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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Udi's Bread

    Yes, it is that much better than any other gluten-free bread you can buy. I went home and threw away all of the other breads I had in the freezer after I tried it. I keep a loaf on the counter and use it without toasting (unless I want toast!) and it's gone within 2 days in our house. If you pick up the loaf it squishes in your hand, it's not hard! It doesn't get all gross sitting in your lunch for a few hours with a damp filling like other gluten-free breads. It's a fairly neutral flavor and it is a reminder of what bread really is like. I am considering buying separate a freezer just so I never have to run out of Udi's. The pizza crust is not bad either.
  2. I have seen that too with other brands, and I wonder if it happens at the farm level (during harvesting on shared equiptment) Sucks. Sasha
  3. Does anybody know of a brand of masa that is safe? I would love to make some tamales. Ideas anybody? thanks, Sasha
  4. Nishino In Seattle

    Wasabi itself, if you can get the fresh real thing, does not have wheat in it, but prepared wasabi (found in a tube or in in a can or jar in powdered form), which may or may not contain any actual wasabi, could have wheat in it. it's worth checking the label or asking your sushi chef.
  5. Nishino In Seattle

    Tiffany, Since you are also in Seattle I must ask, where do you go for sushi? Sasha
  6. Nishino In Seattle

    I went to Nishino to get some takout sushi the other day, and talk about nice and helpful. After I explained my dietary needs they: checked to make sure the spicy tuna roll was gluten free, made sure I knew that something I had ordered had soy sauce (it was for my husband, I then heard them repeat two times, it's for her husband), let me know they weren't going to include the wasabi because it had wheat in it (I haven't heard that before but I have wondered!), and offered me wheat-free soy sauce. I felt pretty sure that I wasn't going to get any gluten, and it was scrumptous. And it really is a nice sit down date restaurant rather than a takeout place. With much more than sushi. Yay, somewhere else I can eat! Sasha
  7. Thanks to everyone that responded! I agree that this is a big red-flag item. I know that when I make some tasty gluten-free fish and chips at home (not very often, but Yum!) there is a lot of batter residue that ends up in the oil, and I can just picture what this would mean if it were gluten in my batter, it would be in the oil and all over everything I fried after that. The restaurant no longer labels their fried foods as gluten free. They were awesome about it. I really appreciate that they are trying to offer foods that we can eat, and that they answered my questions and listened to my concerns.
  8. I have been emailing with a local restaurant that has some items listed as Gluten Free on it's menu because I wanted to clarify whether a specific item was or wasn't Gluten Free. The subject of fried foods came up and they said that they were told that it wasn't a concern to fry foods in the same oil as Gluten Foods and label them as Gluten Free. Am I the only one that wouldn't eat (or feed a Celiac family member) foods fried in the same oil as Gluten foods. I would love to get feedback to pass on to the restaurant. Thanks!
  9. Today my daughter had breakfast with grandma, and she ate 2 bites and then grandma thought to look at the waffles again and realized she had gotten the wrong one, not the gluten free one, arggh! Van's or Lifestream, a brand that makes gluten-free and non-gluten-free. My daughter has a bloated belly and had the worst meltdown this afternoon. The last 2 times she got glutened she had the runs in her pants all the next day. My poor little girl. I know it was a mistake, but I was so mad and upset. All I could say was at least it wasn't with eggs too so my egg allergic daughter isn't going to be vomiting all day. She felt bad (though not as bad as my daughter will) and I bit my tongue. This is why I usually bring all of the food when my kids stay with anyone! All she has to do is look for the words GLUTEN FREE, it's not so hard! Betty
