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  1. 11 Water St., Exeter, Nh

    Hello, I live in Seabrook and am actually going to be in Exeter tonight, I'll probably end up calling but what type of gluten-free options do they have? Is it fairly basic or etc.? Just curious as that would be a great dining option tonight, thanks!
  2. What Chains Are Offering Gluten-Free Meals Nowadays?

    The 99 gluten-free buns are amazing, sorry just had to chime in, I had one with my burger and I've tried alot of crap gluten-free bread products, this was like the real deal, didn't crumble, wasn't too big or small, just tasted like I was eating a regular burger with a bun at the 99. Just a FYI for anyone that didn't know about this, I was shocked when my waitress told me a few weeks ago when I went to order :-)
  3. A article from last week in the Portsmouth Herald reports that they are closing shop. Appearantly the landlord has increased the rent by 25% and they cannot afford to stay in business at the moment with that type of rate increase, so sadly it looks like the last day that it will be open is December 24th. I am sure (or hoping at least) that at some point she will either open up shop somewhere else or find another way to get her food/recipes etc. out there, but this is really dissapointing considering how great the place was. Just an FYI for anyone that frequented there or were planning trips in the next couple of weeks for holiday snacks and food. There's a place down the road on Route 1 in North Hampton that I've heard great things about called Buzz's Bakery and he has several of the same type of items that Anello's had, but it is a smaller place, so I don't think it has the extensive breakfast/lunch items that Anellos had, more of a take out place. I hope all the best though for the owner of Anello's and thanks for all the good you've done for all the local Celiacs :-)
  4. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  5. Foxwoods/mohegan Sun

