them altogether. This has been very difficult for me, because during the same changes in my life that led me to figure out that I was ill, I also took myself in a different direction by applying and getting into a PhD program. However, the demands of the entry test and interviews exposed to myself how much I had declined. I have felt humiliated at times, because I seem to have a new tick where I stumble or get stuck on pronouncing words that should never be a problem. It is weird. It happened again yesterday in a job interview. I am taking Pioneer gluten-free vitamins, both the multi and the B vitamins, and I eat walnuts and ground up flax seed everyday. However, I am noticing effects with other foods as well. Corn is one, and coffee is another. I use coffee like a controlled substance. I only drink it when I have a migraine that involves obvious swelling of the brain. It seems to dilate brain cells and gets the blood flowing. However, if I drink it otherwise, it actually causes a headache and brain fog. Right now, this type of brain fog and particularly this stumbling or language tics are a big threat to my work right. It requires that I speak and present well.
  11. Yes, one of the most surprising yet helpful things in my discovery of celiac disease and intolerances, was the knowledge that it neurological and chemical symptoms of the brain. In addition to all the gastro and other obvious stuff, I had noticed years ago a type of "chemical" reaction that I felt in my brain and mood, but couldn't explain. I would become moody, terse, and generally impatient with people. I could feel some kind of "switch" that seemed to go off in my system. Now I know that "switch" was wheat. The weird thing is that I am adopted, but met biological family on both sides who also have fibromyalgia (sp), hypothyroid, bi-polar disorder, and heard a story of one uncle whose symptoms sounded like schizophrenia. I am nervous about so many issues regarding this affliction, but I am the most nervous about intestinal cancers or losing my mind to mental illness or alzheimer-like symptoms.
  12. Hi: I think some people may be shy to talk about this here, because it is so personal. But, you can feel sure that wheat and gluten intolerances have multi-system impacts, and that includes our reproductive system. My menstrual cramps and associated symptoms were so horrible on wheat that I was starting to classify as someone who was disabled for 4-5 days of the month (couldn't get out of bed, or barely lift my head the migraines were so bad, and so shrill). In addition, I started having some weird vaginal discharge and afflictions that went away with the wheat. There wasn't a bad odor though, so you may want to definitely follow up on that, because it can be a symptom of something else which could be much worse. I would get a baseline checkup now that everything seems normal, just to be sure. Wheat is horrid!
  13. Thanks Carla. I will definitely stay with you guys. If it wasn't for this thread, I would be in the depths of despair because I wouldn't have a clue as to why I was suddenly allergic to almost EVERYTHING. Thanks so much for the warm reception and this thread!
  14. Yes, you are right on all counts, GFDC. I didn't see the article you referenced, so I will look for it. In my short time on this topic, it seems there are numerous junctures that may destroy enzymes in some brews more than others. One point as you mentioned is in the germination process. I am also trying to figure out other junctures in my links and discussion above, concerning the grain bill ratios and processing of the mash, whether it is malted or unmalted, and the kiln temperatures. Another procedure that differs in varying brews is decoction methods, and whether the extracts are disposed of or taken out, boiled and reintroduced, which would add to the body and strength of the beer, including the enzymes and proteins, I think. I have a feeling that the single decoction method in which the extracts are taken out favor celiac disease/GI. It would be great if we could find someone who is very knowledgeable on the scientific process of making beers and the resulting enzyme effect and celiac disease. Obviously not all brews are the same, and I am sure the devil is in the details, rather than all beer. But, until we understand it better, it's best to stick with what is a sure thing, whether that is total avoidance or your true and tried brew. Thank goodness there are good gluten-free beers, but personally I want to learn the details in the hopes of trying to avoid a life of Bud Light. It may turn out that I only need to regulate intake of Guinness or some pilsners, rather than give them up completely.
  15. No need to apologize Rachel - I love your posts! I have learned so much from you, and some of the regulars on this thread. I'm sorry if I was out of place. I don't want to offend anyone, but if we can't talk openly about our experiences and question or test limits, then this is not a forum it is a police state! I will go and look up other threads. I am somewhat of a newbie here, but I think my reaction would have been the same if I observed people jumping all over someone and censoring others merely for questioning or discussing use of enzyme pills. They are as free to disagree as you are to use one and talk about it. I come on this site to learn and discuss, and I appreciate people who ask questions and push the envelope. The medical and regulatory professions certainly aren't doing it for us. People who shut down open discussions deprive the celiac disease/GI community an important source of information - ourselves! It is ludicrous to think that empirical, exploratory or non-mainstream topics are off limits and that people cannot discern for themselves what is established and what is still experimental. It is best to have all information available to decide what is best from an individual standpoint, rather than an edited or censored version of "experience". I'm sorry that people jumped all over you for discussing alternative measures and the enzyme pill. If they have done that to you, it is only a matter of time before they do it to others. I support free speech, free thinkers, and freedom of choice. It is going to become a bit tedious if others appoint themselves the police and gatekeepers of the "celiac brand". No worries Rachel. I'm glad we're good.