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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I already have Pepogest, I like it a lot and I always carry it around with me. It doesnt help when I have really bad cramps although I did take a prescription once "ultram" that did wonders for the cramping. "Lomotil" is great for diarrhea. I didn't know if there was something else that I wasn't aware of that maybe speeds up the elimination of the gluten. I appreciate everybody's responses. As far as the comment regarding testing negative thru biopsy. I must say that my doctor lied to me about the biopsies, he told me he took "several" but he only took one because I checked with the insurance company. So my doctor lied to me. I had stopped eating gluten for some time before even having the biopsy because I was doing a diet similar to SCD when I received my Enterolab results and had been eating only fresh foods, no sugar, no preservatives of any kind. I started going to the doctor for intestinal problems about 5 yrs ago but have Endo as well with lots of abdominal adhesions so they thought this was the cause of stomach pain back then. I had been sick for over a year this past time with no diagnosis, my doctor actually thought I had cancer because my xrays showed polyps in my illeum and sent me to the Univ. of Philadelphia to have somebody there read my xrays. I had been tested for both colitis and chrons, both negative. Had upper GI with meal follow thru, pelvic & abdominal CATs & colonoscopy. If wasn't until a year later AFTER bringing him the Enterolab results that he even entertained the idea of a upper endo and blood work. I have already been diagnosed with Fibro and a host of medical probelms too long to list. I don't even know why I should be explaining myself to you anyway.....
  2. I've been gluten-free for a year. I was positive on the Enterolab test but my biopsy (yes that's a whopping ONE biopsy my doctor took) was negative and so was my blood work, which was taken about 4 weeks after being gluten-free. I am still looking for a doctor in my area (Central/Southern NJ) that will even entertain the Enterolab or gluten-free diet as positive for Celiac....but that's a whole other topic.... Anyway my question is, does anybody take anything to help with all the side effects if you accidentally injest gluten?? I just hate the way I feel after I eat gluten and I am VERY careful in what I eat but sometimes something slips in there and I feel like crap for about 5 days. And my mood is just intolerable, I can't even stand to be around myself!! Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank!!
  3. Although there are places that have gluten-free menus, please be aware that they DO NOT always practice safe food handling. Subway for example does not wash their knifes after cutting rolls, plus the amount of crumbs around that place make me gag!! I frequent my local Outback BUT that was only after writing a very nasty letter to Outback after receiving croutons in my salad , or finding crumbs at the bottom of the bowl after eating my salad - SIX times this happened to me. I have spoken to the proprietor and he now knows that the food must be handled separately. Most people think that if we eat a little bit of gluten that's it's like being lactose intolerant. People think that you will have an upset stomach and that's it's not a big deal. Remember that ignorance is bliss, we are the ones who will be sick for a week, not them, they have no idea what it's like. I was also told by one of my local italian restaurants that I could bring my own pasta and eat their sauce, BUT after further investigation, I found out they use broth in their sauce which the chef had no idea had gluten in it. It's hard to eat out. I go to my local Wendys alot because their chili is supposed to be gluten free but if I go to the Wendys by my work I get sick...it's sad how many foods are gluten free but the handling of the food makes you sick. Just make sure the people know that nothing can touch the food as well, rinsing utensils isn't enough. I still have to remind my family of this as well!! Good luck! I'm sick today for some unknown reason....and my whole house is gluten-free!!
  4. Anyone's Doc Accept Enterolab Results?

    My doc looked at me like I was nuts when I showed him the Enterolab results. Although he said it did explain a lot since he and the Univerisity of Philadelphia couldnt figure out what was wrong with me. My insurance didn't accept it either. And since he first thought I had lymphomas in my intestines you think he would have taken more than ONE biopsy....go figure!!
  5. My doctor actually lied to me and told me he took "several" biopsies during my endo.....he actually only took one! I'd like to find somebody who specializes in celiac or one who is more inclined to accept it!!