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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. ok, so I have been gluten free for over a year now and every once in a while I believe that I actually can eat gluten and I was making it up. I haven't been diagnosed. I went to a horrible doctor who asked me why everyone wanted to have celiacs, she didnt understand why I wanted it.. That made me laugh. Anyways, I went off of gluten before I got the blood test and the results came back negative. So she told me to stay off gluten if it upsets my stomach like she stays away from onions because that doesn't sit well with her.. I wanted to slap her. ANYWAYS, So I have been eating gluten again this week, simply because I thought I could. I continued to eat it because my pain wasn't very severe so I started to play mind games with myself saying I was making that up. And now I am convinced that gluten is the issue once again, because I am bloated right away, and almost feel nauseas, and weird things that I haven't felt before. When I ate gluten before it was just the worst pain and constant D, headaches, extreme fatigue, and no willingness to do anything, but now it seems to be more gas, maybe some constipation, head aches, a little pain, and nausea. Does it sound like I have celiac? I want to get tested but I am not sure how to go about that, and how does having celiacs affect insurance? I guess I am just wondering what my next step should be? Any feedback would be much appreciated!
  2. Inuries

    Has anyone noticed more or longer lasting injuries? Since being gluten free I have had many injuries and they seem to last forever. I am a college athlete and am now red shirting because of them.
  3. I got extremely sick when I was eating gluten and immedietly went on a gluten free diet. I eventually got a blood test but was negative. I am guessing because I had already been off gluten. After about a year my pain was completely gone and I figured it was all just a dream and I was making it up. Yesterday and today I ate gluten. I have had some stomach pains but nothing unabrable, and gone to the bathroom fairly shortly after I ate but nothing extremely significant. Except for getting a head ache, kinda light headed and tired. I don't remember getting a head ache before, I remember extremely bad stomach pains, diarrhea, and exhuastion. Could it be that I am not gluten intolerant? Or I am just reacting with the headaches, tiredness, and light headedness and not severe stomach pain? I am kind of confused and hopeful. Any thoughts?
  4. Attention Seattlites

    when are they opening? I thought it was fall '08? Anyone know the actual date?
  5. Pizzafusion--national Chain

    AWESOME! I go to school in seattle! The only gluten free pizzas I have had are amy's (which are amazing by the way) but I would love to be able to go out to eat with my friends and get a pizza. im so excited!
  6. I am a freshman in college and I am getting an apartment next year. But I was wondering what are some staple foods that people enjoy while they are on their own. I know I will be busy and I won't have time, all of the time, to make nice luxurious meals. I'll need something that isn't too time consuming yet healthy. Any suggestions?
  7. Hey there, I went off of gluten before I got my blood test (not smart I know). My doctor was extremely rude to me and didn't understand why I WANTED to have celiacs.. of course I don't want Celiacs I just want to be diagnosed properly. I am not sure if I am gluten intolerant or celiac, but either way I won't eat gluten. I was wondering if it helped or made much of a difference to actually be diagnosed as a celiac? I feel like I might be a little bit in the dark with different ingredients I am allowed to eat, but that could just be me. Any thoughts?
  8. AliB- You said you are intolerant to carbohydrates. How did you figure that out and what symptoms were you having? It seems to me whenever I eat a cookie, bread, or some sort of pastry I have stomach pains. I am also lactose intolerant so that could add to it, but I rarely have these treats. I think, but am not sure, ever since I have introduced carbs back into my life I crave and go crazy for them, to the point where it is uncontrolable. I am just looking for an answer for my pains, and my cravings. Any suggestions?
  9. Dh In Armpits?

    This is Extremely odd, but can a DH rash be in your armpits?
  10. Barlean's Greens say that they are Gluten Free on the bottle but the ingredients indicate that there is organic barley leaf, oat leaf, and wheat leaf combined with barley juice, wheat juice and oat juice powders. How can this product say that is is gluten free? Is it something safe to drink?