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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Wait...what?

    "Although dermatitis herpetiformis usually occurs for life once it appears, permanent remission is reported to occur in 10-20 percent of patients, usually after long-term adherence to a gluten-free diet." http://autoimmune-skin-disorders.suite101....s_herpetiformis Perhaps they worded the sentence wrong? Should it read "permanent remission is reported to occur in 10-20 percent of patients who adhere to life-long gluten free diet'? or....can DH really go into permanent remission? And could these "reported" people potential hold a cure for DH within they're immune systems? Ahh wow, total critical thinking but the possibilities have my mind racing...
  2. Developing more problems due to the "leaky" gut syndrome we all face as celiacs while taking in certain substances? For instance, if someone was to take creatine and whey protein and another suppliment like cissus quadrangus(for joints) would that give them an increased risk for further complications of celiac disease based on the amount of stress it is putting on the permeability of the intestines? I ask this because I am trying to build lean muscle mass, and the gluten-free diet is great this because its all natural foods. However i have used creatine and other suppliments in the past (prior celiac/dh diagnosis) with great results. I was just wondering if the ingestion of these suppliments in any order could cause me more harm then good in the long run in regards to intestinal health and longevity. I am taking whey protein right now but want to add to my suppliment regiment if it is safe.
  3. Treatment Of Dh...

    So i've been wondering, if there was ever to be a new treatment for DH other then the gluten-free diet and Dapsone would it have to treat the celiacs or the DH or both? Or perhaps if celiac disease was successfully treated would a byproduct of this treatment be a cure for DH? Or better yet if Dh could be treated would a treatment for celiacs be a byproduct of it? Ahh im just tossing some ideas around in my head and wanted to see what others think.
  4. I too am getting my upper endo done here on the 2nd of june. However something is confusing me, when people adamantly argue against going gluten free before a biopsy is it only for people that may or may not have had gluten as a staple in their diet for years and years prior? Because i guess im failing to see how my 20 years of damage could heal up in week or even a month before my biopsy if i went gluten free. And my doctor said even if i did go gluten free before my biopsy it wouldn't matter because the damage to the villi is sill apparent. Hmmm....
  5. A drug called AT-1001 is being used in clinical trials as a means to prevent gluten being absorbed into the mucosal lining of the intestine with some success. http://health.usnews.com/articles/health/h...ac-disease.html
  6. I have been 2 days on the gluten diet (only a sandwich a day but still gluten) and I have experienced the same regularity that you are having as well. I am pretty sure its from the healed villi and from what i know it does indeed take a couple of days to get gluten regulating through your system to have the really adverse effects that are typical of celiacs. So i assume that this is why they keep you on the gluten diet for at least 2 weeks so that the damage shows up when you get an endoscopy and biopsy, because the healed villi can give you a false negative test.
  7. Dh And The Military?

    Well no ones pushing me really but myself. It was my grandfathers wish that one of the remaining sons in my family go the military route again-as he served in the Navy during WWII. So it had always sorta been my dream since i was young to be a military officer and go through the training school and i decided on the air force before i was diagnosed but i am still attaining my 4 year degree. As i am awaiting my diagnosis, a diagnosis that was started by DH that i had, then didn't have, then had again from my derma biopsies. No one in my famiy really understands because no one has ever had DH/celiacs in my family and I am the first. I don't have very severe abdominal symptoms but i do have the DH as far as i can tell from experimenting with the gluten free diet. So no one is really pushing me to do this, its just a career dream that i had lurking in the back of my mind ever since my grandpa passed. Thats all.
  8. Dh And The Military?

