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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Glutenease

    Those were my thoughts exactly in regard to GlutenEase. I am not going to willingly eat gluten just because. It may be, like said above, a way to keep from getting sick or sicker just in case something is accidentally consumed, but, I am not willing to put myself at risk. I never seemed to experience any of the weight loss or malnutrition issues due to gluten, but, I did experience gastrointestinal issues. Having not had any biopsies to determine intestinal damage, I don't know if I had damage or not, but, I intend to stay gluten free anyway. Thanks for the insight about caesin, I will investigate that further.
  2. Has anyone here tried GlutenEase? It really scares me to try it because I don't want to get sick! Also, at $30 it would be an expensive "experiment"! I use the dairy enzymes when I eat small amounts of butter or other dairy containing products, but, it does not work super well. Using lactose free items works much better than the pills. I have heard from several sources that you can wean yourself back onto dairy products, but, I am scared to do that as well because of the digestive problems that come with it.
  3. I have looked on Applebee's website, but, cannot find any info on gluten at all. Can you tell me how to find this info? Thanks!
  4. Ranch Dressing

    I read on a related site that maltodextrin is a sugar, and is a polymer of glucose and is not related to malt but rather the sugar maltose so it is gluten free. Is this a correct statement, or do most or all of you here avoid all foods that list maltodextrin as an ingredient?
  5. No Wonder Taco Bell Isn't gluten-free

    Bob's Red Mill sells gluten-free all purpose flour, and I would think that you could use that or any number of flour blends that can be found when searching gluten-free recipes.
  6. Ranch Dressing

    Okay. I knew the gastric empty is not being used for celiac, it is being used to determine the extent of GERD and to see if the empty time is a factor. The same Dr. office (actually he is a D.O.) did a blood draw today after the gastric empty that is to be used to determine celiac. I was just wondering if by my being mostly gluten-free aside from not knowing that ranch was dangerous if celiac was detectable by blood test. I wanted to avoid enterolab if possible due to cost if the celiac diagnosis can be made by a Dr. covered by insurance. This has been a really great place to come to for great information. Thanks again.
  7. Ranch Dressing

    Hello all. Been away from home this week and was at Denny's in Orlando, FL and was asking about the menu. I was surprised to find all of the steaks they serve are not safe for a gluten free diet. I was more surprised to find that RANCH DRESSING is not safe! This evening, I am back home and was eating at Ruby Tuesday's and found that their Ranch dressing is also NOT SAFE! Is there anyone else out there that has found this to be so? I am like really really dumbfounded to find this, as I never expected RANCH DRESSING to be a problem!!! I have been having serious problems with GERD lately and have been mostly gluten-free (aside from eating ranch dressing!) and by mostly, I mean that there have been times that I have accidentally consumed it. I had an upper GI 2 weeks ago and asked that they biopsy me for celiac. I was told they would, but, to expect a negative result because of being mostly gluten-free for like 2 years. Well, now I find that they DID NOT biopsy for celiac! I have to go tomorrow for a gastric emptying study (where I get to eat radioactive eggs! ). They are also supposed to draw blood to check for celiac. Does anyone know if this is an effective test? If yes, will regular eating of NON gluten-free ranch dressing actually HELP to confirm a positive problem with celiac? Thanks!
  8. Celiac & Gerd

    Actually, my MD did not call it gluten intolerance or Celiac. He suggested I may be allergic to bread. I still ate "breaded" things for awhile until I realized that I was still eating bread. I did my own research and concluded that gluten was possibly the problem instead of just bread. I have tried to be as gluten free as possible, but, three weeks ago, I made some fried chicken and used corn flakes as part of the coating. I ate this over three days and then ate cereal that I did not see had wheat starch in it. This made me really sick, so, there may still be evidence of damage since I have had recent exposure. Thanks. I am planning on discussing this with the GI MD.
  9. In 2003 I had surgery for GERD an hoped it was the cure for my heartburn AND my other symptoms which I later learned were gluten intolerance. I am again having problems with GERD and am seeing a GI dr. next week. My regular MD prepared me for being scoped, probably from both ends! Since I have never sought nor been given a diagnosis of Celiac, nor have I been checked for any kind of damage, would this be a good time to talk to the Dr. about getting a biopsy while he is "in there"? I don't even know if this is possible, so, if anyone has any advice, please advise. Thanks, Glen
  10. Career Choices

    But, Virginia, there IS a Santa Claus! (especially if you have a 16 month old like me!)
  11. Cereal Recommendations?

    Thanks for all the great responses. My electricity went off on the 19th after a bad storm came on shortly late on the 20th, knocked out again on Friday morning and just came back this evening, so I have been out of the loop for awhile. I want to add one more thing. I am really sorry about posting in the wrong forum. I did not realize that this was Teenagers Only when I posted the first time. I had performed a search on Corn Flakes and when this thread came up, I posted. I hope this did not cause great difficulty. Thanks again. Glen
  12. Career Choices

    Paula Deen is a wonderful cook on The Food Network. Check out Paula's Home Cookin. She's in Savannah Georgia and cooks and sounds like it too! As far as going to school, don't know how that would work, but, I would really like to see some mainstream cooking program(s) aimed at Celiac's. Learning how to adapt recipes to ge gluten-free would be a great thing to lots of us out here. Good Luck!
  13. Cereal Recommendations?

    Thanks! I don't know how I missed malt flavoring in the list on Corn Flakes because there are only like 4 or 5 things listed. What is even more interesting is the big bold type that usually lists allergens says: "Corn used in this product contains traces of soybeans" No mention of other allergens! I thought they were supposed to list allergens, and most of the Kelloggs products I have looked at do. Does the Codex thing allow them to now mention the malt flavoring? As far as other cereals, Lucky Charms are the bomb! BUT!!!!!! Schnuck's sells a "knock off" called Magic Stars that I read the ingredients list on because they are the Schnuck's brand of Lucky Charms. I had a good size bowl of those Friday night after having eaten 2 pieces of my "poison chicken"! I later re-read the list and found WHEAT STARCH! No wonder I feel like I am going to die right now! I think NOW would be a great time to go to my Dr. and have the tests run for Celiac, because after having been exposed like I have been over the last week, I should be full of antibodies. Would I need my Dr. to order the tests from Entrolab or let him choose who to order from? I am wanting as much as possible to have this testing paid for by my insurance. Thanks!
  14. Cereal Recommendations?

    I really goofed up and used crushed Kelloggs Corn Flakes as a coating for Oven Fried Chicken only to realize that they contain malt flavoring. I am really sick right now. I made the chicken Thursday, ate 2 leg quarters that day, 2 on Friday and 2 more on Saturday. So, I am really in a mess right now. I do have this question though. I found the following statement on www.kelloggs.co.uk/health/ntrn_ntrn_gluten_free.asp Please note that only the cereals listed above have been removed - although Kellogg Rice Krispies, Ricicles and Coco Pops contain malt flavouring they fall well within the international Codex Standard of 200ppm. Now, I realize that this is a UK site, which I didn't intend to search, but, was looking at a google search, so the information here may be only for UK products and not US products. But, are Rice Krispies actually OK? I don't know how much malt Corn Flakes have, but, I am miserable right now and will NOT be using Corn Flakes ever again! Thanks for any info.
  15. I eat Cheetos and Fritos with NO problems. However, the Chili-Cheese Fritos are a NO-NO! I think they have blue cheese in them, but, in any case, those are off limits.