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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. gluten-free Prescription Prenatal Vitamins

    I use OCal prenatals. They are a prescription, but they say Gluten Free right on the label... And I'm not one to trust things unless they say that. They don't make me sick, but I take them right before bed. I'm 21 weeks preg, so I'm passed the nausea stage. I think when you take prenatals might be a culprit too.
  2. Thank you. To all of you. I needed the support. I am confident I am doing the right thing. I will present my information at my daughter's next exam and maybe I will teach him a thing or two!! You guys are a God-send. I am happy to have all of your support and love. This forum has been a real blessing in my life.
  3. Honestly? Ignorance. I didn't know maple syrup is one ingredient, so I didn't know that wouldn't make us sick!! Haha. Thanks, Ursa
  4. This morning I tried gluten-free syrup on our gluten-free pancakes. It was called Vermont Sugar Free Syrup. On the back it said Gluten Free, but listed in the ingredients was caramel coloring. I have had probs with caramel coloring, but thought that since it said gluten-free it was safe... So why did she break out in a rash everywhere it touched? Could it be the caramel color or is she reacting to something new like splenda?? Hmmmm.. I need your help. Oh, PS, that was the worst tasting syrup I have ever had, but she liked it!
  5. At the beginning of my pregnancy I was having severe reactions to gluten. (I am now 16 weeks and have been off gluten for 5-6 weeks). I talked to my doctor and he said GO 100% gluten-free the entire pregnancy, and then I'll be sent to a GI doc after I deliver. As I started to do my best and be gluten free my symptoms all ceased, THANK GOODNESS. I was very active in educating myself and have become more and more convinced every day that I have celiac. (my whole life I have had many of the symptoms but just not as severe). Anyway, I have glutened myself on purpose 2 times and refuse to test it again EVER because of the awful repercussions. Very stupid to endanger my growing child, I know, but I am over that. What I have also done is taken my daughter (2 years old) off of gluten for about 2 weeks now. Her back, which has been covered with "eczema" all of her life, has finally cleared up. She is soft and babylike for once!! And she has had regular stools which she has never had all of her life either (they have always been rock-hard and sometimes she's constipated for a week!). Life w/o Gluten has been great. Unfortunatly, she found a bag of cheerios in an old diaperbag last week and glutened herself, which of course, gave her constipation for days... And lo-and-behold the rash all over her back came back. It is slowly getting better but I am convinced that this is celiac for us both. I am fine with the lifestyle change, really. I feel good that we feel good. BUT her doctor, when I mentioned celiac at her last visit (before going gluten-free) said he's never had a child test positive for celiac. He even made me feel like I was stupid for questioning it. I mean my daughter has been on a laxative for 2 years!! He blamed me on being the culprit for not giving the laxitive to her regularly. I'm just wondering... I cannot be tested until after I am pregnant, in which they want me to eat gluten for 12 weeks just to do a stupid biopsy! I cannot survive that! I literally would be 80 pounds. I refuse to even see the GI. But my problem isn't the lifestyle change and strict diet for me, but for my daughter. I am afraid that I did all of this too quickly and prematurely. I didn't tell her doctor, and it seems he'll be angry with me when I tell him she's gluten-free and feeling better. I didn't even get her a blood test before going gluten-free... Now there's no way I am putting her back on gluten. There's no way I'll subject her to a glutening on purpose to get her a DH test. Am I being unreasonable? I don't think so. But I am afraid that "hard evidence" is needed these days. What about when school starts for her and I have to explain how I diagnosed us both with celiac and I want her to be gluten-free. How on earth will things fly with that? And what if she gets mad at me when she's older? Or, gosh, what if I'm insane and we don't have celiac? What if I'm mistaken? I do know going gluten-free has made us both happier and we both are feeling healthier, but I really don't want us to be tested. And I definitly don't want us to go back to gluten. Am I doing the right thing????? or should I buck up and get one of us tested??
  6. So I posted a topic a few days ago about my aweful weekend literally on the toilet and in front of the toilet. I had what was said to be gluten free at 2 seperate quick food places and after eating from Winger's (potato skins, chicken, fries, and veggies) I immediately got a severe migraine. I literally was throwing up for hours and was sick for 2.5 days straight. I felt like I could die or pass out. I'm pregnant and I should have gone to the ER, but I'm too stubborn at times! Anyway, I have been researching a lot about Nightshades. It really was after I at the potato skins that almost immediately my migraine came on. So, here's what I feel pretty confident about; I am pretty sure I can no longer have potatoes. My "food poisoning" -like symptoms were posted on many other forums when others had potatoes. So, what my question is is just this: Do you think that it could just be potatoes and not all nightshades? I am really afraid to test anything right now. I was far too sick this weekend to even take care of my daughter and I don't want a repeat. But have any of you experienced only symptoms to potatoes? Is potato starch just as bad? How do I find gluten free breads and such without potato starch? Please help. I am really feeling depressed. Tomatoes are my favorite food and I love everything spicy with serano peppers!! And I'm obsessed with Pamela's pancakes, but they have potato starch.
  7. After Going Gluten Free, Symptoms Worsen?

