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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. The First Ob Visit....

    I have been to 2 visits. So far so good. The OB asked about my asthma medications, heartburn etc. (I had lots of problems with my last pregnancy.) I informed her that since I went gluten free I didn't need anymore inhalers etc. She seemed very positive and open. Good luck to you.
  2. Origin Of Celiacs?

    I am the true mutt: I am african-american. I am unsure of my african ancestors, however, my great grand mother was the daughter of her slave owner. My mother has a Scottish last name and father has a Welsh last name. (both are african-american). My husband has a Ukranian/German background. I think I have more European blood than anyone wants to admit. Many relatives have had stomach cancer, diabetes, gout, etc. etc. I am the first to go Gluten-free. As for the proof of this blood... Our first son has blonde hair and light brown eyes! (No one thinks I am his mother!) I can tolerate nightshades- no problem.
  3. Top Five Reasons To Get A New Doctor

    How about when your doc: a) implies that problems with gluten are all in your head. (considering you used to come in regularly for issues with asthma, eczema, and constipation....) tells you that celiac is not prevalent in african-americans...so there's no need to test. or: when the allergist diagnoses your son and says: he's allergic to wheat, rye, barley, oats.. You respond: We'll continue to follow a Gluten-free diet. She says: He's not allergic to gluten- just wheat, rye, barley and oats...
  4. The First Ob Visit....

    Hi everyone! I am preggo! I am currently looking for an ob, but was wondering what should I say about my Gluten-free diet. I do not have an official diagnosis. I have responded to the diet very well, and am having a relatively easy pregnancy compared to the last one. I may say nothing, too many docs have insinuated that it was all in my head and many other unprofessional remarks. Those of you with a diagnosis: any specific advice from your doc? merci beaucoup!
  5. I have had a nanny and daycare with both children. My first son didn't start to really talk or play with other children at (30 months) until he went to daycare. That was a good move for him. I think part of the decision depends on the child. You know what's best. Now on to ds2- the preemie with allergies... I think in spite of my attempt to educate our nanny, he still got his hands on wheat, etc. He was always sick with dark circles under the eyes and D. It was so bad the sitter didn't want to keep him while pregnant. We just enrolled him in daycare, and they have forms (from the Dept. of Social Services) that the doctor fills out and explains any health/medical issues. I have also spoken with the teacher and day care director about my concerns. I have opted to provide all of his snacks/food. I'll let you know how it goes when he starts next week. I like the daycare because the state has regulations regarding food allergies and intolerance. The staff is also trained on these issues (at least in my state). Buena Suerte (Good luck!)
  6. Wow, that's crazy! Fire the allergist! I just had my son tested for allergies again. He's allergic to everything with gluten(wheat, barley, rye). I asked the doctor about celiac and she said it definitely was an allergy. What she failed to understand is that he's been Gluten-free for over a year!!!! I ruled out dairy also. She called me to say that the RASt for milk was questionable and that I should try some milk anyway. I said ok and hung up the phone. There's no way I am going to do that.
  7. We finally got the blood test results today. Ds is not celiac (however he has been on a wheat/gluten free) for over a year. However he is allergic to barley, and rye. My ds had classic symptoms: D, C, distended belly, slow growth. The doctor was quick to say that he didn't need to be gluten free...but how will we ever know if he's allergic to most gluten items???? On the other hand its impossible to buy wheat/barley/rye free and not gluten free. Sorry just needed to vent...
  8. Low Hcg -- Should I Be Nervous?

    Hi Amy, sorry to hear. Good luck on the school year. Don't get too bored with the stupid inservices... Sabrina
  9. Gluten Free Restaurants In Washington, Dc?

    Roanoke, it's 2-3 hrs I think from Abingdon. We have Abuelos, Caberra's (Italian), and there's a restaurant in downtown Roanoke called Nico's. If you get reservations, they will prepare a Gluten-free meal. I am not sure p-f changs will work. My son was diagnosed with more allergies this week. We added chicken, fish, rye, and barley. Ha, ha. The doctor was surprised but I wasn't. I knew a long time ago that he reacted to rye and barley. She said there was no way he could be celiac, but tested him anyway. As for our trip, I will be staying in a hotel. Grandma doesn't understand even the allergies.
  10. Pamela's Mix

    Thanks! I'll try that!
  11. Has Anyone Else Gone Crazy Over This?

    I could have written your original post- years of digestive troubles. I too did self diagnosis... I just went back to work and there is gluten everywhere!!! I went to a staff meeting today and there was doughnuts, yogurt (not Gluten-free) and fruit. I will not succumb to the gluten invasion in the teachers lounge this year! Some colleagues don't talk to me, but I am glad I didn't waste time with them. Unfortunately, I don't have contact with my family. They thought it was all in my head. They said I didn't eat enough. (I should preface this with the fact that I am the only one with allergies- they took me to a seafood restaurant with a diagnosed anaphalactic (sp?) shellfish allergy. I don't expect them to understand and I realize its their way or the highway. This site has been great! Hang in there, eventually you'll meet people who are real friends that do care. Just as Cindi Lou said you don't need a pill or expensive monthly medications.
  12. What Are Some Of Your Favorite Snacks?

    Fresh summer fruit- I bought a box of peaches at the farmers market and my ds says "a yummy!"
  13. What Are Some Of Your Favorite Snacks?

    I do not have a sweet tooth but...I love gardening.... Here are my vices.... tacos made with fresh salsa (from my veggie garden..) pasta salad with fresh cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers sauteed squash (I planted 5 prolific plants!) zucchini I am impatiently awaiting a muskmelon, watermelon, sweet potatoes, and green beans. Then looking ahead to the fall: borscht (beets/cabbage) lettuce
  14. Celiac And Infertility

    I have to agree with everyone else. My 2nd pregnancy was full of complications: especially growth issues for the baby. At 30 wks I was diagnosed with an intrauterine growth retardation. Baby delivered at 33kws due to fetal distress (by this time I had stopped growing and was in the hospital on an IV). Baby was 4lbs and took one month to gain a 1lb. I wouldn't want you to have to go through what happened to me. I couldn't hold my baby after he was born, I could only touch him through the arm holes of an incubator. He had a feeding tube and an IV (in his head!). He also had breast feeding jaundice and had to go under the bili light. The saddest part was leaving the hospital without a baby. Baby and I went Gluten-free after wheat allergy diagnosis. I feel great- no more asthma! I am going to start ttc next month. I have been Gluten-free for a year. My doctor won't test me because of his ignorance. My baby was just tested for celiac on Mon cause we have a new allergist. Good luck!
  15. Hello and welcome: My son had a wheat allergy. He had the rash and swollen groin. Especially when day care would give him the wrong foods. He was just tested for celiac last week. But we've been Gluten-free for a while so it probably won't be accurate. The doc says he may be gluten intolerant. He was born at 33 wks and has been in the 5th % for growth and weight until he was 2 yrs old this May. After going gluten free for one year I noticed normal stools (even his b-feeding stools were foul like diarrhea.) You could try the diet and see how it does for a week or so. Other people may be better than me at advising when and how to go about testing.