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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Can any one recommend a good nutritionist that does phone consults? I'm looking for someone that is knowledgeable about celiac (naturally) and its related issues. Specifically about the difficult task of healing the final 10% of the way. My DH is 100% healed but I continue with some low grade GI symptoms. I've tried eliminating the main allergens and the ones from my IGG test, but no effect. Also had a stool test for fungal, bacterial overgrowth, parasites -- all clear. Haven't really given enzymes, HCL, glutamine, etc a shot yet. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the responses. I plan to start eliminating some foods here within a week. Patti, is it possible to be getting trace amounts of gluten (enough to cause sickness) and have normal bloodwork and biopsy? My 6-month bloodwork tests in June were (and I was feeling bad on the day of the test): Endo IGA: 5.7 Endo IGG: 0.0 Gliadin IGA: 4.2 Gliadin IGG: 1.1 Ursa -- I'll ask my doc about parasites, thyroid, etc. My symptoms are basically low-grade standard GI symptoms (gas, nausea, bloating, loose stool, constipation, etc.) I think the only one I haven't had is heartburn/reflux. By "low-grade" I mean still able to function (read: I don't have to lie in bed). I kept a food diary for about 4 months, but it showed no real patterns whatsoever. It seems the problems are unrelated to a specific food or related to a food that I have almost everyday. One interesting note here is that about once a month or more my normal symptoms will get a little worse. Half of these episodes will include a little DH, half won't. My diary hasn't been able to tie them to any food. We scoured our toothpaste, shampoo, soap, etc. for traces of gluten, but all are gluten-free... We also have a gluten-free kitchen (we think...) and rarely eat out. Thanks for all the help!
  4. My experience was similar to elye's, except I developed the good-old fashioned celiac stomach symptoms within 3 weeks of starting the gluten-free diet. If I remember right, cramping was the first major symptom, but shortly thereafter I was game for all the standards. Hopefully you'll stay symptom free!
  5. Let's all help my doctor help me... Background: My six month bloodwork and biopsy just came back: no intestinal damage and normal bloodwork. That's good news knowing that I had moderate to severe atrophy in December. This result surprised me because, frankly, I've never felt worse. At the initial diagnosis I was symptom free (save for being covered in DH). After two to three weeks of gluten-free diet, the DH was 95% gone but I began to have constant low-grade GI cruddiness. I had been assuming this was due me accidentally eating gluten. Maybe not. My doctor is looking into it, but I thought I'd get a second opinion from the forum. Has anyone had the same symptom history as me? (read: good until gluten-free diet then bad thereafter, even after intestinal healing). My symptoms vary, but are almost always low-grade and always present. I did a week of diary free awhile back with no change in symptoms... I'm familiar with the basic complications from celiac --- other food intolerances (dairy, soy...), bacteria overgrowth, lactose intolerance, enzyme deficiency, etc -- but was wondering if my symptoms lend themselves to a specific complication. Thanks...
  6. FYI, my wife and I found one noodle that didn't belong in a box of Annie's Gluten-Free Mac and Cheese. The normal noodles are white(ish) standard macaroni noodles. Our extra noodle was a yellow shell-shaped noodle. I called the company to ask where the noodle came from, does it contain gluten, and how can we know for sure (other than eating it and seeing if we get sick). The customer service rep assured me that the mystery noodle didn't contain gluten and said that they contract a gluten-free facility to produce the gluten-free stuff. If anything extra gets in the package, it came from the gluten-free facility. (read: most likely the noodle was for another gluten-free product that the facility produces for another company.) We fed the box to the norma...err...non-celiac members of our family...
  7. Now that you mention it, I get the saliva/mucous mostly during bouts of constipation as well. Interesting...
  8. A few weeks after starting the gluten-free diet, I began getting a lot of clearish fluid in my stool (had mostly normal stool before gluten-free diet -- asymptotic except for DH). Best way to describe it is kind of like saliva. I've read several post on mucous in the stool -- this could possibly be mucous, but it seems a lot thinner than what I consider normal mucous. Anyone else have this? It's probably an indication of something ("everything comes down to poo", ya know). I've been keeping a food journal for months and doesn't seem to be related to anything.... "It doesn't really matter if it's hard or if it's loose We'll figure out what's ailing you, as long as it's a deuce! Everything comes down to poo!" "From the top of your head, to the sole of your shoe We can figure out what's wrong with you by lookin' at your poo!"
  9. Thanks for the help. Glad no one's had any problems with the Baker's Chocolate Chunks (there are quite tasty). It's possible the cause may not have been gluten after all. I normally get a DH flare up, but didn't have one this time...
  10. Anybody been glutened by Baker's Chocolate Chunks? I got zinged recently and they are on the short list. The chunks are a Kraft product and don't list any gluten in the ingredients (and thus should be good). Just checking, however...