    To the poster above me-What branch was your dad in? Army or Marines im guessing? I've been wondering if the soldiers who have a known gluten intolerance that are still in are in because they have more access to "normal" foods IE Air Force, Coast Guard, Navy instead of the Army and Marines that really rely heavily on MRE's and what they can carry. I was speaking with a Air NG member the other day and she mentioned that some people have food allergies and are still in on base, but have to have their food sorted before eating. So it sparked this question.
  9. Hmm maybe ill have to endure more then a wheat wafer then since i had DH i really didn't have any GI symptoms thats why it took me 6 months to see a dermatologist cause i figured the rash would go away on its own if i didn't itch it. As of right now i have some mild stetorrhea (mild being once a day at most) and alittle gas with some abdominal pain on my lower right side by my bellybutton. Apparently all symptomatic of celiacs, but as you say there is no false positive on the blood tests i guess i have it, im not sure why im getting the biopsy, maybe just to see how bad the damage is.
  10. Hmm, i've been eating a wheat wafer every day just to keep some gluten in my system for this biopsy and i intend to have my very last "cheat" day the day before i go in, and i will continue the gluten free diet even if it does come back negative because its always been important to me to have a healthy, fit body and mind. I was just curious if those results are the smoking gun in terms of a diagnosis or if they can be wrong in people without celiac disease, being the only one in my family for many generations about to get diagnosed i just want to have closure through one of the tests, so that i can move on with the diet and my life.
  11. So my doc did a blood test on me and my results came back positive for anti-endomyseal and anti giladin, does this mean i have celiacs then? I am getting an endoscopy on the 2nd of june but i was still in limbo about these results and how right they can be. Anyone shed some light on my situation? What happens next? Im on the gluten free diet btw and it cleared up what my derma said was DH pretty rapidly.
  12. Hello all, just figured i'd give you my story and see how closely this resembles your own celiac diagnosis. It all started 6 months ago when i had started to get a rash on my elbows, lower back, and knees. The rash did not go away but was not that bad in the beginning. Until one day about 5 months into having the rash it started to blister and itch terribly bad. Went to the dermo, had 2 biopsies done, first one was negative, second one was positive for DH. My derma wanted me to have another blood test too, the first one being negative and the second one being positive again...so i was referred to my family doc who took another blood test and found i had positive anti endomyseal and anti giladin antibodies. Which i guess is the gold standard for celiac disease. I am unaware if there is any error in those tests however. I went on the gluten free diet in the meantime and my rash cleared up extremely fast probably within 2 weeks. Which is really starting to point me to celiac disease. However i hit some bumps along the road and...i didn't have any reaction. So i was befuddled, can you have celiac and DH but only react to large amounts of gluten? I am awaiting an endoscopy on the 2nd of june which should confirm what i think i already know but is it possible to have all these symptoms and have tropical sprue? I can almost remember my symptoms before my Dh started, and it was major stomach pains maybe once at night for 2 to 3 months prior to starting to have break outs. Oh, and i am the first in both sides of my family to be diagnosed with celiac if i indeed have it (which i am sure i do at this point....unfortunately..). I guess im just confused as to why i can tolerate gluten at some times and not others without the nasty repercussions that other people face. Unless as i go along with the gluten free diet my reaction to gluten ingestion only gets worse. Thats my story up to this point. Just trying to go with the flow of things.
  13. Well why wouldn't they consider wanting someone that could pass their tests and physical exams with flying colors all at the expense of not eating breaded products? I say i prefer not to because im still waiting my official diagnosis. It doesn't look good so i thought it couldn't hurt to ask, especially if someone is battling it while already serving. I guess my wording was off while saying preferring not to, but i only react sometimes to gluten, and lately i haven't been reacting. So i dunno, just figured i'd throw the question out there in hopes someone got a waiver for it. But it doesn't sound like they even consider people with any food allergy now.
  14. How about lower right side just to the right of your belly button? Constant aching that is always there and flares up and subsides constantly.
  15. Hmm i've been wondering this too. If you have a college degree and would like to try to be admitted to OCS for say air force and are physically fit and fully capable of passing all physical and mental assessments just that you suffer from mild consitpation and skin rash from gluten do you think there is a slim chance you could be admitted? Being your in good physical health and mental health and really have no problems outside you do not prefer to eat gluten from the stated side effects (possible for vegetarians in the military)?