    I have never been to Mohegun, just Foxwoods, but I went in March (first time since I went gluten-free) and emailed/called ahead to get some ideas, it is limited though unless you want to take some risks, they were not very helpful in suggesting something. It was someone's 40th bday in the group so we wanted to eat somewhere nice anyways and I had spoken with the people at Craftsteak which was able to do a great steak dinner and also have a dedicated friolator for their handcut fries, so that was great, only problem is it is ULTRA ULTRA expensive, like we paid $700 for 6 people, we had no clue it was that expensive, so it really isn't an option unless you want to dish out some $$. There were a couple dishes in the $20 range I think, possibly a flank steak or something for like $30, but I will say it was excellent and they were very knowledgeable and careful etc. despite the $$ So that was my experience for dinner, I also had spoken to the head chef of the place via email and he said he would arrange for there to be a clean pan to make an omlette for me at Cafe Veranda the next morning, but when I got there no one knew anything and the waitress finally arranged for a pan to be cleaned and for an omlette to be "carefully" prepared for me, I explained what I could to them and made sure to have her have the cook to put on new gloves or what not, I didn't get sick, but I was not happy with how that experience turned out considering I was assured that I would be accomodated. Anyways, that was my experience, I'm sure you can find something safe at one of the steakhouses, but none of them as far as I know have dedicated gluten-free menus etc. so you'll have to give the whole Celiac scpheel to the server or what not. Maybe Mohegun has better restaurants to eat at.
  6. I personally do not like Tinkyada, even when I rinse it I just have never been able to get use to the texture and taste, my preference is Bionaturae, they have Penne, Fusilli and Spaghetti and all are very good, but that's just me, they are especially good if you are making baked meals like Baked Penne or Baked Mac and Cheese (I use the Penne for the Baked Mac and Cheese and it comes out amazing). Shaws, (chain grocery store in the Northeast) and all the local health food stores have this. I recently found Orgran too (specifically their Rigatoni) which I tried and I actually like that now BETTER than the Bionaturae, with either of them I barely can tell the difference of regular pasta anymore (I'm sure my taste buds have adjusted too) but wow it is good. The last one I like is the Schar Tagliatelle, I tried their regular Spaghetti though and it had that really bad corn taste that I am not a fan of, but the Tagliatelle kind seems to cook well, kinda like really thin egg noodes. I just started trying that one too and it's a good butter/garlic sauce type pasta. But those are the three I use, the last two have been harder to find, only a couple health food stores have those. I have tried alot of them and there are some really bad ones out there lol Also, if you can find it Conte makes frozen cheese Ravioli and many stores here have finally started to carry it, pretty good, not the best, but definitely nice to have, and then there is a company called Ceasar's that puts out frozen lasagna, stuffed shells, and manicotti meals which are becoming easier to find around here too, and those are pretty good but take about an hour to bake. Anyways, hope all that helps, sorry for the wall of text, but I tend to ramble on here lol. PS: I live in New Hampshire so all this is based on this area I am not sure how widely available these products are in other parts of the country.
  7. It could be something unrelated to your diet as well, I went 20 plus years sick and got diagnosed last April (2008) with Celiacs. After a year and a half gluten-free, and all my blood tests and a repeat endoscopy showing that I was definitely eating gluten-free and all that (no cc or anything showing, villi grown back) I was still sick, even getting worse to an extent. My doctor just kept sending me back for the same blood tests over and over each time I visited, and I was having to work from home alot, waking up every morning sick for hours and hours on end. I finally went to a specialist in Boston last month and he repeated the colonoscopy a few weeks ago, saw signs of Crohn's (lab could not confirm diagnosis, but doctor does believe it's early signs of Crohn's or some variation) so he put me on the steroid Endocort. For the first time that I can remember, dating back to late elementary/early high school, I have been free of being sick for almost a month now. I've had one "sort of" bad day in that time span, when before hand I was getting sick every day before going on the meds. I have been to work for a month straight now besides that one bad day, and it feels great to get up every morning and not worry about how sick I will be. The doctor started me on antibiotics now too so that as I get weened off the steroids going into the new year those will be the replacement (hopefully), so I mean not that my case is the same as yours, just saying it could be something not related to what you are eating etc. I have never "changed" doctors or gone out and found a second opinion before, I've always listened to my doctors and let them do their thing, but I finally had enough and I am so glad I found this specialist and am feeling healthy now. Also, I too got all the allergy tests a few months ago before going to the specialist and had gotten tested for lactose prior to my Celiac diagnosis last year, so I had tried everything. Good luck to you!!
  8. Well I went to the Pats game over the weekend (crazy snow storm hit right as the game started lol, but awesome pouncing on the Titans) and wanted to get some lunch before the game, so I did some research on a few places, Red Robin is in Patriots Place right there as is Olive Garden, and just on a whim I checked the web site for an Italian restaurant called Davio's, I had been to the one in Boston years before I was diagnosed, but had no reason to go since. Come to find out they have a complete gluten-free menu on their web site!! So I knew where I wanted to eat. There was a long wait to get a table, hour and a half, but when I gave the hostess my name I also asked about the gluten-free menu, and she told me her daughter had Celiac's as well, and within about 10 more minutes bam I was seated, she was very sweet to do that so that was pretty awesome. Sometimes it's good to have Celiac's I guess haha. Anyways, I had some Prosciutto as an appetizer, they didn't have any gluten-free breads, but their menu has alot of selections for Celiacs. I got some gluten-free spaghetti and it wasn't the best gluten-free pasta I've had but it was definitely not bad, I'm always excited to just get "normal" non-meat foods when I have a chance at a restaurant. Anyways, nice option if you are in the city or going to the Pats game. Unfortunately, the stadium is not nearly as accomodating, as you can probably imagine, although I know alot of stadiums are starting to be. So I wanted to make sure I got food in me before we got inside. Last year I went and was lucky enough to get club seats via work where they had a bar with all the hard liquor you want, but this time I was in the main area and could not find a wine/hard liquor bar to save my life, even when I asked the people at the beer areas they had no clue, I kept getting pointed different ways or told that I needed the access to the club area. I finally got a frozen Margheretta at one of those pre-made frozen drink booths, which ingredient wise would seem safe, and although it was probably one of the bigger leaps of faith I've made since going gluten-free, I didn't get sick from it etc. so that was good (yes I was fiending a drink bad, I was at a Pats game what do you expect lol). Anyways, also had a great experience at a 99 near the motel I stayed at that night, waiter was very friendly and knew all about food allergies, made sure the friolator was dedicated for just fries, and had a great bunless burger, so all in all a good experience.
  9. Olive Garden Gluten Free Penne!

