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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Ignorant Comments

    I've generally had good luck with airlines except for the salad dressing. I started being wheat free only and ordered the gluten free meals to be sure that I wouldn't get noodles or bread. One time I got a packet of salad dressing with Starch listed as the fourth ingredient. At least it was separate and I could just put it aside but the dietitians at the airlines should have caught that. My mom is pretty good with realizing what I can't eat, but it's funny cause she thinks out loud. She'll say, "What would you like for dinner? You can have chicken marsala with noodl...wait..bread....wait...rice!" Like I mentioned earlier, my mom always cooks from scratch. So she doesn't have a problem to make my chicken in a separate pan without the bread crumbs and use cornstarch to thicken the sauce instead but her mental inventory of side dishes cracks me up! It's like she has a separate list in her brain for me with a whole bunch of things crossed out.
  2. Hi again, I went to the doctor this morning and there was a sign on the door saying the office was closed cause they are on holiday. I went to a doctor down the street that was named as their substitute. I told him how I was feeling and I showed him my hands nd he said "oh that's nothing. That doesn't point to anything" But he did take my blood. SO I'll go back tomorrow to him and go again to the normal doctor when they get back I guess this celtic iron disease is possible, but i always have really low iron. Thanks for sending me that link, I'll read up on it tonight!
  3. I am cooking red beets for dinner tonight, so I will be pretty colorful! Thanks everyone for answering. I had a really tough day. A little background about why I asked about this today: I've been slowly trying to figure out what was wrong with me, and at first I thought I was only allergic to wheat. For me this wasn't so bad, because I never liked pizza and am not a big fan of pasta or bread. I felt better but not great. But then after realizing the symptoms weren't completely gone I started looking for more information about celiacs. I figured it wasn't such a long shot that I could have it. Bad skin, anemia, bloated, ALWAYS hungry, brain fog, cracking joints, and when I wasn't constipated it was the other extreme ... all the symptoms were seemingly unrelated before I could attribute them to celiacs. And I was thinking I was just making it up because except for the low iron, my blood work always comes back really good. So, my Uncle has celiac and he's been pushing me to push for tests. I'm lucky in one sense because the country I live in has free health care, but on the other hand I have to talk to the doctors and try to convince them to keep testing in a language that I am far from mastering. In 2 weeks I have an endoscopy appointment and I decided to gluten myself everyday, usually in the form of pudding, to get a diagnosis if I can. I feel worse this week than ever before. I can't concentrate at work. BIG stomach problems, like I'm on the verge of embarassing myself And in the past 2 days my hands got much more yellow, I noticed the armpit thing and I thought my feet were almost not yellow anymore but now I look at them and I got all scared. I am really not enjoying the pudding at all anymore, btw!
  4. This is scary! I was at the doctor a bunch of times and no one has noticed this. My blood work always came back as normal. Would it be something that they would only notice if I asked for a specific test?
  5. I've got a strange question: The bottom of my feet, my palms and my armpits all have a distinctive yellow tinge to them. Has anyone else noticed something similar? Any guesses what it could be? My feet have been like this for a few years, my hands for a few months and this is the first time that I'm noticing the skin around my armpits.
  6. ugh! i am just chomping on some trail mix that I bought out of the vending machine at work. I don't even want to think how old they are!
  7. I've heard that we eat dessert after dinner because the sweetness signals the brain to stop eating. Of course I think that was true before refined sugar/flour and saturated fats - which your body becomes addicted too and therefore don't work to stop you from eating. So here are a few desserts that have been around for a long time, that you can eat, and enjoy. You'd be so surprised if you eat them slowly and really let the flavors melt in your mouth, how you'll feel full right away. Dried fruits by themselves: Dates, Prunes, Apricots, Apple, Pineapple Dried fruits with honey and herbs: cut them up and drizzle some honey over them. I love dried apricots in honey with fresh thyme sprinkled over it. Warm fresh fruit: Get a nice oven safe glass or ceramic bowl and put some peeled, sliced fresh fruit in it like peaches, plums, apples, pears (either mixed or alone). You can sprinkle them with cinnamon and a teaspoon of sugar in the raw. Since you wouldn't want to use butter, a tiny bit of oil might enhance the flavor. You wouldn't believe how satisfying a warm dessert is. If you have a small bowl like a ramekin it helps you make just the right portion and really easy to fill it up with one apple or something. gluten free crepes - easier than it sounds. you need 1 egg and a bit of water (milk for the non-df's), a few grains of salt, double the amount of salt in sugar. Stir all that together with a fork until well combined. Then pick a gluten-free flour and slowly add enough, mixing the whole time, until it has the consistency of batter (easy to pour, like a milkshake). Put a little oil for frying in the pan and when it is hot let it spread thin (don't use too much batter) and then flip it and serve it with a squirt of lemon juice and a tiny bit of powdered sugar or tasty beet sugar. Or put some berries on top. Dark chocolate (there's some with 80-90% cacao and of course dairy free) : This stuff is so hard to eat but tastes like delicious chocolate that you have like three nibbles and that's enough for the night Dark chocolate clusters. Heat up some dark chocolate until it melts. then pour it over a bowl of cornflakes (make sure that the chocolate can coat all the flakes) or/and nuts or/and dried fruits, and drop spoonfuls of the mixture on a piece of baking paper and let it cool off. Again use the dark chocolate and you'll see how little of it you need to eat if you take your time. You said you are dairy free (for those who aren't then I can highly recommend getting a nice cheese like feta or a creamy one like camembert and have a small slice of it each night with the fruit or chocolate) All those things are pretty healthy and it's a lot of fun to have something different than dry old cookies. And trust me when you take 3 minutes to peel and cut a peach and add a couple of frozen blueberry and 10 minute to heat it up in the toaster oven all sprinkled in cinnamon, everyone around you is going to be jealous - that's some really good eating
  8. Pregnant And Constipated

