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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. well I made the Gluten Free Pantry ones and added mint and dark choc chips.............OMG they were soooooo good! I had a hard time keeping my boyfriend away from them (and he's a gluten eater!) gluten-free Pantry gets my vote
  2. I have 2 boxes of brownie mix in my kitchen right now and I can't decide which one to make! These are going to be my birthday brownies to they have to be good! I have mint chocolate chips to add into which ever one I choose. gluten-free Pantry Chocolate Truffle Brownie Mix or Cherrybrook Kitchen Fudge Brownie Mix I have only tried Betty Crocker and Pamela's. I can't imagne better tasting brownies than the Betty Crocker ones...so the question is...........which is better?? Cherrybrook or gluten-free Pantry? Help!
  3. i want to try a pizza dough recipe that a friend gave me but it says to put all ingredients into a food processor and mix until it forms into a big ball of dough. i don't have a food processor or a blender - just a cheap-o hand mixer. can i use the hand mixer or will it not come out the same? oh, i do have a bread machine with a pizza dough setting but i don't know if i can use this particular recipe with the setting? the recipe just says mix in the food processor until it forms into a ball of dough and then press into a pizza pan while the bread machine will knead for 20 min and rise for 30 min? please help...i really want some pizza!!
  4. my tests were the same way - positive blood but the endoscopy was negative so my GI doc wouldn't diagnose me. but i had such a strong positive reaction to the diet, plus i tested positive for one of the genes, i decided i don't need a doctor to tell me "you have Celiac". it's my understanding that a positive blood result is more likely to be accurate. the biopsy only tests a few small samples of your 20-something feet of intestine so there's a good chance they'll miss the damage if it isn't widespread. i think that's what happened with me - i was just lucky to have caught it before too much damage could be done. the good news for you is the endoscopy is over with and you can start a gluten free diet now, if that's what you choose to do. no more glutening yourself just for the sake of a test.
  5. i've been taking advantage of the gluten-free section at my Walmart for at least 3 or 4 months now (upstate NY). i was shocked to come across it while shopping one day, and like others have said, it was right before they started significant renovations to the store. they have Pamela's and Bob's Red Mill mixes, Tinkyada pasta, Mi-Del & Glutino products and probably a few other things as well. i don't usually buy much more than some pasta and flours/mixes but it's great to have the option. ironically though i have yet to see the Betty Crocker mixes but i've requested them a few times (via email, with no reply whosoever). i have to go to Hannaford if i want a BC mix.
  6. i found 3 of the 4 (no choc cake ) last week for $3.39. i think the price is totally reasonable, particularly if they are found in regular stores and are quick and easy to make.
  7. i've been talking about these darn mixes for a month, promising my co-workers cookies as soon as i could get my hands on them. yesterday morning my boss mentioned she saw some "regular brand" cookie mix with "gluten-free" on the box at the store over the weekend. i literally squealed with excitement and was tempted to run out to the store during lunch i found the cookies, brownies and yellow cake mix at Hannaford - and for only $3.39. i'm not a big cake eater so i got the cookies and brownies and whipped up the cookies as soon as i got home. the dough was really crumbly and i found it easier to grab a handful and roll it into a ball rather than trying to scoop out teaspoons like the directions suggest. i cooked them for 10 minutes and let them cool for 2 before moving them to a cooling rack - they came out perfect! everyone at work loved them...and no one knew they were gluten-free.
  8. there are a few places in Saratoga Springs (about 25-30 min/20 miles from Lake George) if you want to venture outside of the immediate LG area. One place is Nunzio's - it's really just a deli but they make an awesome gluten-free pizza. (it's a million times better than the gluten-free pizza from Unos.) you can eat in or get it to go but you have to give them an hours notice so they can make the pizza for you. (it's fresh each time, not frozen or anything). a local newspaper blogger has written about them: http://blog.timesunion.com/glutenfree/category/nunzios/ also in Saratoga, the Circus Cafe offers a gluten-free menu: www.circuscafe.com as does Wheatfields (ironic name, right?) www.wheatfields.com have fun in Lake George!
  9. i'm a big fan of the Glutino brand. they really taste like real crackers! but oh so expensive...about $4.30 for a box of 36 crackers. Nut Thin crackers are really hard and thin and have kind of a greasy feel to them. their taste takes some getting used to.
  10. my Walmart (northern upstate NY) has added a gluten-free section featuring items from Bob's Red Mill, Pamela's, Tinkyada, Glutino, Gluten Free Pantry and Enjoy Life! the prices are spot-on to what i've been paying in other stores for these items and some stuff is even a little bit cheaper! this makes me so happy - i no longer have to go to 3 different stores when i go grocery shopping now.
  11. it's such a pain to have to contact the manufacturer for each medication! i inquired about the name brand One-A-Day for Women and they are gluten free so i take them now. no problems to speak of... hope you're feeling better soon Becky!
  12. Weird Occurance....

    a few months ago i decided to try Larabars because so many people on this board had raved about how great they are. i tried a few different flavors and couldn't find one i liked. i got an alcohol-ish taste with each bite that made my stomach turn. i figured it was just my taste buds but maybe i got a couple of bad bars? just my two cents...
  13. this is so great! i was just at Walmart a little while ago and while there were no boxes of Rice Chex to be found, they must have just stocked the shelf with new boxes of gluten free Corn Chex! i think i'll have a bowl of cereal for dinner...
  14. i got a cold last week and for other allergy reasons, Mucinex is the only OTC medicine i seem to be able to take without a problem. i had a bottle of the regular branded Mucinex and a bottle of the stuff from Walmart, called Mucus Relief Sinus. i emailed both companies to verify gluten content (or lack there of). here are their responses, in case anyone is interested: Thank you for your email regarding Mucinex
  15. I Cry At The Drop Of A Hat

    thank you everyone for sharing your stories and words of encouragement. i just got back (earlier than planned) from visiting my grandfather in the hospital. i wanted to stay longer but i woke up this morning with the beginning of a cold and that's the last thing i want to pass on to him to i decided to cut the visit short and head home. i just joined the gym a few weeks ago so it's not really fun yet (more like a chore) but i'm hoping to get into a good routine. i know i'll feel better overall if i can get myself into it. i might see if i can volunteer at the hospital too...kill some of my free time and maybe even manage to get a real job there! i've also decided to not worry if i cry over something silly. i can't really help it so why dwell on it? it also really helps to have this forum where we can all come together and reach out for support. sometimes a little positive reinforcement can go a long way.