    It is listed on their online menu nationwide now, but I also called ahead too to make sure for my local restaurant. We don't have Old Spaghetti Factory here, but when I was on a business trip in St. Louis last year, my hotel was like a minute away from one, so I ate dinner there both nights lol, I love the marinara/butter sauce they put on it, really good.
  10. Juliano's Pizzeria In Derry, Nh - Phenomonal!

    Juliano's has some desserts from Heavenly Fodder, I have heard of it and would like to get some of their take out but Manchster is a bit of a hike. I would love to try Giorgio's in Milford, I'm in Seabrook, so a bit of a hike. Annellos in Portsmouth is a great sandwhich/pizza/bakery PURE gluten free shop, theres Popover on the Square which can do gluten-free bread for sandwhiches, Weeksies up in Dover now has gluten-free pizza (including some speciality pizzas!!) and the place in N. Conway you might be thinkign of is Rafferty's Pub which rules, you can get almost anything under the sun gluten-free. They have alot gluten-free up there, including from what I hear a purely gluten-free '99...which is pretty awesome if true, haven't been there, and there is an Italian Restaurant called Bellinis that has ton of gluten-free dishes.
  11. Olive Garden Gluten Free Penne!

    Like I said, we had called ahead, and I can imagine the cc concerns at a place like this, but in my opinion, you are pretty much always going to be risking cc, at any restaraunt, whether it is the buns/breads/pasta/seasonings/marinades/flour from pizza etc. so I have come to accept it and just make sure I call ahead and give em the ole Celiac quiz to get a seal of approval lol, but yeah this was in Newington, NH (I should have said that) and they were great, no problems, didn't get sick. So I will definitely going back. Again, now if they can only make a gluten-free breadstick or something for us lol :-) Anyone else have good experiences with the gluten-free penne yet? Oh and PS, I was also wondering why it wasn't advertised etc. that much, maybe they are just "testing" it out before spreading the word.
  12. Well I do my random checking of gluten free menus online here and there and I'm on vacation this week and we were looking for somewhere to go for lunch, and I happened to on a whim check Olive Garden and bam now on their gluten-free menu they have: Pennine Rigate with Marinara Marinara sauce made with a blend of tomatoes, bell peppers, onions and Italian herbs. Served over gluten free penne pasta. I called ahead and they had it, so I went had some and it was very good. No gluten-free bread/breadsticks yet, but this is a step in the right direction. I don't remember hearing about this prior, so sorry if this is old news, but I'm fairly certain this is new.
  13. So I finally got to check this place out today, and let me tell you it is awesome. I had the cheese lasagna and it was pure heaven, they have chicken parm and chicken pesto as their gluten-free pasta specials this week also, didn't try those, and you can always get penne and marinara. The owner is the gluten-free cook/specialist and she makes everything from scratch, and had these small circle sized pieces of bread with garlic on top that came with the lasagna (I asked for a couple) and the bread was awesome, could never tell it was gluten-free. I also had a canolli, she usually amkes the shells herself, but she was using ones from a local gluten-free bakery (Anello's in Portsmouth, NH) this week becuase she had been on vacation, and it was still awesome. I asked if I could do a "bake and take" gluten-free pizza, cause I really wanted to try it, but was full and everything from the lasagna, and later tonight I put it in the oven for a late dinner/snack. Let me first say I've tried at least 5-10 gluten-free pizzas now, brand names, or at restaurants, and although I've had some good ones, this one tops them all. I don't think any dough has come nearly as close as this one as tasting rich and like REAL pizza dough yet. It's her own recipe, flour, that she has put together, and man it is remarkable. I told her I would call her and let her know how the take and bake concept went, she doesn't usually do it, so it was an experiment, so I plan on calling in the morning. We called ahead of time to see what exactly they had there today for gluten-free, they say to call about the specials, and between my conversation on the phone and in person the owner/staff are very knowledgable and up front about cross contamination