    Yes, cheating is now not even remotely appetizing to me! Thanks for your replies. I will stay clear of food that could have cc or that I don't see prepped. It def may have been food poisoning. I didn't think of that. If it wasn't though, I sure am hypersensitive now!!
  8. So, I have been gluten free for about a month. Although, I have just recently become very STRICT about it. I check evey label and stay entirely clear of any sort of product that may even have remote traces of gluten. I ate out for two meals last week and must have been accidentally glutened. I'm serious, I thought I was going to die. I was vomiting for hours and sitting on the pot for even longer. I felt ready to pass out. I never had symptoms as serious before, but after going gluten free my eczema cleared up, migraines and headaches stopped, nausea and occasional vomiting stopped, stomache aches and related problems cleared.... But seriously, I felt like I was on my deathbed.. And it lasted for 2 and a half days. I'm just wondering do symptoms worsen after going gluten free? Has anyone experienced that????
  9. THANKS! I'll keep an eye on colors too.
  10. I'm having a hard time with little things like chocolate and other candy. I ate something that was like smarties and it gave me an instant headache. Do even those little things have gluten? What about chocolates? Any safe ones? I NEED luxury, or I'm not going to make it!!! For enjoyment I thought I had candy left!!...... no such luck!
  11. Pregnant And Traveling

    Check with your doc about tuna. I'm 12 weeks and doc told me to avoid it, maybe it's high in mercury? As for nausea, sucking on lemons has always helped me. You might want to try it... or OJ works, too. Just anything with acid seems to settle my stomach. Stay away from really fatty foods the night before the flight too. I too am flying in a couple weeks and I plan to pack naked nuts, if you can eat those for protein, and a lot of small snacks. Usually, they are very understanding when you explain you have a severe allergy.
  12. In Denial Of My Celiac Diagnosis

    "Does anyone else feel this way?" How about EVERY DAY! My symptoms are fairly severe and granted I've only been gluten free for a month, but I do challenge it in my thoughts EVERY DAY. A few days ago, I was thinking "naw, this can't be true. Screw it, I'm eating pizza!" So I did. And then I spent 4 hours in the bathroom. My husband asked if it was worth it... Well, no. But yesterday I sure was thinking about pizza again, breadsticks and alfredo. Could it really be that bad?! YES!!! Why do we continue to do it? I'm still at a loss.
  13. Please Help Pregnant And Self Diagnosed

    Thanks, Everyone. Of course my kids are most important to me and I will do all I can to protect them both. It's hard to admit this is really happening, but I am doing my best to be gluten free. I am switching my daughter today too. She rarely eats wheat just out of personal preference, but all of her symptoms and mine combined just spells out CELIAC. She has had a rash on her back since birth and it's pretty congruent with DH also. I thought long and hard last night about my other symptoms, migraines all my life, constant bloating, gas, stomach aches and bathroom trips that I attributed to lactose intolerance which I might not even have if a lactase pill never works, anal fissures and bleeding, itchy bumps in DH common places, and a host of other issues. My husband and I were trying to conceive for almost 18 months before getting pregnant, which I read can be a symptom of celiac. At the beginning of this pregnancy I WAS pregnant with twins, but I miscarried one. I know that this is serious and I am pretty sure it was due to malnutrition and the lack of absorbing the nutrients. I just feel pretty lousy that I could have been dealing with this all my life, but never put all these things together until now. Is it common that there's a misdiagnosis with other food intolerances, like how I've always thought it was lactose intolerance? or just ignorance? I can't believe how many things this encompasses and just explains. Thanks for your support. I will be visiting often. Another question: What are the benefits of being scoped or tested? I've been almost 100% gluten free for a month, even my rashy bumps are scabs and not active... I'm already commiting to a glutenfree diet and there's NO WAY I'm going back to gluten for 2 months just for some stupid scope. I'd rather die. I know I can do a blood test, but how effective is it when you've been gluten free? I don't know anything about the blood test. My doc didn't even mention it (only a GI doc about a scope after the duration of the pregnancy). Again, thank you. You all have been very kind and helpful.
  14. Okay, So I'm 25 and pregnant with my second child... Since the day I knew I was pregnant up until now (3 months along) I have dealt with a distended stomach. I thought it was due to being pregnant and was excited about possibly having twins, etc, but then the symptoms came: In the bathroom for hours after eating anything with gluten vomiting and stomach aches the whole second day after eating gluten headaches almost immediately after eating glutened meals etc. All my life I have thought I've had lactose intolerance, but a lactase pill has never worked for me. I also have had what I thought to be eczema since 2001, but I've never had it diagnosed, all I know is that it is itchy, I have tons of water blisters, and I scratch until I bleed on my elbows and knees... So anyway, I went to my OB and he said to stay completely away from gluten if I am getting sick because I am losing so much weight when I should be gaining. Unfortunately, I cannot be tested until I have the baby to see if it is Celiac or just gluten intolerance. My daughter is 2 and deals with consistent constipation. I am worried that if I have celiac, maybe she does too? Has anyone had a young child with celiac? Do they have opposite reactions? I'm having a really hard time and I have been trying so hard to stay away from gluten, but it's so freakin hard when I'm in denial!! I don't want to believe it. Has anyone heard of just being gluten intolerant in pregnancy? Am I overreacting? Is this maybe just a temporary thing and not due to celiac? Could the symptoms I've had all my life been due to a mild form of celiac and not lactose intolerance (which I have never taken seriously and have always jut dealt with time in the bathroom pretty regularly) Oh, and if I stay gluten free, how am I going to be tested and have anything conclusive if I have been gluten free for 8 months?! So frustrated and confused! Please help!