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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. For those of you who may not know, meds can sometimes contain gluten as a binder. If you are unsure if your or your childs meds contain gluten, it is important to contact the manufacturer. My family has battled with this from time to time. Rian
  2. Hey! We are located in Farmington, New Mexico. Looks like I am the most southwestern member here so far. Hope someone else is from the four corners area. Rian
  3. Our family has never had any problems with mi del products that say gluten-free. I haven't ever noticed any part of the label that said anything about cross contamination, but I will be checking it out in the future. Best Wishes, Rian
  4. Thanks rgeelan and everyone else who posted. Can you buy Emfamil Nutramagin in WalMart or Target or similar stores?? Let me know please. I am going shopping with my friend tomorrow to help her find a formula. Thanks, Rian
  5. Thanks celiac3270, I hadn't really thought about flavors, but the list on the back of her formula container was as long as my arm, and there was a hundred scientific names rather than pronouncable names. I will check again and see if I missed something. I haven't bought formula since my youngest was a baby four yrs. ago. I was twenty then, and a whole lot less informed than I am now about gluten-free products, but still have miles to go on learning. Thanks, Rian
  6. Hmmm...Could her breastfeeding until a couple of weeks ago caused damage if he is gluten intolerant? Maybe that is why he is still throwing up? There were a couple of hydrogenated things on the label too. I know that that is a process that the celiac community has deemed as ok, but our family has majoy sensitivities to hydrogenated oils. Any info. is helpful. Thanks celiac3270, Rian
  7. We know a couple with a two month old son who has been chronically throwing up his breastmilk since birth. The doctor diagnosed him with reflux, but the meds(zantac syrup and metoclopramide-hcl) the dr. prescribed, have not lessened the vomiting. He vomits after every feeding. His mom recently quit breastfeeding, due to lack of sleep and exhaustion of feeding him herself with only crying fits from the baby as a reward and the vomiting, but the formula has not helped to stop the vomiting either. I told her that our four yr. old daughter did the same thing and I wasn't open to the idea of gluten-free at the time. I explained that we later discovered that she was gluten intolerant and that was why she was always sick as a baby. They reached a point of desparation tonight and called and read the ingredients to me from their formula and one of the ingredients was maltodextrin. They asked me to help them find a gluten-free formula so they could give that a try, but I was wondering if any of you gluten-free parents know of any that I can buy at a regular store like Wal Mart? Please help. Thanks, Rian
  8. I make chicken nuggets for my family a lot. We use buttermilk. I cut the chicken into cubes and then roll them into buttermilk. Then I roll them into rice flour seasoned with Mrs. Dash grilling blends chicken seasoning and garlic salt then deep fry. They are great and our girls love them. Rian
  9. a negative biopsy doesn't mean no celiac? I know I sound a bit simple since I have been posting on here for a couple of months, but I haven't heard of too many neg. biopsies equaling celiac or did I miss that? My mom was diagnosed with diverticolitis and shows all the signs of celiac but since she had a biopsy that was neg., she decided she can't possibly be gluten intolerant. I am curious as to how many neg. biopsy people have found that they still do better on a gluten-free diet. Gretchen, please let us know how the test goes. BTW, you two make a beautiful couple. Thanks for all the great info , Rian
  10. I am constantly asked if we are on Atkin's too. I can't believe people can look at my daughters and think I'd have them on a diet. They are six and four and are both slender built. I just think sometimes that I will say yeah they just lost fifty pounds apeice and see what their reaction will be. Duh? Some people..... Rian
  11. Hi Cindy, we use Litehouse brand Ranch dressing and also Daisy brand sour cream and Kraft cheese. Also, we use velveeta, just in case you wanted to know. Hope this helps. Rian
  12. Hey celiac3270, when did you get all of the limited stuff on top of the celiac stuff. I jus noticed that under your signature on your post. Rian
  13. We use Arm and Hammer Baking soda and Clabber Girl baking powder and do fine with both. You can always check with the manufactureres though. Good luck with trying out the recipes. Rian
  14. For a fun bday cake in the shape of a lady bug, mix cake ingredients in a mixing bowl, then place batter in a greased medium glass pyrex bowl except for just enough mix to fill one muffin hole in a muffin tin. Bake cake in the bowl and while it is cooling, bake the single cupcake (without paper, just grease the hole first). After both are baked and cooled, turn cake onto cake plate and then take the cupcake and cut off the top part (about 1/3 of the muffin). Mix icing in red and black colors and "glue" the cupcake top to the base of the cake with a glob of icing. This will be the head of the ladybug. Then frost the body(cake cooked in bowl)with red icing, and frost the "head" with black icing. Place some of the black icing in an icing bag and trace the outline of the lady bugs body with the black icing and also draw in the wings and spots on the ladybug's back. For eyes for the ladybug, I found plastic girly eyes at the craft store and stuck them on the face of the ladybug. I then used a toothpick and used some of the red icing to draw on lips for the ladybug. For the finishing touch, I took black pipe cleaners and curled the ends of two and stuck them in the top of the ladybugs head for antennae. It came out so cute and my daughter who was 3 at the time was so excited about this. We used a chocolate cake recipe, but I think it would work well with white cake. I just thought the chocolate crumbs would be less noticable on the red and black icing. Hope this gives a mom or two a fun idea for a bday cake. We also have done a fairy barbie cake with the wings of the barbie being the cake part. Best Wishes with all bday parties. Rian
  15. Hey Jill, we do a completely gluten-free Thanksgiving every year. If you want any recipes, just let me know. We always make a cornbread stuffing that is so amazing, gluten-free pumpkin pie and cherry pie, gluten-free Turkey (cause you have to check ingr. on those too), cranberry sauces are also safe, also we have some great gluten-free rolls. Just let me know if you or anyone else needs help with the Holidays. Rian