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  1. I have not had any test to prove I have Celiac Disease, but after reading all this information about it I am begiining to wonder if this is what I have. I am 47, can not handle milk, msg and have now had Dirreha for about a month and half. Have $10,000 deductible, so avoid Doctors. But did go and get Lonoz, slowed it but didn't stop it, then went back and got metronidazole which does not to seem to be helping either. I have had dirreha for well over a month. I seems to come in waves. I will get very weak, light headed sick, to my stomach, craps and have to use the restroom quickly. After about 20 to 30 minutes of feeling like I am going to almost die, it goes away and I am fine again. My energy level goes up and I feel fine. I have tried to stay away from wheat products, but am new to this and am still learning. My question is this: How long does the gluten effects take to hit you? How long would a mistaken intake of gluten last? Could the waves be caused by intake of wheat? Lately it happens in the morning before I even eat anything? My husband and I won a trip to Maui and we leave in 2 weeks and I am scared that the trip of life time may turn into a trip from hell. Any and all advice would be taken to heart Lacy