    I have one more that works like a charm, you all are going to say "gross!" but here goes: Sauerkraut Juice mmmmm! Actually it works great and it is not that bad. It has a tangy, salty taste.
  9. Ignorant Comments

    I do this a lot too, especially since I have to order food in other languages often. If I try and pronounce something like Z
  10. Ignorant Comments

    But then again, you are assuming that the french fries are made from scratch. A lot of french fries (should be:potatoes, oil, salt) are made out of a flour/potato mixture that is formed like french fries. Companies do this to make the results more uniform and to help their coloring to make them look like "they should look" (Be suspicious if all the french fries are exactly the same size.) I feel like an idiot asking "What are the french fries made out of?" but it is worth it. I have to sound like an idiot, like I don't know how to make food, because of what companies do to produce low-cost, high-profit foods. I grew up with a mom who cooked every meal for us and packed our lunches for school. She made simple stuff: meat, side dish, vegetable. I saw her make stuff from scratch, so I knew that there were different ingredients in a dish. If I ate somewhere else and thought it tasted good then I had to learn to make it myself, because my mom wouldn't buy any of ready-made stuff. (When I was a kid those ready-made meals were expensive and for a family of 6 it was waaaay too expensive. Mcdonalds was a special treat if we were on a road trip.) Basically, I grew up seeing how individual ingredients got turned into a dish. It made me ask questions and I am really grateful to my mom and dad for that. I also firmly believe that I was so interested in cooking because I tended to cook gluten free stuff and I felt better when I ate my own food. (I am just getting diagnosed now. So for me it is strange that I naturally tend to be gluten free and the change to completely gluten free is less hard than I thought it would be.) I think the only truly ignorant comments come from people who have asked a question, gotten a clear answer, and still make comments that they should have been able to figure out for themselves. Calicoe explained in this thread how white flour was not clearly wheat flour for her. Well think about it, flour is a generic term it just means ground up grain, legume or vegetable. Yes most of us will think of the most common flour in the US, wheat flour, but I think all of you should know how many (thankfully) flours are available: Rice, corn, potato, chickpea, millet, locust bean*, guar bean* etc. It's too bad that we don't know what ingredients are being used unless we know how to cook or look up recipes. It is one of the reasons food companies can put all of these unnatural ingredients into food and no one complains. *The flour made out of these are called gum in English but in other languages they are often called locust bean flour or guar bean flour
  11. Eating Wheat For A Day

    Great thread! It's so funny how easy it is to think poison is medicine just because it gets results I craved spaghetti and always thought it was the tomato sauce that helped. I'm just getting started with a gluten free diet. it's amazing how many of these seemingly unrelated reactions that I've been living with only happen when I eat wheat. But each reaction comes at a different time, first I break out (I'm in my 30s and have the complexion of a teenager), then I get really irritable (lots of mood swings) and then I can't concentrate. I don't feel as good as I can. When I get a craving, I take one of my friends with me or invite them over for dinner, I treat it like my last supper. I get the best verison of the food I can find, and then I just enjoy the fact that this is the last time I'll eat it. The first bite is always really slow. I try and taste it as much as possible. I usually notice after the 2nd or third bite, I don't taste anything that special anymore, then I give the rest to my friend . It's a nice way for me to make peace with that food. I try never to binge eat when I'm saying my goodbyes to the food. I always make sure to order something else I can eat, like a huge salad, and then I eat that until I'm full.
  12. I read that they use it to help it pour more freely. There's a type of soy sauce called tamari which should not have any wheat, although I've seen some that have barley. The one that got me was Haribo gummibears and other candies. I wrote to the company and they said that all their products contain glucose syrup made from wheat and corn.
  13. Hi everyone, At work we have a pretty fancy automatic coffee machine that dispenses different types of coffee, milk (reconstituted from a powder), hot chocolate, and hot water. I got my hands on the packages of the milk and hot chocolate powder and sure enough "may contain traces of gluten". So I thought I was really smart only drinking black coffee but now I'm wondering if my inability to concentrate is caused by cross-contaminated coffee. All drinks are dispensed from the same spouts. It looks a bit like this one here: Would it be enough to always run a hot water cycle before requesting my coffee? This is my first post, and I am really grateful for any recommendations or advice you might have for me. Thanks parla