  10. I will be keeping a selection of safe foods at school just in case. The thing is, so many kids have special needs, vegetarian/vegan, lactose intolerant, no sugar, soy allergy, etc, so my daughter is one of many that the parents have to consider. I guess I figure it's a learning opportunity for everyone, and there are compromises in preparing foods that everyone can eat. The snacks are pretty basic. The teacher did corn chips with a bean and corn dip and veggies and bananas, which everyone loved, so I don't feel bad about it happening to be gluten-free. I told the parents if they want to bring something like bagels, let me know in advance and I can provide a substitute. And if there is a party they can have their cake, we can just bring Dowd and Rogers chocolate cupcakes and my daughter loves them. I figure if they can include her without too much inconvenience then I will try to let it happen. The thing is, I was raised Macrobiotic and vegan with no sugar so I know what it's like to be left out in school situations with foood that you are not supposed to eat. Plain apple while everyone else has a carmel apple? Done that, it sucks, sorry but it does. I realize that's the reality of this, but they don't have to leave her out all of the time. The parents have the choice of making the entire snack gluten free, or providing a gluten-free option for my daughter. Betty
  11. Lisa, Happy Birthday! And it will get easier, I promise. If you have a Trader Joe's or Whole Foods, get their gluten-free lists online or at the store and get shopping. If you have Whole Foods, ask if they have the Dowd and Rogers Chocolate cake mix, vanilla is OK, but chocolate is best. My sisters and nieces and nephews are not gluten-free and they looove it! It scored best natural food chocolate cake mix in Organic Style, and that wasn't even a contest limited to gluten-free products. Don't get Lemon, it's like window cleaner. or try the Bob's Red Mill gluten-free Brownie Mix, it's pretty good in a pinch. Our favorite lunch foods: Arrowhead mills Pizza crust gluten-free tortillas for tacos I make a dark pumpernickel style bread with dried cherries that my kids love, ask me and I will send the recipe. Great for turkey sandwiches. Check out Living Without Magazine, their website is http://www.livingwithout.com, and they has a recent issue with a flatbread that made good rollup sandwiches. Wellshire Kids chicken nuggets (a little spicy for my kids but tasty.) Amy's Rice Mac & Cheese frozen dinner. Thai Kitchen makes some just-add-hot-water noodle meals that are gluten-free, Thai Peanut is our fave. We also make sandwiches out of one of the frozen gluten-free waffle brands (Trader joes and I think Van's or Lifestream?) Applegate Farms or Wellshire Farms lunchmeats should disclose gluten ingredients, sometimes we just roll lunch meat around a piece of string cheese and call that a rollup. Add some Edwards & sons rice crackers. Make a quick bean dip/layered dip with some Trader Joe's Corn Chips. Betty
  12. Whole Foods make a Whole Kids Multivitamin that states that it is gluten-free. HTH, Betty
  13. My 3 yr old is starting school next week. It's a small co-op preschool. The parents take turns bringing and preparing the daily snack (can you feel my anxiety?) and I am trying to educate them as much as possible. I have provided the Trader Joe's list, the Whole Foods list, a brief description and a list of our favorite foods. The parents all get a list of food preferences and allergies for everyone that attends. We had a practice school day and the teacher provided a snack for the group with foods from the Trader Joe's list. Didn't I just want to kiss her!? But I don't trust that everyone else will get it, sigh. I also got the gluten-free Playdough recipe (the best recipe I have found) from this site and have convinced the school to switch to gluten-free playdough and I don't even have to make it. I spent time scrubbing the gluten playdough off of 5 cartons of playdough tools at the school. I am in charge of tracking who makes the snacks so I can send reminders about gluten-free foods on the day my daughter atttends, is that too neurotic? Is this normal anxiety for a parent with a gluten-free child or just a normal part of letting go of control when any child goes to school? Maybe a little of both. What do you do to keep your child's school environment safe? I was thinking of ordering the gluten free shirt from Jeeto and putting her in that for the first month or two! Betty
  14. Grits?

    Thanks so much, it wouldn't be a holiday without the cheese grits. Regards!
  15. Magazines?

    I work for a magazine distributor that sells Living Without on the West Coast, so I can read it for free! But I also can look up what stores carry it, so if someone is looking for a west coast store let me know.