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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. My sister in law (my bro's wife) thinks that Celiac disease is not so serious, since she talked with a lady she knows who has Celiac. According to this lady, she has something with gluten in it about once or twice a year-on purpose- if she really wants it, and takes the tummy ache/diarrhea, or whatever symptoms she gets, that she knows she'll get. Now my SIL thinks that if I get glutened the one/two times a year I'm at her house, from eating somehting contaminated, it's no big deal. I am so mad! We'll be going there this Sunday, and I'm not really looking forward to it! It's for my bro's b'day and their son's. I'll bring my own cake (which they don't like because it's baked in my house, and then it might have traces of peanuts in it-my nephew is severely allergic to peanuts). I'm really careful about that. They don't understand or believe that it's just as important for me to avoid all traces of gluten as it is for him to avoid all peanuts. Sure, it's not going to cause me anaphylaxis, but it does damage my gut for weeks, maybe longer. At Christmas time I was glutened 3 times including once at their house, and by January I couldn't tolerate any dairy either. They just don't get it! Any advice?
  2. Got Glutened Again! Mad!

    Ha, that's funny.
  3. Got Glutened Again! Mad!

    Hi ranger, Been there, done that. What I do is take it upon myself to clean the friends or relatives kitchen, then wash my hands, then prepare my food, or better yet, just heat it in the (cleaned) microwave. If they have questions or a problem with me cleaning for them, I explain. The friends and relatives I eat at know that I have celiac, and usually I tell them I'm sorry if it seems anal, but that I have to do that. If necessary, the first time, I explain it like a peanut or other allergy, since those are so common. The only problem I have still is with well meaning relatives and friends who think they can pick up my plate of food and move it for me, if they want me to eat elsewhere. I've been glutened that way, even last week at a funeral luncheon. The other problem I have is with people who think I'm paranoid and express concern and worry for my mental health, because of all the cleaning I do, and my response to someone else picking up my food when they've already handled their bun, or pizza or whatever. Good advice to just do what's right for you, and don't let it bother you what others think of you.
  4. I've noticed that many gluten-free recipes say to use aluminum foil to line a pan, or to use foil on top of bread when baking. Why is this and can something else be used instead? My daughter has celiac (as do I), but there is also early onset Alzheimer's in her blood line, and I want to avoid aluminum whenever possible because of that. Does anyone have any ideas? thanks, lasal
  5. Before being diagonsed I had a baking powder that had wheat/wheat starch in it. I believe it was Safeway (store brand). Because of that I bought gluten-free baking powder at first, but recently found gluten-free baking powder in Superstore (Canada). It's very reasonably priced as well.