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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I have been gluten free since 05/17/08. Meat made me really sick at first (the big D and pain), so I stuck to turkey, fish and chicken. I am craving beef, but I am afraid to try it. Even a little piece might make me sick. Has anyone else had this problem, and if so, how long did you wait to try it again? How long did it take before your body could tolerate it, if ever?
  2. I have been gluten free since May 17, 2008. I I have not eaten ANYTHING with gluten or anything that might contain gluten. I think I have accepted it well, but I need red meat. I can't stand it any more. I have eaten turkey, chicken,fruits, veggies etc.. until they are coming out of my ears. I used to always do wel with meat, until I was really sick from celiac. I tried meat 3 weeks after,and I was sooooo sick/ It has been 6 months. Should I try it again? Im afraid because it hurts so bad. Any tips? I need a steak or a real hamburger lol Hlp me! BTW I finally had real milk (with chex rice cereal) I had no big d for the first time in years. Does that mean that meat is soon to come? I'd like to think so!
  3. Cleansing

    Thanks for the link, but it's not working. Can you repost it? Thanks.
  4. I guess I am a little different in the respect that when I found out I had celiac disease I had NO desire to ever eat gluten again. I have no cravings, no thoughts...nothing. I wanted to get better, feel better, and live. People eat pizza and other things around me, and I can only think about what they are doing to their own body. It's actually gross to think I once ate all of that garbage. Cafeteria gravy? yuck. You're killing yourself, but you already know that. You need try and eat leftovers or something for lunch if you dont have a lot of time to cook. Take a potato to school and pop it in the microwave (on a paper towel) for 5-7 minutes and you can enjoy a "baked" potato sans the cancerous gravy.
  5. Has anyone tried First Cleanse? Did you have any adverse reactions to it? It says gluten-free, but I don't any type of medication and/or vitamins. I am always afraid of adverse reactions even when it is something that my Dr. prescribes. I was told by the lady at the store that its pretty "gentle", but what does that mean? Do you get flu like symptoms with it? Also, has anyone tried CleanSMART Advanced Cleanse after a first cleanse? How did that go? I would like to start First Cleanse in the morning, so I hope someone has a testimonial for me. Thanks.
  6. Just wanted to know if anyone on here has researched antinutrients, lectins and glycoalkaloids? If so what if anything did you dechiper from the information. Did any of the information cause you to change your eating habits ever further?
  7. anyone know if CVS brand nicotine gum is gluten-free? I threw out my box, so I can't look at the ingredients. Thanks.
  8. gluten-free Dips

    thank you all for the info. I am branching out to old "new" foods.
  9. yes I would try any after hours numbers you have, but do not take just anything benadryl will raise your heart rate. It also may slow it down depending on your body.
  10. I haven't been through it, but I am certified in ekg. Do not take anthing to stop the itching. It will alter your results. It may speed your heart rate up. Just try to itch it a little. The doctor can tell by the printout he gets if the skipped beat was a result of other things besides your heart. Just try to only itch if it gets too bad. Hope that helps.
  11. What store bought chip dips are gluten-free? I have tried to google it, but I keep getting homemade recipes. Thanks.
  12. they make gas guzzlers because yuppies or people that can afford gas with no problem demand them. They wouldn't continue to make them if people didn't want them. People want faster and bigger (people that can afford it)
  13. car manufacturers are working on a solution at least more than they were in the past. lets at least be grateful for that. we are a smart country. we will figure something out. what needs to happen is, people need to actually stand up and put their foot down. Everyone is all of sudden worried about the environment (going green), but it won't last long. It's a fad just like everything else. it's all supply and demand. If people need more fuel effecient cars someone will make them. The only problem is that I heard with the hybrid cars they may save on gas, but you have to replace the battery every few years and they cost $7,000- $10,000. I don't know if this is true, but a friends husband that owns a car dealership told me that. I dont really have a problem with the cost of gas rising, however it has risen too much too fast. Just don't drive as much as possible. I also heard that getting gas on Tuesdays costs less (it was on a frugal website) I don't know if it was written before or after this crisis. It has something to do with gas stations being slower that day. We also need to be grateful that we don't have to ride horses, and that we are able to travel at a much quicker rate than ever before. If you think like that it does ease the stress a little. The prices have to fall sometime. Even the bigwigs feel it. There will be a solution. Take comfort in that and smile through it.
  14. very true. now the obesity rate will skyrocket due to families having to buy cheap staples instead of healthy fruit and vegetables. It's a trickle down effect. Obesity causes health insurance premiums to rise which takes more money out of your pocket. Now you have to buy even more cheap staples, and $1 menu foods. It's ashame. There seems to be no hope for our kids in this state.
  15. I am brave enough to finally take on baking gluten-free for the first time. I have searched a little on the internet for recipes that are gluten-free, but I prefer to use this board as everyone has been so helpful in the past. I have not read through the posts under this section yet (unless they were new posts) so I am sorry if the questions I ask have already been asked and answered. I just dont have it in me to read thousands of posts today. Okay there are a few things I need to ask. 1. Is there anyone here that was tolerent of tomato sauce, but is now intolerent? That would be me. Is it the high acidity? Is it because it is manufactured? If I made my own would it be more tolerable? ( I can eat tomatoes with no problem) Is there a way to make store bought more tolerable? I am missing pizza something awful! I also went and bought whatever flours that were wheat/gluten-free from Chamberlains, and I have tried to find bread recipes that will work with what I found. I am going to go online and order whole bean flour and brown rice flour today. Here is what I have: buckwheat flour, arrowroot, millet flour, garbanzo bean flour, flax seed, tapioca flour, rice flour, xanthan gum, soy flour. Any ideas about what I can make with those until I can get the others? Any tips on what staples I should have? Price isn't an object. I would spend the same eating out anyway, so I feel I am saving money. Is cornstarch gluten-free/WF? What about yeast? Thanks for any help. Sorry post was so long. Off to do more research.