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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Than you for responding. I have not been tested for bacterial overgrowth. The doctors said the high lactoferrin and sed rate are "nonspecific." I don't know why they ordered them then. They said the ulcers will heal on their own. The only thing the doctors said was to take Miralax. I wasn't given any other treatment. I'm some what active and eat fruits and veggies. I have food allergies, so I stay away from those foods. I don't think I am getting glutened. I try to be careful. I had a celic panel in 2011. The EMA was not ran. Here are the results: Anti-Gliadin Antibodies IgG 3 and IgA 1 ranges: 0-19 negative, 20-30 weak positive, >30 moderate to strong positive Tissue Transglutaminase Antibody IgA <2 ranges: 1-3 negative, 4-10 weak positive, >10 positive Tissue Transglutaminase Antibody IgG <2 ranges: 0-5 negative, 6-9 weak positive, >9 positive I have HLA DQ2, DQ8, DR4, and DR7.
  2. I wasn't sure where to post this. I have been off gluten for about 2 years. I still have GI issues. I was hospitalized in 1/12 and 6/12 for GI issues. Here are some recent tests. My CT scan: "thickening of the distal tranverse colon...descending colon and rectum... consistent with colitis." It also shows a lot of stool burden. There was also thickening seen on a 2007 CT scan. My colonoscopy: the descending colon mucosa is "erythematous, hemorrhagic, ulcerated, and to show loss of vascular markings suggestive of stercoral ulcers due to constipation." Four biopsies were taken. There also was inflammation seen on a 2007 colonoscopy. My path report. Descending colon, biopsy: - Colonic mucosa with edema and hemorrhage - No evidence of ischemic injury, inflammatory bowel disease or active inflammation. I also have elevated SED Rate and Lactoferrin. I don't think any of this is related to Celiac. But, what would these results indicate? The inpatient doctors said I had "end stage constipation." Has anyone heard of this? They said to take Miralax as a bowel regimen. Something must be causing my constipation/GI issues. Thank you.
  3. I meant I was "gluten light" for the biopsy. I was gluten free for 2 years (since November 2008) before the recent blood tests. However, I did eat gluten for 1 week before the blood tests. The Gliadin Antibody tests showed some antibodies, but were in normal range. I think my PCP just considers me Gluten Sensitive/Intolerant.
  4. Thank you for responding. I had surgery in Summer 2009, where I had a transfusion. I wasn't sure if that would have an effect on the blood tests. Here are my biopsy results from 2008. I was "gluten light." About 5 samples were taken. * Preserved villous architecture. * No significant intraepithelial lymphocytosis, active inflammation, granulomas, adenomatous change (dysplasia), or maligancy. * The histologic changes do not suggest celiac sprue. They said there were some changes and little inflammation (normal range).
  5. The GI said I was eating enough, even I was "gluten light." I can post the biopsy results that he ordered. My PCP said it may not make a difference how much gluten I was eating. However, my PCP said to avoid gluten if it was making me sick. Would antihistamines, antacids, other medicines, or a blood transfusion have an effect on the Celiac Panel?
  6. I was having symptoms and went to the GI clinic. I stopped eating most gluten foods because they made me sick. They kept saying I had IBS and never mentioned gluten/celiac or anything else. I asked them to test me; they only did the Total IgA and Tissue Transglutaminase IgG. The tests were after I went "gluten light." They never said how much gluten I had to eat before any testing. I feel better being off gluten. I decided to get tested again because I have a new PCP. I wanted to know what the results would be.
  7. I have been gluten free for about 2 years. My PCP ordered the Celiac panel. The EMA was ordered, but for some reason it was not ran. I ate gluten for 1 week before the tests. I did not make a follow up appointment yet. Here are the results: Anti-Gliadin Antibodies IgG 3 and IgA 1 ranges: 0-19 negative, 20-30 weak positive, >30 moderate to strong positive Tissue Transglutaminase Antibody IgA <2 ranges: 1-3 negative, 4-10 weak positive, >10 positive Tissue Transglutaminase Antibody IgG <2 ranges: 0-5 negative, 6-9 weak positive, >9 positive Total IgA 129 range: 70-400 My old GI ordered the gene tests. I have HLA DQ2, DQ8, DR4, and DR7. Does the gliadin results mean I'm producing antibodies? What would that indicate?
  8. I had my small bowel/intestinal mucosa slides from 2008 reread. However, I do not think I was eating enough gluten at the time. I think there were 5 samples/fragments taken. Here is some of what the report said. The pathologist sent me 3 pictures from the slides, but I can't really tell anything form them. 1. Preserved villious architecture. 2. No significant intraepithelial lympocytosis. (Does that mean there were some found?) 3. No active inflammation. (The pathologist told me there was a little inflammation. He said it was in the normal range. He did not say where it was found or anything.) 4. The histologic changes do not suggest celiac sprue. (The pathologist told me there was some change. He did not go into detail.) I had another biopsy in 2005 that said: 1. "chronic gastritis, marked" 2. rectal- "mild renerative change" (I'm not sure what this means) My doctor didn't order the full Celiac blood panel. I do have the HLA DQ2, DQ8, DR4, and DR7 genes.
  9. I had a upper endoscopy/biopsy in July. The doctor who did the biopsy did not seem to believe anything was wrong. A different doctor ordered the biopsy, he is not there anymore. The pathology report did not mention Celiac, or how many samples were taken. It said "Pre-operative diagnosis: RO ? disease." The Final diagnosis was normal. Should the Pre-operative diagnosis have said something about Celiac? I had another biopsy, and it mentioned a specific disease they were ruling out. I'm having trouble getting a copy of the requisition for the biopsy/pathology. Thanks in advance.
  10. I was tested for Total IgA and Tissue Transglutaminase AB IgG. Both are negative. Are those accurate for celiac? My upper endoscopy biopsy came back negative. The GI who ordered the biopsy said if it is negative, I could still have celiac or gluten sensitivity/intolerance. He also said damage could be in other parts in the intestine. The GI who did the biopsy and the GI I saw for the follow-up said I can't have celiac because the biopsy was negative. Both also said damage can't be in other parts in the intestine. Which GI is correct? I saw 3 different doctors, because I go to a clinic. I also have the HLA genes DQ2, DQ8, DR4, and DR7. Thanks.
  11. Thank you for the links. My doctor said he was ordering the HLA DQ2 and HLA DQ8 tests. The remarks section doesn't seem to mention those tests. I'm not sure if they did the right tests. It mentions HLA Typing at the top. DQ DQB1 02 08 Is that the same as HLA DQ2 and HLA DQ8?
  12. I had the HLA Typing tests. DR, DRB1, 04 and 07 DQ, DQB1, 02 and 08 HLA DR2 antigen, nor either of its splits (DR15, and DR16) was not detected (negative). HLA DQ6 antigen was not detected (negative). Why are the antigens different than the DR and DQ types listed? I was confused on the results. I also had: Total IgA 116 mg/dL (range 81-463) Tissue Transglutaminase AB, IgG <3 (range <7 negative, 7-10 equivocal, >10 positive) Thank you.