and how they do everything. She even said that there is flour with wheat on the premises (cause they do regular pizzas/pastas too) and although they prepare it all gluten-free, wanted to be honest about that always slight possibility of cc, which as we know is present just about everywhere. I highly reccomend a trip, whether you are north of Boston, or anywhere in the Nashua/Manchester/Seacoast area of NH, it is absoutley worth the 30-45 min trip up 93, 495, etc. whatever way you are coming. They are now going to be one of my bi weekly/once a month gluten-free trip/treats lol along with Burton's in North Andover :-) PS: Let me also say, there was a fellow Celiac there who had been there before waiting for a pizza and of course we were sharing our war stories, but she raved about the pizza and the establishment as well. Since I don't live locally, it's not a place I had been to or can go to alot as it is, but she was saying it was great, so even before I had my food I was excited and trusting. So it seems they attract alot of the local Celiacs already. Price wise, seems very fair. It came to about $24 for my wife to have a chicken parm sub, for me to have the lasagna, two sodas, a canoli and the take and bake pizza. It's a little eat in/delivery place in an outlet, so it's not fancy but very friendly (kid friendly as well) atmosphere so you can't really go wrong.
  14. Found a new pizza place in NH called Weeksies Pizza up in Dover (downtown at the train station) and they have gluten-free pizza! Went there Friday night (the wife was kind enough to go there for her bday so I could enjoy some good food) and they have TONS of cool creations that they can do gluten-free. I had a lasagna pizza with burger and sausage on it, the crust was great, it comes from a bakery but I forgot to ask which one. I gave them the ole Celiac drill about cc and all that before I ordered and the two young girls behind the counter were pretty informed and said the kitchen staff knew how to do it, so very encouraged. Great experience I would reccomend the trip if you are in the area. Also, found another place that I have not yet gone to in Derry, NH that has gluten-free pasta called Juliano's Italian Pizzeria, they ask for you to call ahead to find out what pasta dishes are gluten-free that day, but it looks very promising (as you know how rare the gluten-free pasta places are, although Boston has a handful now which is really cool). I am on vacation in two weeks (well staycation I guess) and am going to make a trip to this place for sure to check it out. Lastly, there's a chain that is popping up in MA (and I guess all over the East Coast) called Five Guys, and they now have a location in Swampscott, right over the Salem border I guess, and another opening soon in Gloucester. Right on their web site they claim: Zero Gluten, except for our buns. It's fast food burgers/hot dogs/fries, but you can get all three gluten-free! Definitely going to check that one out soon too, hope they open one up near the NH border though, since it isn't really conveient to drive down to Swampscott for me haha. Oh well, that's it for now, but just keeping everyone informed of the new places I've come across!!
  15. Legal Seafoods Chain In Boston Ma

    I saw that Michae's Harborside had gluten-free menu options and we called once to see what it was all about, but the options seemed very boring, so we never ventured out there. The place right across the bridge, Stripers, was able to accomodate me a week or two ago with a really good filet mignon. They also told us on the phone they had a dedicated friolator for fries, but when we got there the hostess checked and said they couldn't gaurantee that another cook hadn't used it that day for something else (like the fourth time between chain restaurants and local restaurants that I got the OK on the phone and then the dissapointing news when I got there, 99 and Sylvan Street grill has done the same, although a couple times they said the friolator was fine and had fries with no problems...so I don't even know anymore with them) Anyways, hate getting my hopes up with the whole dedicated friolator and then seeing them fall apart, that's why I love Burtons Grill and Woodmans (oh and Wendy's of course lol), never an issue, they rule (I work in Ipswich although I live in NH, so I find every reason to make an trip to Woodmans for lunch at least once a week since there's nothing in Ipswich good for gluten-free except for a Thai place which I'm not crazy about.)