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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today

  2. this is interesting, i found an old purse from like 1930 in the loft, opened it and inside were the death certificates of all my ancestors on my nans side and turns out her father, his sister and their father all died of intestine or stomach cancers. she was celiac..just made me wonder if thats what caused it for em.
  3. Results

    was off gluten for like 2 months then back on it for 2 weeks before the biopsy, in which i ate as much gluten as humanly possible (even tho i was only told to eat one slice of bread each day for a week) not sure of my doctors next moves cos i have to wait another 4 weeks for him to get round to writing to me to tell me properly (ugh), i only found out the results were negative for celiacs cos the skin guy mentioned it as i was leaving..but i've decided i'm not having any more tests!! gonna go gluten free and see how it goes for a while *hugs* that really sucks you're missing college too, its so frustrating isnt it i've also been getting very dizzy i hope you start to feel better soon, seems like so many doctors dismiss stuff or cant explain why people are all so just give up leaving people to suffer for months on end.
  4. hi, some of you might remember me, came on here a few weeks back after i'd had my endoscopy and biopsy for celiacs, just got my results today and it wasn't what i was hoping for. It came back negative, which is so frustrating cos now i'm seriously wondering what it could be making me so ill and also wondering how many more tests and waiting for tests i'll have to go through til i know :/ (been ill for like 5 months now, cant even go to the shops or for a walk cos i feel so bad and it's doing my nut in! not to mention i've gotta completely re-do this year at college and they're being bastards about it) I dont understand tho, cos i get very severe stomach pains eating gluten, i get really bloated and feel terrible, i also get a rash on my elbows that 2 specialists have said looks like DH (still gotta wait like a month to have a biopsy on it and gotta eat gluten a week before that, but it makes me feel so ill, so i'm thinking i wont bother to have it done). when i stopped eating gluten i was getting abit better after a few weeks of being off it, my nan was celiac and when they looked in my stomach the guy said it was scalloped...so i really thought that it would come back i was. anyone got any thoughts on this? i ate loadsa gluten and was very poorly before the biopsy on my stomach so i think it should have shown up if i was, and he took 3 little bits to test :/ my blood tests i had back like 5 months ago when i first got ill came back negative for celiacs too but i know these arent always correct.. is there another kind of thing that could cause celiac type symptoms that anyone knows about? i'm wondering if its something else i'm allergic to thats also in things that have gluten...or maybe its gluten allergy? so confooozed!!! damn doctors!!
  5. as well as my probable celiacs, i also cant eat oranges..and the other day i discovered i cant eat peaches either! (bad eczema if i do) i was just wondered if anyone knew what could be in both these things that could cause it? my friend suggested its what makes food have an orange colour, but i'm fine with carrots and stuff! its too bad my favorite drink is orange juice
  6. just wondered if feeling really dizzy and like you're gonna pass out is normal when glutened? i havent read a great deal about dizzyness related to it, but since i've been ill i've been like this alot, i thought it was from not being able to eat much, which some of the time it probably is, but even when i've eaten, and often sugary stuff, i still get like it..i've fainted quite a lot too :/
  7. Terrifying Dreams And Gluten

    i know this sounds abit nuts, but what about thinking you see/hear/feel dead people when you're glutened? i've had some weird as hell experiences in my mums house since i was like 3 that cant be explained, and i did the other day when i was on my gluten diet..heard like all these noises like someone was in the kitchen that went on for hours and the room went SO cold!! dunno if thats related but its a thought int it
  8. OMGGGG!!! *freakout* i never want to eat again!! so confusing!! i'm obviously going to have to be soo careful about this!! does anyone know if doves gluten free and rice flours are truly gluten free? thats what i've been using to bake with but i'm not so sure now :/ also i was wondering if anyone knew about meat? if animals are fed on gluten, can their meat contain it?
  9. Terrifying Dreams And Gluten

    OMG! this totally explains my awful dreams that woke me up all the time when i was on gluten last week for my biopsy....i was dreaming of vivisection and a horses head tied up in a curtain with a hole cut out and one eye in the middle of its head with 2 freaky eyeballs in looking at me and it was bleeding for where the head had been cut off, but alive...and one about being sexually abused with pieces of paper...lol sounds funny when i say it but i woke up in such a sweat, heart beating and unable to move....used to get terrible nightmares every night until i was off gluten too, i cant believe i didnt realise gluten was what made them come back!
  10. Jerking Awake At Night

    ugh i hate it when you jerk awake like that. i dont get it very often though, although my boyfriends mum had an operation last year and her heart stopped during it, afterwards the doctor asked her if she jerked awake often when falling to sleep, she said sometimes and they were like ahhhh!!! thats why!!...thought that was strange!
  11. I get weird blisters from time to time on my hands, they're very small, all together, usually on my fingers but at the moment on my knuckle and they're sorta clear, very itchy with clear oil coming out of them and quite painful if i scratch...i have suspected DH on my elbows, but this seems like bigger bumps and more scabby and i cant really get my head round to see but not as oily i dont think. not sure what it is, doesnt look as red as dishydrotic pictures i've found so not sure what it is, also had them behind my ears :/
  12. This So Totally Pissed Me Off!

    kind of scary when you think how easily you could be accidently eating gluten...i read that they add it to black pepper and grated cheese also but because its not much they don't include it on the ingredients...:/
  13. this is so interesting and is yet another thing thats convincing me my gastroenterologists feelings are right, that i have celiacs. i have always had a really bad immune system, all my friends and family comment on it. I get every cold going around and always seem to get them really bad, as does my mum and my nan did (my nan on that side being a celiac too). Also since i've been eating gluten in readiness for my biopsy i've noticed my bones have started cracking really loudly again that went away when i was off gluten weirdly
  14. hey dunno if this is the right part of these forums to ask this, but i wondered if anyone could tell me what are the chances of a celiac mother having a daughter who had it? or does it usually skip a generation? I ask for 2 reasons, 1,because my nan had it, its looking like I do too and i'm wondering about the chances of my mum having it, shes not had any big issues but she gets IBS alot and i'm wondering..also if i ever have kids would they be really likely to get it, if it turns out i do?
  15. aww poor love i've got a rash thats unconfirmed what it is yet, although my doc says it looks just like DH which looks exactly like what your little boys got :/ i just have it on the backs of my elbows tho, must be awful for you and your son i hope he starts to get better soon..I had a bad rash when i was a kid all down my leg and my ankle and i'm wondering now if that was maybe DH...looked the same as whats on my elbows and i remember saying it looked and felt different to the eczema i'd had before cos it was so much more itchy and more like little bumps and scabs...i used to put the labels from my dr pepper bottles over the wounds to stop my school trousers from getting stuck in my leg..thinking back, that probably wasnt the best method! lol telling my mum would have been the best so i was wondering about this shampoo thing, its got me wondering now, will it say wheat in the ingredients? or will it be under some other name? i just checked my shampoos and it all just sounds like chemicals....:/ also does anyone know of a good gluten free shampoo thats good for coloured hair? ohh and while i'm on the topic, does anyone know if hair dyes themselves have gluten in at all? I dyed my hair with a different brand last time and since i've had weird super itchy blisters behind my ears that leak sorta like clear oil...i get them on my fingers usually might not be anything to do with DH tho :/