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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. ^^ What they said Who would spend $400 on a test 'just because'? Not me. Unless you have that kind of money, of course Clearly, those who go through Enterolab have a sneaking suspicion that is what is making them sick. I was one of those people. I was confident even before using Enterolab that I had a problem with gluten because I started the diet on my own - and had amazing results. My gastro refused to listen to me, so it was nice to see some validation on paper for what I was doing. Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance are medically proven to be on the rise. Because of this, I don't find the results surprising at all.
  2. If you read the Enterolab FAQ's on their site, it will say something like, it doesn't matter what your numbers are, if you're positive then you're positive. A higher number does not necessarily mean more damage, and a lower number (but still positive) does not necessarily mean less damage. Its like being pregnant, you either are or you're not. I scored only an 11 on the IgA test, yet have had miraculous results from the diet, which along with a family history and resolution of symptoms scored me a doctor's diagnosis. Hope that helps!
  3. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  4. Tried Oats For The First Time...ouch!

    Thanks Bea, I think I'll stop eating it from now on!
  5. Tried Oats For The First Time...ouch!

    Hey Jillian! This particular Sobeys was the one on Taylor Ave., though the one on Dakota also has a gluten-free section. That's too bad that yours doesn't! It's very convenient, may be worth the trip. I absolutely love the Gorilla Munch by Envirokidz People at work make fun of me all the time for eating "5-year olds cereal" lol! I've had the Panda Puffs before as well and have never had a reaction, hmm... I looked at the ingredients online and there's corn in it..have you noticed a similar reaction when you eat anything else with corn in it?
  6. I've Been Glutened....

    This has happened to me so many times Even just last night my boyfriend and I went out for supper and he had a chicken club sandwich...and I made him use mouthwash before I'd kiss him goodnight It's just a habit that you have to get into! And if he's worth it he won't mind
  7. So I was grocery shopping at Sobey's a few days ago and passed through their gluten free section... I was so excited to see oatmeal there - Glutenfreeda's Maple Raisin with Flax oatmeal. This was the first time I've tried oats since going gluten-free a year ago. I've had it every morning for the past couple days for breakfast...and I've been noticing that I get an intense headache about an hour later every time. Not sure if its coincidence.. It says its made in a dedicated facility and with pure uncontaminated oats. Is it possible for this to be a reaction then?? Thanks in advance!
  8. Going gluten free for any period of time is not a good idea when you're planning on getting a biopsy. The biopsy is valuable for many reasons, the most important being determining how much damage you may have, as well as ruling out any other conditions. Then if you have a negative biopsy, you may always wonder "what if I hadn't gone gluten free", and be kicking yourself in the hiney for it If you plan on getting that biopsy, please keep eating gluten until it's done, and hopefully it won't take you too long to get in for the procedure Good luck!
  9. I have never had a problem with fresh, store-bought raw meat before. Cold cuts, on the other hand, is a totally different story. I know Freybe's and Grimm's packaged meats are gluten free - it says right on the label. Those are the only ones I buy.
  10. Unfortunately, there isn't a concrete answer to that question. Personally, I am self-diagnosed gluten intolerant and have significant physical health improvements to prove it. I haven't been able to find a consistent doctor who will take me seriously, so I pursued it myself and have never looked back. Any doctor I see has no problem making sure the medication they prescribe is gluten free, same thing at the pharmacy. Most restaurants will take you seriously, but you have to want them to be serious about your situation. You can't expect someone to take precautions when your well-being is in their hands unless you absolutely insist on it. I would say it's the same in any given situation..even if you don't have diagnosed Celiac Disease, it's easy to convince someone that what you have is just as serious: "I have a severe allergy to gluten", "I will get very, very sick if I eat gluten", etc. And more often than not, (I have found in my own personal experience) people will listen to you and will help you when you help them understand. I don't think a clinical diagnosis is necessary to make people listen. Some people will never ever get a diagnosis even if they do have it, because the testing at this point in time is so unreliable and just not where it should be at this point. Research and education is getting much better, but we have a long way to go. In my mind, if it makes you feel bad, don't eat it. If you want to be respected and listened to, then make people understand!
  11. B12 Questions

    Before I went gluten-free, my B12 level was at 80. One doc told me I should be on shots, another that I should just be on sublingual supplements. I stuck with the supplements. After going gluten-free and supplementing for about 6 months, my B12 was up to 800. As for how I felt, I started both the diet and the supplements around the same time so I can't say which worked faster! Before I was extremely tired even after 10 hours of sleep, now I don't have that problem anymore.. I hope that helps!
  12. Gluten Intolerance?

    Sure, it's possible! Reactions are different and vary in intensity and duration from person to person. If you ate gluten for every meal for 2 straight days, then I'd say that's a reasonable amount of time to be sick. If you feel better gluten free, then why not just stick to it? You have nothing to lose but your nausea, and you don't need a doctor's prescription! My doc told me I had IBS too...and I say "BS" to that. Go with your gut...literally
  13. At this point, I would wait and see what the biopsy says. The doctor can't always tell if you have Celiac until they look at the slides from the samples. I'm not sure if 4 weeks was long enough to affect the intestine...I would think it depends on how much damage you had in the first place. But you're right - your doc should never have told you to go gluten free beforehand. Now if the biopsy is negative, you may always wonder "if only"... If I were you, I would take the positive blood tests into extreme consideration. Because you tested positive for all of them is very telling, in my opinion. It's like being pregnant...you either are Celiac or you're not, you can't be just a little bit Celiac. If you're positive across the board then you're Celiac IMHO. It's your decision whether to do a gluten challenge for another biopsy in the future...but you may only make yourself sicker and still not get a diagnosis. My advice would be just to go gluten free regardless of what the biopsy says. We have people here who have repeatedly tested negative on biopsies but their lives have improved dramatically on the diet. It's really up to you though! Good luck!
  14. In my opinion, a month-long gluten free diet is not long enough to be able to determine that it isn't an issue for you. I would suggest giving it another go, except for a good solid 3 months. You said you noticed mild improvement, that's still something! It took 2 months for all of my symptoms to start going away, about 6 for them to be completely gone. I had every single symptom you listed. For 4 years I was on a double dose of Losec for my acid reflux, now I don't have to take anything. I also had chronic constipation, now I am completely regular. I used to have terrible mid-day fatigue, now I have so much energy. Maybe it'll be the same for you, maybe not. You won't know unless you try. Like you, I had negative bloodwork, yet the gluten free diet has obviously done wonders for my health. What other avenues have you explored?
  15. This is incorrect - if you are diagnosed with DH, then you are also diagnosed with Celiac Disease. DH is the skin manifestation of Celiac Disease, that's why the "treatment" is the same: the life-long gluten free diet. With the removal of gluten, the DH should clear up as well as any digestive issues you have. Here is a link to more info on DH: http://www.celiac.com/categories/Dermatiti...Celiac-Disease/